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  1. Will Sei become corrupt later in the series?

    If I'm not mistaken, Sei's real life counterpart is often considered very corrupt and oppressive. While he currently seems very likable and appears to be a great person, do you think he will become...
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    [Chapter] Re: Toriko 286 Discussion Thread

    I feel like the horse king wasn't even close to using full power before this point. Almost like how you slap an insect away, you don't need to use a full force punch to make the insect stop bothering...
  3. Sticky: [Chapter] Re: Liar Game Chapter 172 Discussion/173 Prediction - BREAK NEXT ISSUE

    I think akiyama would vote for nao :p.

    Also I think her plan is simply making them vote for no one. If no one gets bid on, there is no winner and there are no losers, so they must move to the next...
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    [Spoiler] Re: Berserk 334 Discussion/ 335 Prediction

    *reread entire series over the last week*
    nice chapter, was hoping for this length but with a color page...
    I honestly have no idea what to predict will happen when Rickert meets Griffith...
  5. Sticky: [Chapter] Re: Liar Game Chapter 170 Discussion/171 Prediction

    Any estimates on the release of subs? This chapter seems interesting, waiting more is getting difficult ;-;
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    [Discussion] Re: The Liar Game Hiatus Thread

    Raws are out on various sites! Liar games has returned, berserk is next! :D
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    Sticky: [Hangout] Re: Berserk General Discussion Thread

    It actually sorta special chapter... seeing the true interior of falconia! :P
  8. Poll: [Chapter] Re: One Piece 741 Discussion/ 742 Prediction - BREAK NEXT WEEK

    Perhaps Dofla can't sense Luffy because Luffy is using some sort of method to mask his "voice". It'd make sense for Haki to work both ways!
  9. [Chapter] Re: Shingeki no Kyojin Chapter 55 Spoiler Discussion

    Something about that picture seems.. off. Think I've seen it before actually. *start picture hunt*
  10. [Chapter] Re: Shingeki no Kyojin Chapter 55 Spoiler Discussion

    5-10 hours is tomorrow for me XD. But yeah, if we don't get pics within that time, we can fully conclude these are fake.
  11. [Chapter] Re: Shingeki no Kyojin Chapter 55 Spoiler Discussion

    We'll know if its real or not based on if we get pics or not tomorrow, anything at this time is just pointless speculation :P
    (btw, thanks for all the welcomes!)
  12. [Chapter] Re: Shingeki no Kyojin Chapter 55 Spoiler Discussion

    Eh true, I think I'm just letting my dreams of that theory go a bit crazy :P
    Can't actually read Japanese myself, but google translate *albeit using horrid grammar and sentence structure* mentions...
  13. [Chapter] Re: Shingeki no Kyojin Chapter 55 Spoiler Discussion

    Hmm, based on the *possibly false* spoilers in the other thread.. Levi is related to the king! Normally I would just assume that the spoilers are false, but in CWNR they talk about levi's homeland as...
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    [Question] Re: other SnK like manga?

    This thread is the reason I finally made an account on this website! I've been a long time lurker, but have never bothered to make an account or post anything. That is until I saw so many...
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