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  1. [Chapter] Re: Shingeki no Kyojin 50 Discussion / 51 Predictions

    na if monkey trouble was wukong then everyone would be fucked because he can just wipe the entire human race single handedly, and has a totally different personality.

    this also is more of a...
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    [Question] Re: Levi vs. Mikasa

    smh, i'm not saying Levi has as much natural talent, i'm saying that Mikasa only has natural talent she lacks experience when compared to Levi.
  3. [Chapter] Re: Shingeki no Kyojin 50 Discussion / 51 Predictions

    Not sure I think they gave smiling Titan a return mainly for a "vengence" type thing to trigger Eren's power, since he reacts to painful memories, and is an "avenger".

    I seriously doubt Isayama...
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    [Question] Re: Levi vs. Mikasa

    Experience can outweigh natural talent, most of the time.

    However with natural talent combined with experience Mikasa will definitely outperform Levi in the future but Levi will be already be...
  5. [Chapter] Re: Shingeki no Kyojin 50 Discussion / 51 Predictions

    Looks like with the introduction of Eren's "coordinate" ability, it looks like things are starting to get real juicy now, I for one believe in the "time travel" theory and thinking when that'll be...
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    [Discussion] Re: How would...

    I think all titans are originally humans and even the mindless ones...

    my theory is that the mindless ones have lost control over their titan forms when they were originally human and then...
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    Poll: [Question] Re: The Ape Titan (aka Big Foot)

    Well the reason why the titan shifters haven't destroyed humanity and are deeply involved with humanity is because maybe they had to set everything up first?

    Like... don't titan shifters still get...
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    [Discussion] Re: I'm scared.

    No, it's the fact that Annie was able to harden things and she's a femalt titan and Titans are inside the wall and the wall's names are female which could mean that the walls are named after female...
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    [Discussion] I'm scared.
  10. [Chapter] Re: Shingeki no Kyojin 49 Discussion/ 50 Predictions

    Yeah this makes sense, but I don't think Jean would be a titan but you never know dem plot twists.

    This wouldn't make any sense at all, you are disregarding Eren's mother.... there is a CLEAR...
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    [Theory] Re: Another far-fetched idea?

    I honestly think that all titans are originally human, the ones that are mindless are the ones that have no control over their titan form and become a "full fledged titan" thus changing species.

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