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  1. Sticky: [Chapter] Re: Shin Prince of Tennis Chapter 91 Discussion/Predictions

    Where i can download the Golden age 91 raw?
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    Sticky: [Spoiler] Re: Shin Prince of Tennis Spoiler Thread (Next Ch. December 4th)

    A question, what are they saying in this page?
  3. Sticky: [Chapter] Re: Shin Prince of Tennis Chapter 90 Discussion/Predictions

    i think Tohno will have his revenge of Kimijima, to make a spot for a Ms. (Maybe injuring him with his executions.)
  4. [Theory] Re: battle vs the top ten high schoolers match order/outcome prediction

    Maybe konomi are reserving the spot for Tezuka? what do you think?
  5. Poll: Re: [Semifinals - Team 3 vs Team 6 Singles 1] Sanada vs Oni

    First i just want to ask if say that "Sanada would play like this style or something like that because he is the emperor" is or not based in plot line?, is a speculation again?

    So, say G10 chars...
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    [Character] Re: Question regarding Sanada...

    I need to say that in the spanish original version of 39 tankobon of PoT, chapther 349 says "con esos brazos tan delgaditos jamas podras devolver mis bolas" , so it is again that thing of "skynny...
  7. Poll: Re: [Round 1 - Team 5 vs Team 8 Doubles 1] Yayguu/Krauser vs Date/Ishida G.

    I agree with you absolutely, i said the same in a spanish forum, months ago. That is the reason of Niou skill, Illusion, he fools someone, we need to remember, against yagyuu or fuji, he was...
  8. Poll: Re: [Round 1 - Team 5 vs Team 8 Singles 1] Irie vs Niou

    Two Trickters!, both are amazing, but Kanata is just better, against Atobe used is "troll state", and he beat him! , poor Niou not a fairly match lol, Maybe 6-4 Irie Kanata Wins
  9. Poll: Re: [Round 1 - Team 5 vs Team 8 Doubles 1] Yayguu/Krauser vs Date/Ishida G.

    I don't want to write the same than the others (LetalHawk, Airgrimes). Just a easy 6-0 for "Amazing"Date and Gin
  10. Poll: Re: [Round 1 - Team 5 vs Team 8 Singles 2] Yamato vs Kabaji

    I think, Kabaji with his power can beat Yamato, but it's very hard to decide, i really can say what exactly will happen on this match.. for now..Kabaji Wins
  11. Poll: Re: [Round 1 - Team 11 vs Team 12 Doubles 1] Hakamada/Mitsuya vs Tachibana/Chitose

    Mitsuya and Hakamada.. is not enough to beat de TWoK, hs skills in individuals aren't stronger than Chitose/Tachibana pair, with the great techniques, and the MnSynchro, makes one of the most...
  12. Sticky: [Chapter] Re: Shin Prince of Tennis Chapter 87 Discussion/Predicitions

    I think that Kimijima is negotiating with Kite a spot in the top 10, cause he does not like the Tohno style, so, Kite need to aim Tohno to had his spot, and Marui is just a leftover part.., sorry...
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    Re: [PoT1] Top 5 Favorite Players

    My 5 Favorite Players....

    my shin pot favorite player is Yoshiyuki Taira.
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