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    [Chapter] Re: Bleach 525 Discussion / 526 Predictions *NO CHAPTER THIS WEEK*

    It seems a little in practice to kill Unohana for the sake of powering up Kenpachi, wouldn't it be better to have two super powers defending Soul Society instead of killing off one?
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    Re: Ginjo alive?!

    Meh, I didn't really like him much in the Fullbring arc, and I still don't like him much in the Thousand Year Blood War arc; but who knows, Tite know's what he's doing and I'd say let him run with...
  3. Poll: [Discussion] Re: Who will be the next Captain Commander?

    I guess the cats out of the bag now.

    But even before it was revealed Soi Fon wouldn't have even been considered for the CC position. In every character book released thus far she has been shown...
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    [Theory] Re: ganjou is actually a fullbringer.

    He would have had to be a human before he died or else he wouldn't have made it to soul society. I was a bit confused with that chapter though and I wonder about what role they'll play in the arc...
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    Poll: Re: Most Disappointing Series 2012

    I nominate K for Most Disappointing Series 2012.
    Honestly, do much talent; good voice actors, a director who over saw many good anime character developments. Wasted. All it had was pretty boys...
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    Poll: Re: Best Artwork/Animation

    I nominate Bleach for Best Artwork/Animation

    I don't think anything can go wrong with nominating Bleach in the best art category, in fact, art is one of it's standing strong points; hands down....
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    [Theory] Re: Will Byakuya become a beast?

    True, I hope your theory proves to be the correct one. But after reading a few more responses, his mental factor really does come into play as well. Not only was he badly shaken by As Nodts ability,...
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    [Theory] Re: Will Byakuya become a beast?

    If simply stealing a captains Bankai renders them useless then what would happen to all the other captains who had their's stolen as well? The only reason why Byakuya is currently down and out is...
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