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    [Shounen] Re: Yu Yu Hakusho Volumes 14+ Scanlations

    Um... has the first fifteen volumes. You don't have to download anything like mIRC (which I've had for a year and still can't work), but you do have to sign up to...
  2. [Shounen] Re: Detective Academy Q / Tantei Gakuen Q / Dan Detective School Thread

    That site doesn't work. You couldn't just put it on MegaUpload?

    I know a torrent that has TGQ, but I've got 94% and I'm the only peer. I need to find someone to reseed, 'cause I can't actually...
  3. Replies

    [Favorites] Re: The BEST NARUTO PARODY

    According to the description in the first one, the person who did YGO TAS, LittleKuriboh, is a guest star.

    Oh, and number ten of the Naruto one is out. There's a link to it in the YouTube...
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