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    [Favorites] Re: Favorite Vinland Saga Character

    Askeladd <3
    After him comes the manly Canute.. I simply love how he developed into such a fine king from being such a wuss... And the new Canute kind of reminds me of Askeladd.
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    Poll: [Discussion] Re: Who will be the Final Villain?


    But, I wouldn't call them villains. Nanamine was a villain, but the rest are simply rivals.

    So, the last rival will be Eiji.
  3. Poll: [Favorites] Re: "Him again??" People we don't wanna see in the NW

    There is only one person I would not like to see....


    I simply hate that guy, arcs that included him were not interesting, at all....
  4. [Discussion] Re: Do you think there will now be a new fourth Emperor, if yes, who?

    Don Flamingo is a Shichibukai and his Market will fall apart if he becomes a Yonkou, since it's near the Marine HQ... So, no I don't think he'll be one.

    My choice would be Blackbeard. o.o
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