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    Re: Agon's 40 Yard Dash Time

    He didnt outpace Agon, he got him only 0,x seconds later because Hiruma was faster than before. So Hiruma got the time he needet to make a Touchdown.

    I think this Monstaaa is about 4.7 in Terms of...
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    Re: What to do after the end of ES21?

    Just one word: "FREAK!" ^^

    And if forgot one Manga i like: Fatasista, a manga about Football but much more realistic than Captain Tsubasa
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    Re: What to do after the end of ES21?

    One Piece, Hajime no Ippo, HunterxHunter (horrible Art^^) are my favorites. And for Hajime no Ippo you will need about a year to catch up ;)
    Chapter 854 is the newest, so prepare for some reading^^
  4. [Shounen] Re: ES21 Mega Convo

    What we saw till now is only that Panther is incredible fast and maybe still easy to predict like the time he was "killed" by Shin.
    So till now he is not a top player, he is just freaking fast^^
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    Re: Your stats in Eyeshield 21

    Height - A (6'3")
    Weight - A (210 lbs)
    Power - S (140 kg)
    Speed - D (About 5.8 s)
    Technique - D (I somehow like to use brute Strengh instead of technique^^)
    Intelligence - B (My buddies said...
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