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    Poll: [Chapter] Re: One Piece 706 Discussion/ 707 Prediction

    I say the chances that most of those gladiators are undercover marines including Rebecca. They will do a flashback on Bellamy trip to sky island. I hope Cavendish joins the strawhat crew. Would make...
  2. [Discussion] Re: If X was a pirate, his bounty would be...

    Because Wiper is clearly skilled, put up a good fight againist Luffy. With intel and preparation, he actually has a chance of defeating him. Gave Enel, a challenging fight and has good fighting...
  3. Feedback for my original Shounen manga series called Chosen

    I am in the process of making a Manga that is Shounen Based and looking on basic feedback to improve it. I got so much that I written down.

    I have notes and summary world system, backgrounds,...
  4. [Anime] When is the new One Piece opening coming out?

    Its been long overdue for a new opening to come out, it usually takes every 30 episodes for new openings to come out and this is the first time, it has been longer than 70 episodes and still no...
  5. [Fantasy] The Fight that did not happen - Straw Hat Crew Expect Luffy Vs Rob Lucci CP9 Arc

    This fight will be between Straw Hat crew vs Rob Lucci of CP9. This takes places at Enies Lobby in the Underground place. This is an alternative scenario where I imaged that Luffy lost his fight...
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