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    Re: Japan in Europe?

    how bout some Aoi and Waka team?
  2. Re: This Week (Roads 144-uno-due) Discussions and Predictions

    Nice improvement on the balance, he went from stumbling to striker
  3. Re: This Week (Roads 144-uno) Discussions and Predictions

    Looks like Hyuga is into a little S&M ;)
  4. Re: Road to 2002 animated manga video & previous arcs' animated manga videos

    Wow, these animations are awesome, thank you very much for posting them up!
  5. Re: This Week (Road 137-138-139-140-141) Discussions and Predictions

  6. Re: This Week (Road 137-138-139-140) Discussions and Predictions

    This last goal is being dragged on so damn much
  7. Replies

    Re: Vote for Captain Tsubasa!

    I voted a couple times since I just erased the cookies everytime. Seems stupid but I wanted it to rise into the top tiers.
  8. Re: This Week (Road 137-138-139) Discussions and Predictions

    Even if someone reacted to block the shot I think that it's going in more of a lob motion so it'll just fall into the goal, just my opinion from what I saw in the chapter.
  9. Replies

    Re: Vote for Captain Tsubasa!

    Seems it's now ranked 5th
  10. Re: This Week (Road 137) Discussions and Predictions

    I see one last pass to Tsubasa and his win in a 1v1 against Natureza finally with a FDS making it a win for Barcelona
  11. Re: This Week (Roads 130-131-132-133-134-135-136) Discussions and Predictions

    I'm guessing Rivaul will make a last pass to Tsubasa so he can do the final shoot of the match and they win by a single goal. Maybe Rivaul will shoot hard and have Tsubasa do Sho's shoot just like...
  12. Replies

    Re: CT Best Technique Poll

    Greencut pass, Descending Raiju Shot, and how bout Tornado Chokkaku Feint
  13. Re: This week (Road 106-107-108-109) Discussion and predictions

    Perfect chance for a Ganmen Block anyone?
  14. Re: This week (Road 106) Discussion and predictions

    I'm guessing he showed off like during the finals of the World Youth
  15. Re: This week (Road 100-101-102-103) Discussion and predictions

    I see the breakthrough leading to a Sky Dive or Sky Wing, or am hoping for that
  16. Re: This week (Road 76-77-78-79) discussion and prediction

    I'm guessing Tsubasa has stage fright?
  17. Re: Road To 2002 Roads 67-68 Discussion/Roads 69-70 Predictions

    I see most likely a Sky Dive Shot from Tsubasa in the next chapter or an overhead, either way he's going to achieve the 10 goals now...
  18. Re: Road To 2002 Roads 51-52 Discussion/Roads 53-54 Predictions

    Thank you bax, now I'm going to upload the manga for everyone
  19. Re: Road To 2002 Roads 51-52 Discussion/Roads 53-54 Predictions

    All I've been able to find is the "Add raw" button, I'll keep checking
  20. Re: Road To 2002 Roads 51-52 Discussion/Roads 53-54 Predictions

    I feel Gen and Schneider will tie in the game, even though this is a good chance to score just as it was during the beginning of the match.

    Shinji, can you enable uploads from other members to the...
  21. Re: Road To 2002 Roads 41-42 Discussion/Roads 43-44 Predictions

    Santana's breakthrough was impressive and as for the confrontation between Schneider and Wakabayashi I sense a really long play that leads to a goal proving the limits that Schneider will go to prove...
  22. Re: Road To 2002 Road 35-36 Discussions/Road 37-38 Predictions

    Wakabayashi probably will end the match with Schneider in a draw seeing as how 3 of the World Youth's star players are going to be shooting at him in hat i think is going to be a non stop flurry of...
  23. Re: Road To 2002 Road 35-36 Discussions/Road 37-38 Predictions

    still cant make it believable that a second division team lost 10-0 when theyre in the pros after all
  24. Re: Road To 2002 Road 29-30 Discussions/Road 31-32 Predictions

    Could be that they decided to stop soccer at this point in the CT timeline, maybe that's why they're not there
  25. Re: Road To 2002 Road 26 Discussion/Road 27 Predictions

    I'm predicting that Thoram will be able to handle the shot but will get some delayed damage to his body, maybe even enough to allow Hyuga or someone else to score a goal for a match of 1-0.

  26. Re: Road to 2002 Road 19 Discussion/Road 20 Predictions

    remember the truck that hit him as a baby and sent him flying only to be saved by the ball :D
  27. Road to 2002 Road 18 Discussion/Road 19 Predictions

    Road 18's out...thx Shinji the satellite team i dont think Tsubasa will have a hard time with the challenge of 10 goals and 10 assists since he's going to play sub par players than the...
  28. Re: Road to 2002 Road 17 Discussion/Road 18 Predictions

    Tsubasa and Naturezza combi might be too much for any one team to include, I think Tsubasa will just get demoted off the regulars until he can prove that he is better than Rivaul
  29. Road to 2002 Road 17 Discussion/Road 18 Predictions

    1. Thanks Shinji

    2. Seems Tsubasa got denied in the end
  30. Replies

    [Chapter] Re: Bleach 332 Discussion/333 Predictions

    chapter seemed stale to me
  31. Road To 2002 Road 16 Discussion/Road 17 Predictions

    new chapter's out.....
  32. Road to 2002 Road 13 Discussion/Road 14 Predictions

    new chapter's out, thx Shinji
  33. Re: Road to 2002 - Road 12 Discussion/Road 13 Predictions

    I think that the next chapter will show Hyuga's striking ability and his bad balance and how it lowers down the potential he has as a striker
  34. Re: Road to 2002 - Road 11 Discussion/Road 12 Predictions

    I see Rivaul damaging Tsubasas leg with that clash in the air and Tsubasa failing in the next chapter to get into the "A-Team" and going into the B-Team
  35. Road to 2002 - Road 9 Discussion/Road 10 Predictions

    Road 9 is out....start the discussion...
  36. Re: Road To 2002 - Road 7 Discussion/Road 8 Prediction

    I see a confrontation that has Tsubasa lose to Rivaul right now.....thats my prediction...
  37. Re: Road To 2002 - Road 6 Discussion/Road 7 Prediction

    Levin should be a better player now that his "evil" has gone away so he should be more of a team player now than relying on his techniques to blow away his opponents....I agree with Shinji that...
  38. Road To 2002 - Road 6 Discussion/Road 7 Prediction

    Road 6 is out....discuss and predict
  39. Road To 2002 - Road 3 Discussion/Road 4 Predictions

    start discussing away
  40. Replies

    Re: Road to 2002 - Road 1 discussion

    road 02 is up though there is no thread on it
  41. Re: Help needed filling in some blanks about CT??

    i can say for sure that it isnt part of rt2002 or capt tsubasa j, watched both series completely and nothing like that even appears remotely
  42. Replies

    Re: Road to 2002 - Road 1 discussion

    great work as always

    [have some fun and enjoy ur vacation]
  43. Replies

    Re: Captain Tsubasa own wiki

    i can probably add stuff about the ps2 capt tsubasa game...only one i have and beat
  44. Replies

    Re: World Youth - Chapter 62 discussion

    OMG! JUST MAKES ME WANT MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  45. Replies

    Re: [Spoiler] The new one shot

    is this peace for Hiroshima or the other one shot?
  46. Replies

    Re: Number weared on shirts

    why does jito give him his number?
  47. Replies

    Re: About the coming one shot.

    how bout "twin shot"?
  48. Replies

    Re: World Youth - Chapter 61 Predictions

    im thinking of a post game levin tsubasa akai genzo convo of how they changed his soccer and a summary of the other teams matches as well as the mention of their next opponent
  49. Replies

    Re: World Youth - Chapter 60 Predictions

    tsubasa manages to get to the goal but gives last kick to hyuga who forcibly shoots and manages to score through brolin to prove his worth as a striker so japan wins 1-0
  50. Replies

    Re: Golden 23 Scanlations

    is this project seeing any progress...been gone for a while and saw that it was a little quiet in the what was done so far and enjoy it with some good work done
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