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  1. Poll: Re: Bleach Tournament Final: Unohana vs Urahara

    Going with uruhara. While I'm sure unohana is gonna kick his ass in a direct confrontation. Uruhara's reactions and kido prowess should keep her at bay. And the whole kido within a kido combination...
  2. Poll: Re: Bleach Tournament Final: Team 5 vs Team 10

    Summed my thought up pretty nicely Buzz.
  3. Poll: Re: Bleach Tournament Semi Finals: Shunsui vs Urahara

    Uruhara wins. He's likely faster and has more firepower. If he hold his distance he should win.:hip
  4. Poll: Re: Bleach Tournament Semi Finals: Team 10 vs Team 13

    Team 10 is more balanced. Gin's bankai can easily tag bankai Ichigo, Komamura is a walking target. Gin should poke him full of holes easily. Lisa could fight halibel for a short time in CQC. The same...
  5. Poll: Re: Bleach Tournament Semi Finals: Unohana vs Ichigo

    Appeal to probability.

    Just because something is possibly of happening doesn't make it true.

    Blut makes uses of two veins. We know ichigo unconciously filled reishi within his his blut vene....
  6. Poll: Re: Bleach Tournament Semi Finals: Unohana vs Ichigo

    Appeal to ignorance.

    Yeah no

    Is Kubo Obliged to use vene for us to not know that the defensive propertians are used. Zangetsu used blut to stop the bleeding? What do you think which version is...
  7. Poll: Re: Bleach Tournament Semi Finals: Unohana vs Ichigo

    Yeah no.

    Remember the blade is me chapter? Zangetsu only unlocked ichigo's blut vene? Ichigo is never shown or implied to have used blut artereie. Bankai ichigo was whaling down on Kirge even...
  8. Poll: Re: Bleach Tournament Semi Finals: Team 1 vs Team 5

    While riruka has quite a hax ability. Byakuya has an omnidirectional bankai that swirls around him protecting him from attacks. Riruka even while turning rukia into a bear had trouble catching her....
  9. Poll: Re: Bleach Tournament Semi Finals: Unohana vs Ichigo

    Going with ichigo. Ichigo is way faster then unohana going by feats. That's an stark tier speed feat right there. Ichigo moved so fast that it appeared he just teleported away infront of 3...
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    [Discussion] Re: What made quincies so wicked?

    So it's okay to wipe an entire race out? There is nothing fair about that. The shingami did what they have been advocating against the entire time. You don't kill an entire race when the balance of...
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    [Discussion] Re: What made quincies so wicked?

    The shingami overreacted by killing all those quincies. Honestly do you expect somebody to lay down his powers that easily and see his loved oned killed simply because of the balance of the world?...
  12. Poll: Re: Bleach Tournament Quarter Finals: Team 13 vs Team 15

    Team 13 in a stomp. As nodt could take komamura indivudally but love as well is a bit too much.
  13. Poll: Re: Bleach Tournament Quarter Finals: Kenpachi vs Urahara

    Assuming this is TS kenpachi pre unohana training. I'm going to give it to uruhara. Uruhara is much faster and actually has other shikai teqniques other then the scream attack which is basically a...
  14. Poll: Re: Bleach Tournament Quarter Finals: Team 10 vs Team 11

    This couldn't have said it any better.
  15. Poll: Re: Bleach Tournament Quarter Finals: Yoruichi vs Shunsui

    Going with yoruichi. Going by the fact that she can react to chrysalis aizen somewhat gives her top tier reactions consider chrysalis aizen blitzed isshin,uruhara and ichigo with casual step...
  16. Poll: Re: Bleach Tournament Quarter Finals: Team 5 vs Team 8

    Leaning towards team 5. Normally I would have said grimmjow could beat byakuya and then proceed to go after hachigen and rangiku however. Byakuya noticably improved according to tsukishima and look...
  17. Poll: Re: Bleach Tournament Quarter Finals: Shinji vs Ichigo

    Ichigo wins this. Guy has appearantly far more superior stats like overpowering a sternritter in brute strength who absorbed allon. Allon manhandeld kirge who was overpowering current shikai ichigo....
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    Poll: Re: Bleach Tournament: Group 10

    It's all between yoruichi and gin here. Yumicka would die immeadatly. Lisa has no defence against gin's buto or buto renji. Yoruichi has the nessariy reactions to avoid given her ability to react to...
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    Poll: Re: Bleach Tournament: Group 9

    Ulquiorra would win this easily. He outclasses zommari in everything bar speed. Mayuri lacks the nessariy physical feats, omeada is just fodder in this matchup.
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    Poll: Re: Bleach Tournament: Group 8

    Is dangai ichigo allowed? Because if he is he erases them with the mere windpressure from his sword. I'm not kidding.
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    Poll: Re: Bleach Tournament: Group 7

    Ukitake intercepted cero metraletta. And redirected it mid action this should be one heck of a speed feat. Shunsui couldn't even counter attack given his reactions ukitake should be pretty damn...
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    Poll: Re: Bleach Tournament: Group 6

    The same weakass masked ichigo who was giving lisa a hard time? One that could fight halibel in cqc in base for a while, Or the same weakass ichigo that completely trashed hiyori? Yeah ichigo is weak...
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    Poll: Re: Bleach Tournament: Group 6

    Kensei wins. Yammi would get destroyed in an instant before he can even get to his true enraged form. Kensei is able to stop a WW punch. One that knocked out a vizard and broke her face. He also...
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    Poll: Re: Bleach Tournament: Group 5

    Shinji takes this. Sure byakuya has an omnidirectional bankai however he showed that he's temporarily mentally affected by strange anomolies that occur during a time. Also byakuya tends to throw his...
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    Poll: Re: Bleach Tournament: Group 2

    Royd Lloyd needed his blut vene to be activated. Zaraki was still quite close.

    Unohana was melting as well. Does this means she was unshackeling her chains as well? Her bankai is litterally...
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    Poll: Re: Bleach Tournament: Group 4

    Tousen takes this. Big chance tsukishima can't even cut the guy given his durability featz of withstanding a direct slash from KTM. Momo is simple canon fodder. She can't even beat a base fraccion....
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    Poll: Re: Bleach Tournament: Group 3

    Barragan solos. He has the speed to blitz szayel and kiriko and break thier necks instantly. Driscol has no counter against respira or senesecia. Respira can age reiatsu.
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    Poll: Re: Bleach Tournament: Group 2

    Unohana was handeling unpatched time skip kenpachi in base. The guy that can damage espadas with a mere kentatsu, :hip, nearly cut the guy with the strongest hierro in half,swat cero's away from the...
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    Poll: Re: Bleach Tournament: Group 1

    Sup Buzz, It's me Tensa.

    On topic I agree however I feel isshin could own them all with no difficulty. He forced base aizen to slow down. His durability and rei are high enough to completely smash...
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    Re: Strongest soul reapers

    1 Yamamoto nuff said
    2 Aizen
    3 Shunsui
    4 Kenpachi
    5 unohana

    I don't count transcedent biengs like aizen or ichigo since they are obviously much stronger in my opinion and they aren't...
  31. Poll: [Fantasy] Byakuya vs Hitsugaya vs As Nodt vs Hachigan Ushoda

    Location: Sogyoku hill
    Distance: 100 metres
    som: ic
    restrictions: none anything goes
    knowledge: all for all participants

    who wins?
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    Poll: [Fantasy] Re: Harribel vs Soifon

    Halibel should win this when released. She has the reactions to keep up with multiple captain class opponents in a battle of CQC. She managed to dodge a sneak attack and counter as well. She would...
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    [Fantasy] Re: Ginjo VS Zaraki Kenpachi

    Kenpachi takes it. The guy soloe'd 3 sternritters. One of them bieng as strong as him,another one possibly went into his volstandig and one of them was in base. Then his patched reiatsu actually...
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    Poll: [Fantasy] Re: Kirge Opie vs Byakuya Kuchiki

    Kirge should take it. the guy blitzed ichigo took a point blank gt to the neck, has heilog pfeils way stronger then uryu ishida who's are strong enough to pierce base yammy who's an espada. He can...
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    [Fantasy] Re: Yamamoto Shigekuni vs Aizen Sosuke

    I agree for the most of it execpt the fact that quantity of reiatsu has nothing to do with it. Don't get me wrong here I do believe it's a factor here. Now what's interesting here is that aizen also...
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    [Fantasy] Re: Yamamoto Shigekuni vs Aizen Sosuke

    It's true that chrysalis aizen was a form below however that doesn't mean that mullet Aizen was actually figthing at a level above considering it's confirmed that he lowered his reiatsu during his...
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    [Fantasy] Re: Yamamoto Shigekuni vs Aizen Sosuke

    Chrysalis aizen takes this. The guy's reiatsu is already on a whole new level. The guy disintgrated part of gin's arm without touching it as there aren't even finger marks on it And here comes the...
  38. [Fantasy] Re: Yamamoto Shigekuni VS Post Dangai Ichigo Kurosaki

    Ichigo definately destroys him . He outclasses yama in everything basically. Tanking nukes with little damage,busting half a mountain with windpressure,stopping strikes that create craters,slappin...
  39. [Conditional] Re: Harribel (Base) in Captains Gauntlet (Shikai)

    Location: HM where she watched Grimmjow vs Ichigo
    State of Mind: In character (Harribel after her Fraccions died)
    Starting Distance: 40 meters
    Knowledge: None except basics, e.g. she has...
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    Poll: Re: General Character Strength Ranking Thread

    Interesting and not bad as well. The one who made this chart knows his stuff pretty much Though Love is way to low on the Hoho stat. He tagged stark. His reiatsu is too low as well. He swats away...
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    Poll: [Conditional] Re: Byakuya vs Ichigo

    Byakuya takes the first one with some difficulty.

    Vizard ichigo takes the second one.
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    Poll: [Conditional] Re: SS Ichigo vs. HM (Vaizard) Ichigo

    HM arc vizard ichigo takes this. HM arc ichigo isn't majorly slower then his SS counterpart. He still blitzed yammy 3 times who in turn can react to a sneak attack from a captain effortlessly in...
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    Poll: [Conditional] Re: Base Ulquiorra vs Released Grimmjow

    Grimjoww owns. Ulquiorra got overpowered by Vizard Ichigo in base. Within a couple of seconds. He couldn't match ichigo powerwise. Grimjoww took a GT at close range without damage. And they were...
  44. Poll: [Team] Re: Ulquiorra & Grimmjow vs Byakuya & Hitsugaya

    By powerscaling and ulquiorra's hype of the top 3 espada Toshiro beats Ulquiorra. Though Ulquiorra should be able stall him for a while meanwhile Grimjoww beats byakuya. Grimjoww then comes to aid...
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    Poll: [Conditional] Re: Yamamoto vs Chrysalis Aizen

    Aizen takes this easily. He is pretty much invinceble. Taking Rei cuffs without damage. Taking a GT in the face which cracked open his shell only for him to appear unscathed once his shell falls. Of....
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