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    Sticky: Re: Your Favorite Character in Eyeshield 21!

    Agon the great

    but who didnt love hiruma???. i also liked marco and panther
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    [Shounen] Re: Air Gear: Hangout

    OG i assume is the author? how many manga has he written?
  3. Replies

    [Shounen] Re: Air Gear: Hangout

    do AG chapters come out every week or 2 weeks?
  4. Replies

    Re: Top 10 favorite AG characters

    kilic or kiric
    guy with great punches (forgot his name was a member of behemoth)
  5. [Shounen] Re: ES21 Mega Convo

    true i watched the highschool underarmor all american bowl, and about 80% of the players were black, but that being said, most of them only ran 4.3, but i have seen a couple black players run 4.2,...
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    Re: Real Life Eyeshield 21 Techniques?

    well the spear tackle can be done,, although its not a peircing motion more of a clubbing motion. a one hand club kind of from a 45 degree angle hitting someone in their stomach or where they hold...
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    Re: Best Eleven: make your team!

    it's good but the defense is a bit conventional.

    lets not kid ourselves kakei was good but he was not super great like most of the other guys on your team,
    so instead of a 4-3 defense it would...
  8. [Shounen] Re: ES21 Mega Convo

    doubt it
  9. Replies

    Sticky: Re: Post All "What Chapter...?" Questions Here

    where can i find the art and databooks in the us?
  10. [Shounen] Re: ES21 Mega Convo

    the anime was fair to me the animation really made me hate it most of the time i tried to watch it
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    [Chapter] Re: Bleach 366 Spoiler Discussion Thread

    cream on the inside cream on the outside
    how can i incorporate that without feeling gay/.....
  12. Replies

    Re: Naruto 455 Spoiler Discussion

    conspiracy theories...

    yeah but it has always seemed to me that theeese root members are supposed to be really strong, like kakashi level i guess we will see
  13. Replies

    Re: Naruto 455 Spoiler Discussion

    im thinking danzou was proubably one of orocohi's guineau pigs, but seeing how it effected danzou he proubably thought it would be to trouble some and i guess now w know that danzou is capable of...
  14. Replies

    [Chapter] Re: Bleach 364 Discussion/365 Predictions Thread

    Well since the vizards have shown up when will urahara and ichigo's father show up?

    and aarent agon and the general Y the strength level? so shouldnt he be powerful enough to kill them?

  15. Replies

    Re: Agon's 40 Yard Dash Time

    well he's gotta be pretty fast since he was seen in a flash back dominating a track race. Agreed?
  16. Thread: Strongest RB

    by blackpowa

    Poll: Re: Strongest RB

    idk if yamaro would be bo jackson caliber but that surely seems possible unfortunately i wasnt alive when bo jackson played :P
  17. Replies

    Re: Agon's 40 Yard Dash Time

    lol logically agons forty has to be around 4.5 or 4.6
    agons whole characcter was able to master complex physicall moves with only seeing it once, he also could see and react almost instantly making...
  18. Replies

    Re: Best Eleven: make your team!

    lol cruess someone shares teh same mind set as me

    Qb- Hiruma
    hb- panther
    OL- kurita, Gaou, Banba, Gonzalo, Don
    Fb- Yamato
    WR- taka, sakuraba, ikkyu, monta, tetsuma

    Mlb- agon
    Olb- Shultz
  19. Replies

    Re: Your stats in Eyeshield 21

    Height ---------- (6'3") A
    Weight --------- (275) A+
    Power ---------- (Bench-235- max Swuat-485-max lbs) B-
    Speed ---------- (6.00) F+ lol ran a 40 2 months ago and this is what i got xD...
  20. Thread: Strongest RB

    by blackpowa

    Poll: Re: Strongest RB

    LOL BO jackson hahaha now he was probably one of the most talented atheletes to ever live, NFL and MLB at the same time, but i dont think yamato would be an adrian peterson type, adrian peterson is...
  21. Thread: Strongest RB

    by blackpowa

    Poll: Re: Strongest RB

    i went with panther for the simple reason he owned everyone on japans team and probably in america, i hear yall saying that yamato's a balanced runner and thats true but panther was ultra reliable...
  22. [Shounen] Re: ES21 Mega Convo

    ok can we do a little poll?
    if not xophien tell me but my question to the es21 faithful.

    out of the characters in the series if yuo could have their special abilities or characteristics to play...
  23. [Shounen] Re: ES21 Mega Convo

    :noworry it sad so sad..
  24. [Shounen] Re: ES21 Mega Convo

    ikkyu had a flaw he was tiny idk if he wouldve been able to do the dbbf - sevil bat back fire
    but im doubting he could because monta's experience is wht created tht move , ikkyu vs sakuraba= owned
  25. [Shounen] Re: ES21 Mega Convo

    is it possible that tokyo university will loose?
    i mean even if agon and yamato cant stop sena who can stop them?
    plus hiruma, i wish that last chapter would have been longer-still reminiscent
  26. Replies

    [Chapter] Re: Bleach 360 Discussion/ 361 Predictions Thread

    a great general once said your best attack is your most efficient.

    also i doubt hallibel or b-gon die it seems that he pitted the captains against people who assuming their abilities they couldnt...
  27. Replies

    Re: Naruto 450 Discussion / 451 Predictions - Part 1

    yeah i think the next chapter will show more of peoples reaction to Danzo's promotion,

    killerBee will proubably loose to kisame

    also anybody think that danzo's will not help the rock and insult...
  28. Replies

    Re: What to do after the end of ES21?

    i'll own anything because if its good enough ill re-read it

    but seriously some of us are still teens sooo we dont really make money yet....
  29. Replies

    Re: What to do after the end of ES21?

    well its going to be over soon.
    ill proubably end up (arguing about)discussing naruto/bleach since those are the only manga ive read a couple times
    any recommendation for a new mangas
    naruto's so...
  30. [Shounen] Re: ES21 Mega Convo

    ok does is any one know where i can find some of the different team logo's

    ncaa just came out with their teambuilder operation so yeah i might make a couple of the team
  31. [Shounen] Re: ES21 Mega Convo

    yeah because of the whole transfer rule we have the same thing here in america if you transfer from one district to another you have to wait a certain amount of time before you can play depends on...
  32. [Shounen] Re: ES21 Mega Convo

    but hiruma revealed that with the wind it really wouldnt effect his real passes all they did was double team monta the whole game but akaba blew kurita back with one hand so i dont know i think if...
  33. [Shounen] Re: ES21 Mega Convo

    bando was alright with akaba oujo didint beat them that bad and they managed to score twice i believe

    with akaba they were very good but actually against akaba;s comment if he wouldve played...
  34. [Shounen] Re: ES21 Mega Convo

    deimon a team with a pretty weak d-fence was able to stop all of seibu;s other recievors

    and i didnt know the discussion was limited to tokyo
    but im pretty ssure the nagas could beat seibu with...
  35. [Shounen] Re: ES21 Mega Convo

    monta stopped the everest pass and maybe ikkyu could if he did the back fire.\

    and the best team in tokyo was no doubt the naga's because they were the most balance yet overwhelming they woud...
  36. [Shounen] Re: ES21 Mega Convo

    seibu's whole offence was based on tetsuma's unstoppable ness take him away and their whole offense was b+ and thats just because of rikus run but without tetsuma sseibu would be average because i...
  37. [Shounen] Re: ES21 Mega Convo

    no not really they couldnt have beaten any decent team without tetsuma's unstoppableness well let me retract that i forgot about riku but tetsuma opened theyre offense up they didnt really have a o...
  38. [Shounen] Re: ES21 Mega Convo

    yeah so if oujo had faced teikou they wouldve been ko'd
  39. [Shounen] Re: ES21 Mega Convo

    o i really domt remember tht actually i would like reference but i thnk ur talking about the first play on offense right?
  40. [Shounen] Re: ES21 Mega Convo

    actually i think sakuraba jumps higher than taka also ......

    yeah even though i felt yamato was over hyped i think it was pretty down bad that we havent seen him get any touches or big runs for...
  41. [Shounen] Re: ES21 Mega Convo

    yeh sena stole it when he was moving at the speed of light when you think about it do you realize compared to almost every other skill in this manga speed is probably the most over exaggerated the...
  42. [Shounen] Re: ES21 Mega Convo

    weeellll yeah tht was pretty irrelevant but yeah their are so many things that panther can do that sena cant--shouldnt cimpare the two
  43. [Shounen] Re: ES21 Mega Convo

    wekk thts correct but at that time sena was able to super accelerate to light speed in order to break it up
    1 marco doesnt have light speed i doubt he runs under a 4.7
    2 sena's speed shocked...
  44. [Shounen] Re: ES21 Mega Convo

    riku is alright as a safety, he isnt a sure tackler i can tell u tht
    he would proubly be better at corner so he can use his accelerration to pick off people easier and i doubt he can stuff the run...
  45. [Shounen] Re: ES21 Mega Convo

    so the spoiler threads are locked when are they going to be unlocked
  46. [Shounen] Re: ES21 Mega Convo

    where;d u find the chptr

    also cool fight would be riku vs agon, riku somewhat napoleonic complex vs agons larger than life complex
  47. [Shounen] Re: ES21 Mega Convo

    well itsnot a blow out
  48. [Shounen] Re: ES21 Mega Convo

    well sometimes slaughter shows r entertaining i mean when u bsee electrifying plays very often sometimes watching one team just show the difference in skill is entertaing especially when its your...
  49. [Shounen] Re: ES21 Mega Convo

    wow wat a jerk lol jk
  50. [Shounen] Re: ES21 Mega Convo

    lmao 69
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