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    Poll: [Favorites] Re: Favorite Character

    Rivaille, due to the fact that he's actually a pretty cool bro-type guy despite showing the angsty aloof face. The author dodged the "unemotional angsty hero" cliche very well here.
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    [Discussion] The Cannon thread

    Hi guys, I'm a new member here, but I figure that we don't have a Cannon thread yet so I'll make one. This thread is for all discussions regarding Cannons and their use in Shingeki no Kyojin,...
  3. Poll: [Hangout] Re: Which branch or the military would you have joined? Would you have joined at all?

    I registered just to answer this question. I chose Stationary Troops, because it is both where I can do the most good, and also where I have the most realistic chance of survival. I can do more good...
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