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    [Chapter] Re: The Breaker : New Waves 66 Discussion / 67 Predictions

    If the clan that shioon had left murim would that mean sera and the clan she is in are still in murim or are there clans out there that want change but not in S.U.C? There seems to be more questions...
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    Re: Reborn 380 Spoiler thread

    Ummm is everyone forgetting Vongola guardian of the mist Chrome. Most likely he was going to Kyoko house (the reason I say this is if i remember Chrome was at the hospital but went to Kyoko...
  3. [Chapter] Re: Beelzebub Chapter 151 Spoiler Thread

    Great chapter love how the vacation has been nothing but trouble. I wonder how Aoi is going to solve this, or is Oga going to step in and say to fight later. What I hope that will happen is Aiba's...
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    [Chapter] Re: The Breaker : New Waves 64 Discussion / 65 Predictions

    Damn, what a twist can not wait for the English translation.
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    Sticky: [Anime] Re: History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi - Anime has the OVA of the show 1st episode looks great and i will wait and not spoil detains.
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    [Chapter] Re: The Breaker : New Waves 64 Discussion / 65 Predictions

    So this volume has start to become the fall of Shioon into the world of murim. If i remember correctly the other reasons he did not go was leaving his mother and Sae-hee, which really in the last...
  7. Re: HSD Kenichi 466 Discussion / 467 Predictions

    Best chapter for me this week. What a surprise. Does anyone remember the name of the guy with white long hair in the first arc when Kenichi was in the forest. I think that guy is the guy wearing the...
  8. Re: HSD Kenichi 465 Discussion / 466 Predictions

    To Benelori:
    I would say for the readers that got hooked by the comedy/action ecchi in this manga there would be not enough, but to me yes there was too much. After reading this...
  9. Re: HSD Kenichi 465 Discussion / 466 Predictions

    This was an awesome chapter in action and ecchi. I think Kenichi say got to first base now, since now she confess to him and allow some hand to heart(right boob) action. That was worth the wait I...
  10. Re: HSD Kenichi 464 Discussion / 465 Predictions

    Chapters out on
  11. Replies

    [Chapter] Re: Beelzebub Chapter 145 Spoiler Thread

    great chapter, I have to it... "Fish Owned" lol that just suck for Kanzaki and even the guy on the bike (yeah i already forgot his name) saw it go down. Well, can not wait to see that little girl at...
  12. Re: HSD Kenichi 464 Discussion / 465 Predictions

    Good chapter, Like that there was a flashback/ghost appearance in the chapter to drive kenichi into "give everything he has modes" (the eyes when he punch mui) I prediction that Sakaki will fight...
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    [Chapter] Re: The Breaker : New Waves 59 Discussion / 60 Predictions

    what a great chapter. Now that one of the 5 head were found out by Elder Kwon, I just wonder what over clan heads join to go against Muriem? What I understood from this chapter is that not only the...
  14. Replies

    Re: Reborn 372 Discussion / 373 Predictions

    umm Squalo's watch is destroyed right after Fon's dragon attack which was so awesome!!!!! loved this chapter. the team is mammon + Xanxus vs Fon + Hibari and no other team mates. This better have a...
  15. Replies

    Re: HSDK 463 Discussion/ 464 Predictions

    This was an okay chapter, because now it seems to be dragging this arc too long, but this was a needed one since we got some info for future chapters that might play out. (Sakaki going in to fight...
  16. Replies

    [Chapter] Re: The Breaker : New Waves 58 Discussion / 59 Predictions

    Great chapter, I just love how the skull guys were just toys to Kwon. That just made him bad ass, but he lost it when the mask guy showed up. (I was one of the people voting for goth girl's death)...
  17. Replies

    [Chapter] Re: Beelzebub Chapter 142 Spoiler Thread

    Great Chapter, now that we have that settle I wonder where are we going to go next? This would be a good time to enter a back story of Aoi and her mom.
  18. Replies

    Poll: [Chapter] Re: One Piece 655 Discussion / 656 Prediction

    Great chapter, but all I wonder is will there be two dragons, one ice, the other fire (just like the island with the two giants fighting)? I wonder if Robin is going to talk to the dragon about...
  19. Replies

    Re: Reborn 371 Spoiler thread

    Yeah that is a chapter I did not see coming, but yeah I loved it!! Did Fon take them out, or was it a two vs four split? Would hope to see a recap of Fon kicking ass with kun-fu and that would mean...
  20. Replies

    [Chapter] Re: Beelzebub Chapter 141 Discussion/142 Predictions

    Great Chapter, and I did not expect to see En so soon that was cool he is still playing games. I wonder if Aoi will ever be having to wear glasses again since Oga felt some connection to her, but...
  21. Re: HSD Kenichi 462 Discussion / 463 Predictions

    Great chapter, only problem is that shouldn't kenichi be fighting unconsciously? I mean in most arc's around this point he would enter that state and conitue fighting and past out afterwards, but...
  22. Replies

    Re: Hunter x Hunter Chapter 333 Discussion / 334 Prediction

    Great Chapter, and l have a problem what should happen next. The problem is I do not want Gon and Killua to split up, but that is the only way alluka will be safe. Right now Killua has promise her...
  23. Replies

    Re: Reborn 369 Discussion / 370 Predictions

    This was a nice surprise, but I just want to know how much time is left on the clock, and I predict we will not know about the other team that are out two chapters from now.

    The other team that...
  24. Replies

    Poll: Re: Hunter x Hunter Chapter 332 Discussion / 333 Prediction

    I think the two choices that come to mind for what Pariston might says is either talk down of his opponents, especially Leorio, or confuse everyone by saying you can give my votes to Leorio. The...
  25. Replies

    [Chapter] Re: Beelzebub Chapter 140 Discussion/141 Predictions

    I just wonder how long will Oga wait to go see the demon doctors, and will this new arc go to the demon world again?
  26. Re: HSD Kenichi 461 Discussion / 462 Predictions

    I think the same problem that sent mui into a rage will occur again, but this time kenichi will be hurt bad, since we all know that his "arm guards" are not with him, and may not be save by a grand...
  27. Re: HSD Kenichi 460 Discussion / 461 Predictions

    This as a great chapter with the added emotional tearing kenichi had. Where is Miu's Grand father? Is this a way for Miu and Kenichi to see what love can do to each other and suggest not to be...
  28. Re: HSD Kenichi 458 Discussion / 459 Predictions

    Great chapter, and I wonder how close Sakaki will get to kenichi in the next chapter? There will be a fight with Kenichi and Miu, but will it be:
    one person serious the other funny?
    both serious?...
  29. Replies

    Re: Reborn 359 Spoiler Thread

    Great chapter this week. I think that Tsuna should not win, since in the future Conelollleo wish does come true. My prediction is that the first battles will just be a show of new weapons and skills...
  30. Replies

    Poll: Re: Hunter x Hunter Chapter 322 / 323 Prediction

    Great chapter, but will the next chapter focus more on catching up on the history between each other, or are we going straight to the point to save Gon.
  31. Replies

    Poll: [Chapter] Re: One Piece 644 Discussion / 645 Prediction

    Good chapter. I would like to see a team combo attack as ship noah falls, which it has foreshadow with how some of the sh crew are bored with there enemies. Off topic I wonder what the crews reaction...
  32. Replies

    Re: HSDK 450 Discussion/ 451 Predictions

    Great start and so I predict that Kenichi and crew get to island, but miu is not there, and she is fighting God Fist. God Fist can not attack her since he sees his disciples fighting moves in her. ...
  33. Replies

    Poll: [Chapter] Re: One Piece 643 Discussion / 644 Prediction

    A good chapter for least. I got to see the improvement of battle tatics from brooke and robin. Did not care about the line that robin says (peraferasing) "can't say no to handsome men." I feel that...
  34. Replies

    Poll: Re: Hunter x Hunter Chapter 321 Spoiler Discussion

    We can guess that there will be a deal made with killua and his brother, but from the spoiler it may be life threatening or come to be a comic relief plot. The reason i say comic relief deal, because...
  35. Replies

    Re: HSDK 449 Discussion/ 450 Predictions

    Great chapter, but I wonder if this is going to lead to the grandfather going after her and leaving Kenichi back so he doesn't become the savior. The other option is that the grandfather makes a deal...
  36. Replies

    Poll: Re: Hunter x Hunter Chapter 320 Spoiler Discussion

    Great chapter, and get to see a lot of how Gon and Ging are related. I think Hisoka has the chance to save them both. The girl in the spiders group that used a type of surgical string would be able...
  37. Replies

    Poll: [Chapter] Re: One Piece 642 Spoiler Discussion

    okay chapter, and this is Oda filling up the gap of time till we get to the next big event. Did he really have to show Franky's brother (lol)? I really think he could have added move about how Usuopp...
  38. Re: HSDK Chapter 448 Discussion/ 449 Predictions Thread

    Great way to enter on a new arc. I all I want to see is the talk with One Shadow.
  39. Poll: [Chapter] Re: Fairy Tail 254 Discussion/ 255 Predicitons

    well I hope this arc will not be a search for 20 chapters and just find clues. I do wonder if Blue Pegasus is helping out will the group join to help, since that would allow the readers to see the...
  40. Poll: [Chapter] Re: Fairy Tail 254 Discussion/ 255 Predicitons

    it was okay, but I can not feel sorry for the other Fairy Tail members. There were lame before and it still looks like they are lame now, well except Biska and Arsack. I had felt that they were cool...
  41. Replies

    Re: Reborn 356 Spoiler Thread

    great chapter and love how Tsuna still freaks out in seeing Varia. I bet Skull & Reborn team up, and Yuni and Viper team up.
  42. Replies

    Poll: Re: Hunter x Hunter Chapter 319 Spoiler Thread

    All I care was how Ging still kept the rule that every hunter has to vote.
  43. Replies

    Poll: [Chapter] Re: One Piece 641 Discussion / 642 Prediction

    Just a waste of time. The only thing that would make sense about the neck damage would be an explosion collar meaning that hodi went through the same trouble as fisher tiger.
  44. Poll: [Chapter] Re: Fairy Tail 253 Discussion / 254 Predictions

    This was a chopped up ending, but I do feel that this is a great entrance to a training arc, if they were hiding for that long and would be coming back soon. Well I guess this also shows that we will...
  45. Replies

    Re: Reborn 355 Discussion/ 356 Prediction

    Sorry the chapter was stolen by the Varia. lol This arc seems to be moving in a fast pace and I like that hope it does not slow down.
  46. Poll: [Chapter] Re: Fairy Tail 252 Discussion / 253 Predictions

    I believe that the ch typo is not a typo and that we will get ch flash back of how Natsu and Zeref met 400 yrs ago, and how there quest to find a dragon. Remember we have no really idea how the...
  47. Replies

    Re: Reborn 354 Discussion/ 355 Prediction

    Good chapter, but on the side bar it would be funny if Luce turns Byakuran group down. lol As for Fon will either know by next chapter or be prolong to find out the reason Byakuran wants to join...
  48. Replies

    Poll: Re: Hunter x Hunter 317 / 318 Predictions

    This chapter was okay and that is it. Either I felt way to hype to see a glory death this chapter, or everyone knew that his death would be prolong to another chapter. Yes this is great character...
  49. Replies

    Re: Reborn 354 Discussion/ 355 Prediction

    I predict that we will start reading about the first round by 2 chapters ahead, since not everyone has met up and not everyone has shown who they are taking to battle.
  50. Replies

    Poll: [Chapter] Re: One Piece 640 Discussion / 641 Discussion

    Okay chapter, but I feel that the plot is getting to a point where you should be able to predict what is going to happen next. On the other hand the fights would be cool if they are tag in tag out...
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