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    Re: Opinions and help. Idea for a Story.

    Well I would first suggest working on the ending first with any mystery style story the ending Is imperative second it would be the villain with a a demon being a good guy I would presume that the...
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    Re: Looking for a few things

    Dude respect the idea especially since it looks like you put a lot of work into it I would suggest maybe simplifying it a bit if not then you might need at least 2 writers (unless you are one of...
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    Re: Opinions and help. Idea for a Story.

    So what is it exactly you need because it seems like you are most of the way there plot wise is it just someone to bounce ideas off of?
  4. need an artist for survival Sci - fi series

    Hello I'm rave and this is my first post on this site I have recently started writing a story a bout a group of death row inmates each with a different style of murder and are put on a secluded...
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