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  1. Re: Kenpachi - Possibly Stronger than Aizen and Yamamoto?

    frankly i don't think Zaraki took either of the fights seriously enough to want them dead and make sure of it. if he had, i doubt they would have had any chance of surviving, let alone winning. of...
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    Re: So, Orihime Has God-Like Powers. Now What?

    Orihime said she was going to try to reject the Hogyoku out of existence, but when it was first created, it was not sealed. why else would Aizen let Orihime know where he kept it?

    My guess is...
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    Re: Espada Discussion [spoilers watch out]

    quote from the manga-rain scanlation ,v21 ch 187 pgs 17-19 from Isshin Kurosaki to Grand Fisher Arrancar.

    "allow me to tell you some basics. All shinigami captains all conciously keep their soul...
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    Re: Espada Discussion [spoilers watch out]

    maybe the reason that the espada joined aizen and stay in arrancar form most of the time is that being arrancar may delay the need to eat. just like how bankai takes so much out of the user, being in...
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    Re: Ikkaku stronger than Captain Hitsugaya?

    no, Renji learned that Ikkaku had acheived Bankai while Renji was in 11th Squad. The only ones who know about Ikkaku's Bankai is Renji and Yumichika. See Ch 206 Pg 13
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