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    Poll: [Chapter] Re: Naruto Gaiden 4 Discussion / 5 Predictions

    I'm assuming you're talking about the MangaStream translation? I'd be a little careful of reading to much into it, given what you noted his run-in with Sasuke. In general when the manga shows one...
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    [Chapter] Re: Naruto 693 Discussion/ 694 Predictions

    I'm not sure why people have such difficulty with Sasuke's explanation of why he did what he did to Sakura. If some of you are so convinced that he could have done something different that would have...
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    [Chapter] Re: Naruto 685 Discussion / 686 Predictions

    While I have no investment in your choice of interpretation, where do you see "object" in Sasuke's description? "Spaces" are not objects. And doesn't your interpretation ignore the word "but"? The...
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    [Chapter] Re: Naruto 685 Discussion / 686 Predictions

    With regard to Sasuke's ability, he says in the Viz translation: "I can shift myself between spaces… though only over a finite distance." Then on the panel with the remains of Sakura's vest: "But I...
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    Poll: [Discussion] Re: Black Lightning!!!

    Well, you also have Sasuke's sage-infused version now (e.g., in chapter 674).
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    [Chapter] Re: Naruto 677 Chapter Discussion/ 678 Predictions

    Whether or not the rinnegan directly protects Sasuke, here he's clearly making a decision to protect the team, thus needing to make Susano'o into a shield against the IT. Zetsu's suggestion is simply...
  7. Poll: [Chapter] Re: Naruto 674 Discussion / 675 Predictions

    Because we normally get scans the week (~half week) before the official print release. Of course we often see the first chapters after a double issue early so we may not have to wait a whole week for...
  8. Poll: [Chapter] Re: Naruto 674 Discussion / 675 Predictions

    Not that she could have won, thoguh almost no one could have short of Naruto's TNJ. However, QFT to the rest.

    I'm a bit surprised at how many on this forum are so committedly anti-healers. While...
  9. Poll: [Chapter] Re: Naruto 674 Discussion / 675 Predictions

    Are you sure about this? Viz Media's Shounen Jump Alpha schedule shows a gap at the current week in their Manga app. Technically the gap is at next Monday/5-May as that's when the release is. For...
  10. Poll: [Chapter] Re: Naruto 674 Discussion / 675 Predictions

    There is a simpler explanation. Obito's phasing (materialization/dematerialization) is just different from his dimensional teleportation, and only Obito's eye could phase while both eyes could...
  11. Poll: [Chapter] Re: Naruto 674 Discussion / 675 Predictions

    Isn't that the same thing as "writing history in the first place", or even "just doing stuff"? Izanagi always involved negating history after the fact, but only for the subject, and no one else. What...
  12. Poll: [Chapter] Re: Naruto 674 Discussion / 675 Predictions

    Hmm did Sasuke just teleport Madara between himself and Naruto so both their attacks would hit?!?
  13. Poll: [Chapter] Re: Naruto 674 Spoiler Discussion

    Looks like Madara was wondering the same thing. He either:

    1. moved faster than Madara's eyes could follow, or
    2. teleported/space time jutsu'ed, or
    3. moved through his own pocket...
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    [Chapter] Re: Naruto 673 Discussion / 674 Predictions

    For what it's worth, in the Viz Shounen Jump Alpha translation, Madara calls Sasuke's new eye "one eyed rinnegan".
  15. Replies

    Poll: [Chapter] Re: Naruto 672 Spoiler Discussion

    Given that Hashirama is supposed to be a "reincarnation" of Ashura, by definition he was and always will share Ashura's spirit, and per Kishi bio-metaphysics, that should also mean their chakra....
  16. Replies

    [Chapter] Re: Naruto 665 Discussion / 666 Predictions

    Oh dear lord in heck! Who would've thought "more Obito" was what readers wanted to see? Unfortunately, Kishi seems to believe just that. Or is this simply a game of "How much can I milk out of this...
  17. [Chapter] Re: Tower of God Chapter 174 Discussion/175 Predictions

    Likely just a small miss on SIU's part. Though even anatomically exact, considering the size of the hole, you're talking about one lung and likely an arterial trunk.

    Yeah, I had hoped to see...
  18. Replies

    [Question] Re: Why can't Sasuke become a Sage?

    If you subscribe to the Viz's Shonen Jump Alpha, you can actually see the outlines of the chakra shroud still on Sasuke and Juugo both. However, I do not take that as an indication that Sasuke used...
  19. Replies

    Sticky: [Fun Thread] Re: Bloomerwedgies CAPSLOCKS Naruto Chapter 648

    Except this was just after said Susanoo's sword cut through said Yggdrasil-Juubi-Lifemaker-tree.
  20. Replies

    [Question] Re: Why can't Sasuke become a Sage?

    Why do you keep talking about the seal when both Juugo in the Kumo arc and Orochi here are talking about Sasuke's compatibility with Juugo's sage-based chakra?

    The seal simply sealed Juugo's...
  21. Replies

    Poll: [Chapter] Re: Naruto 647 Discussion / 648 Predictions


    You think Kabuto and Shikamaru have the same or similar base talent? The problem I see with this argument is that Kishi has defined/demonstrated Shikamaru's "genius" very narrowly.

  22. Replies

    Sticky: [Fun Thread] Re: Bloomerwedgies CAPSLOCKS Naruto Chapter 645

    It's not just the stupidity. There was a time in Naruto when it power had consequences. Indeed it seemed a recurring theme. Tajuu kage-bunshin, curse seal, kyubi chakra, rasen shuriken, natural...
  23. Replies

    [Discussion] Re: Who's fitting to be Hokage?

    And indeed, I distinctly recall Asuma describing Shikamaru as just that sometime in the Immortals arc: a Keima piece in Shogi, underpowered but special.

    Comparing Naruto to western chess, the...
  24. Replies

    [Discussion] Re: Should Sasuke be Hokage or even a Hokage candidate?

    Chess and shogi are not fundamentally games of strategy. They are games of tactics, won by gambits and strategems, lost by single mistakes (at least among good players). Strategy, rather, is about...
  25. Re: Blackjack612 Reviews Naruto 641 The Main Attraction

    The thing is though, Arthur Conan Doyle did not keep telling us how smart Sherlock Holmes was, he showed it by way of Sherlock Holmes' deductions. The problem some of us have with Kishi continuously...
  26. Replies

    Poll: [Chapter] Re: Naruto 641 Discussion / 642 Predictions

    Actually, aren't you assuming how Sasuke's eyes work, and that they work in exactly the same way as Itachi's? The mechanics of Amaterasu doesn't have to change because Sasuke is not claiming to use...
  27. [Chapter] Re: Tower of God - Chapter 152 Discussion / 153 Predictions

    SIU spoke of "beliefs", which, unless mistranslated, is normally read closer to morals/ethics/conscience than it is to emotions/feelings, which is how you seem to have read it. I'm simply not seeing...
  28. [Chapter] Re: Tower of God - Chapter 152 Discussion / 153 Predictions

    What about that summary makes you doubt that he has a sense of ethics? Assuming the translation/summary is correct, while Baam may not be driven by a sense of justice, he has beliefs/morals that he...
  29. Replies

    [Discussion] Re: Sasuke remains an asshole

    A heinous crime is one that is deeply malevolent/hateful in intention and effect. So, how is deciding not to kill Sasuke because he was an "enemy" either malevolent or hateful, especially since this...
  30. Replies

    Poll: [Chapter] Re: Naruto 633 Discussion / 634 Predictions

    So this is why Neiji had to die. So Hinata can look a little less like a copycat. (But, not her fault. Kishi's mess, and this is the way he chose to clean it up.)

    So, a strictly fan-service...
  31. [Discussion] Re: Should Sasuke be Hokage or even a Hokage candidate?

    Yep. The only thing he could be faulted on here is not expecting that betrayal right then. Thinking about it a bit, why did Obito decide to betray him then? Two reasons I can think of. One was to...
  32. [Discussion] Re: Should Sasuke be Hokage or even a Hokage candidate?

    What's this debate actually about? That it's wrong for a ninja to engage in infiltration? Or it is wrong for said ninja to respond with anything other than running away or getting captured if someone...
  33. Replies

    Poll: [Chapter] Re: Naruto 632 Discussion / 633 Predictions

    I liked them too. There was something crooked about them. Not crooked as in corrupt or evil, but in the sense of Kant's "From the crooked timber of humanity, no straight thing was ever made." And...
  34. [Discussion] Re: what should naruto do about sasuke hokage claims to change history outcome

    Sasuke wants to be Hokage to protect the village, yes, but just as importantly to change the village into one worth protecting. That was the whole point of raising the Edo-Kages: To learn what of the...
  35. Replies

    Poll: [Chapter] Re: Naruto 627 Discussion / 628 Predictions | No Naruto this week!

    In order to declare someone a criminal, you have to have a legal framework to judge them against. I read a lot of folks here ascribing particular and highly nuanced frameworks to come up with a...
  36. [Chapter] Re: Tower of God Chapter 132 Discussion/133 Predictions

    A sincere question, since several of you seem pretty convinced that Yuri is middling powerwise (among high rankers presumably). Could one of you point me to the chapter or blog post where her...
  37. [Discussion] Re: Let's Discuss Tobirama and the Uchiha - Fair and Square!

    Americans have been lucky with wars since the Civil War, as all it's subsequent wars have been fought on remote shores with a relatively small proportion of its population fighting. (Even the "Great...
  38. [Chapter] Re: Noblesse: Chapter 271 Discussion/272 Predictions

    I may be misremembering, but wasn't it Rajak's brother who got part of his clan's (father's) soul weapon? If so, his SW may never be complete.
  39. [Discussion] Re: Let Discuss Tobirama and the Uchiha - Fair and Square!

    I'm just curious what democracy you know about where it's the majority's right to slaughter the minority.

    There is a sheer unreality and inhumanity to much of this "debate". Those of you trying to...
  40. Replies

    Poll: [Chapter] Re: Naruto 619 Discussion / 620 Predictions

    Not picking on you, but whence comes this appeal to what a "Shinobi village is", as if there was some fixed inarguable definition?

    The thing is, in Naruto-world, there was no Shinobi Village...
  41. Replies

    Poll: [Chapter] Re: Naruto 619 Discussion / 620 Predictions

    Except that the whole point and promise of "Konoha" was to end those wars by bringing the two most powerful of those clans together. As part of this coming together, the Uchiha even accepted and...
  42. Replies

    Poll: [Chapter] Re: Naruto 619 Discussion / 620 Predictions

    Oh because even their love was "excessive", not like his level-headed barely loving self. "Hey, they don't love like you and me. Their love makes them crazy. I mean batshit zonkers. Heck, they may...
  43. Replies

    Poll: [Chapter] Re: Naruto 619 Discussion / 620 Predictions

    I don't get this. This chapter showed him as a human being, and in a way consistent with someone secure in his own power.

    How is it hard to blame, when his actions set in motion the...
  44. Replies

    Poll: [Chapter] Re: Naruto 619 Spoiler Discussion

    QFT. I am reminded of the old adage: We are quick to see our own pathologies, just not in ourselves.

    Thus Tobirama can speak with a straight face of the Hatred and Evil of the Uchiha, and not...
  45. Replies

    Poll: [Chapter] Re: Naruto 619 Spoiler Discussion

    Passionate is not the same as mentally unstable. Anyway, this is Tobirama talking, for whom, it sounds like, peace and Konoha were simply war by other means: a way to control the Uchiha or...
  46. Replies

    Poll: [Chapter] Re: Naruto 617 Discussion / 618 Predictions

    I would guess it's something like the following:

    The scroll Suigetsu found reflects Orochi's research into a power that, if completed, will allow the wielder of the power to gain control of the...
  47. Replies

    Poll: [Chapter] Re: Naruto 615 Discussion / 616 Predictions

    So Neiji dies a heroic, if much too-predictable like-unto-his-Father, death, saving Hinata, and and the only value of his death was its impact on Naruto? Whether negative, per Obito's raging "death...
  48. Replies

    [Theory] Re: The 'ones' who know everything...

    I would be surprised, unpleasantly, if all-knowers were some long dead or even Madara. Madara has his blind spots and anyone long dead will only know as much as they would have learnt in life. (And...
  49. Replies

    [Discussion] Re: Naruto Vs Sasuke???

    I expect they will fight, but like some others here, I don't believe it will be a fight to destroy/save Konoha. It will be after the war is over, with each emerging as the heroes that brought the...
  50. Replies

    Poll: [Chapter] Re: Naruto 610 Discussion / 611 Prediction

    So, now instead of just Madara with effectively infinite chakra, we have all the combatants (except possibly Obito) with effectively infinite chakra.

    This is turning into a DBZ style fight where...
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