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  1. [Discussion] Re: Do you think there will now be a new fourth Emperor, if yes, who?

    if it isnt BB or Crocodile im sure one of the Supernovas could have potentially filled the spot as they are sure to have gotten stronger as well. that goes for Yonkou and Shichibukai, if not then...
  2. Re: What did Madara mean when he said Nagato was the third of the Six Paths?

    I tend to think Madara said these words in a different context than most here it seems. I think each thing Madara is gathering is one of the Path to gaining all the sage of six paths powers.
  3. [Discussion] Re: Why arent there any stronger and older Whitebeard crew members?

    Blackbeard himself is known to be around 40 years old, Im sure Marco and Vista and Joze for ex. are all around that age give or take a bit. While I think the commanders are, for the most part, the...
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    Poll: Re: When Will Naruto Obtain The Rennigan

    Assuming he had already activated them is blind spectulation unless either proven through the manga or from Kishimoto himself, I may be mistaken but i dont believe anywhere it states he awakened his...
  5. Re: The strawhats are already stronger than most new world pirates

    Well as far as the shichibukai are concerned lets not forget its been 2years, the govt replaced croc in a matter of days or weeks so im sure the ranks have been filled. Im not sure i agree that...
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    Poll: Re: When Will Naruto Obtain The Rennigan

    Well from what we saw the awakening of Eyes can happen at the strangest of times. For example Sasuke was not stressed enough to unlock them when his entire clan was murdered...but the simple battle...
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    Poll: When Will Naruto Obtain The Rinnegan

    Apparently The Rinnegan Is The Kekkei Genkai Of The Uzumaki Family, Unless Of Course "Madara" Truly Did Give It To Nagato. However Assuming Its The True Kekkei Genkai Of The Uzumaki Clan, When And...
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    Poll: Re: Who did Kabuto summon?

    It has been my firm belief that Tobi is in fact Uchiha Izuna and that Kabuto summoned the actual Uchiha Madara in their confrontation. Meaning Kabuto knows the truth but he "hasnt told a soul" that...
  9. [Theory] Re: The real reason Mangekyou Sharingan users go blind, Izanagi (I explain fully inside)

    I like the thought and intellect behind this theory but one thing escapes my realm of understanding...if the Sharingarn is a downgraded Rinnengan, then why would Madara/tobi waste time gathering both...
  10. Poll: [Discussion] Re: Set a course for New World.

    Lets remember all the islands on the GL where chartered and for the mostpart known by the public. I think the NW has many like that and also many that havent been discovered by anyone other than Gol...
  11. [Discussion] New Shichinukai & Yonkou?

    As we all know 2 years have passed in the one piece world. Im sure everyone realizes the world outside of the SH not just the SH themselves has changed.

    Aside from the upgrades to the SH...
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    [Discussion] Re: Mugiwara's Next Target!

    Well lets not forget its been a whole 2 years. So im certain the missing spots in the Shichibukai are filled and possibly even the opening in the yonkou. I think we will see a few new faces...
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