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    [Theory] Re: The 'ones' who know everything...

    What if in the scroll there is the edotensei to summon the real rikudou sennin??
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    [Discussion] Re: Reason behind the Uchiha massacre?

    You all forgot one very important thing. From the time the real Madara died Obito became Madara himself, so he had to act like Madara. As we all know madara hated all the uchiha clan because they...
  3. Poll: Re: Blackjack612 Reviews Naruto 601 Obito and Madara

    Has anyone notes the page with the strange thing in the arm of obito? What was that?? Autocure of the arm?? Something moving in the arm?? Please clear me this thing....
  4. Thread: Madara thread

    by bebarber

    Re: Madara's connection to Obito and Zetzu

    Madara knows about edotensei because it was invented by tobirama that was almost the same age of him.
    Madara could be the cause of obito's accident, sending the rock's ninjas to them..
    It seems...
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    Poll: [Chapter] Re: Naruto 599 Discussion / 600 Predictions

    A question for u:
    We saw in this chapter that minato was in the rock when obito shows that he wanted to be hokage, that means that when the obito'accident happened minato was already hokage?? So why...
  6. Poll: [Discussion] Re: Let's Try and Piece together the Mystery that is "Tobi" - Images Provided

    I think that madara's eyes are the rinnegan one's, they were transplanted to nagato after madara's death...
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    [Predictions] Re: Karin's whereabouts

    She is escaping the prison, we saw her finding something in her diary...
    Probably she will rejoin taka team because they are heading to konoa with orochimaru to probably talk to the elders...
  8. Poll: [Discussion] Re: Let's Try and Piece together the Mystery that is "Tobi" - Images Provided

    Please remember that the big toad sage said to naruto that he will fight a young man with big powers in his eyes, but he did't say he will be sasuke... Could he be tobi??
    I think tobi's sharingan is...
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