So i recently started translating a dropped manga (2+ years already). I love translating it. It's totally fun and amazing but I wanna upload these chapters soon and I have some unanswered questions.

1) do I have to be in a scanlator group to submit manga or something? I was actually planning on being independent or even starting my own

2) I only translate and clean the manga but I don't scan the manga. Like I said this manga has been dropped by English translators for a while. BUT the manga is finished and it's all been translated into Chinese. I just clean it and translate it. I'm getting the scans from a website that has links to all the scans. I really want to give credit to the scanners so do I give credit to the one who compiled all the chapters (onto an English site) or the the Chinese site who I presume uploaded all the chapters? I know I have to ask for permission to and I plan to but it's kind of hard getting into contact with them since I don't know their email or contact. And it's really hard to find their website under all the misc chinese stuff on the internet.

If you could answer these two questions, I will be so thankful.