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Thread: Discussion of Bounties in One Piece

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    Re: Discussion of Bounties in One Piece

    Quote Originally Posted by Kokuryuu View Post
    Changing subjects, what about Crocodile and Daz Bones' bounties? WG has said if they had known what Crocodile did on Alabasta as the leader of BW, his bounty would been much higher than 80 million (162 million if I'm not wrong). IMO he should be by now above 200 million, or even 300, and Mr.1 maybe more than 100 millon (in his escapee state and all)
    Crocodile's should be well above 300 million. A former Shichibukai who broke out of Impel Down, participated in the Marines vs Whitebeard War, and assisted in the escape of Revolutionary Dragon's son Strawhat Luffy. He should be in between the mid 300's to the mid 400's. Jinbe's former bounty was 250 million and it is now above 400 million for his actions.

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    Re: Discussion of Bounties in One Piece

    Don't forget that Crocodile's former bounty did not account for leading Baroque Works or the Alabasta incident. A new bounty should also account for his shaming the government; an unbeatable Royal Shichibukai falling to a rookie pirate.

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