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Thread: Blue Dragon

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    Lightbulb Re: Blue Dragon Anime

    Apparently, several fansubs have already kickstarted subbing episode 1. Most of them are in foreign/other languages. I'm not sure which one has English subs but I'm trying to find out. I'm trying to download from ILA-Skewed and SlickWillySubs fasubs. Once I finish, I'll report later if no one hasn't reported it yet. I'm pretty much sure they are in English though but i could be wrong.
    After googling about these fansubs, I've only found ILA ( & Skewed's ( websites but not Slick Willy Subs. Not sure about them or where to get daily releases frm them (assuming they release regularly). By the way, has anyone heard about Dark Dreams fansub? Without info on the websites, I'm afraid only torrent search engines can be of main sources for their releases.
    I'm guessing that these fansubs won't release Blue Dragon episodes at a reguar basis (heck, they might even just do the first one or a few and then stop). 51 episodes is sure one helluva long series but let's just hope that DATS (or any current blue dragon subber) will sub and complete it.
    Oh yeah, if you wanna check it out yourself, here's the link to the torrents:
    Slick Willy Subs
    I'm still far off from completing the downloads. Enjoy!

    EDIT: I guess DATS did actually have the upperhand... I think they already started or did they?
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    Re: Blue Dragon Anime

    I watched up to ep 3. And i like it. Toriyama's character design makes Blue Dragon have that familar feeling, since most of the chara design is not that far from his other works such as Dragon Ball, Dragon Quest and Dr. Slump.

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