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Thread: Clima Tact/Perfect Clima Tact

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    Clima Tact/Perfect Clima Tact

    How does the Clima Tact/Perfect Clima Tact work? how does it initiate its attacks? i heard that you blow something out of it? Does teh Clima Tact/Perfect Clima Tact initiate its attacks the same way? What kind of attacks are there? What is the difference between teh Clima Tact/Perfect Clima Tact? etc

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    Re: Clima Tact/Perfect Clima Tact

    The Clima Tact was the prototype of Nami's weapon.
    It consists of three sticks. You have to blow or shake them to make bubbles.
    Every stick has its own ability. One is for warm bubbles, one for cold bubbles and the other is for electric bubbles.
    You can mix them and you get e.g. a cloud (by mixing a warm and a cold bubble).
    But because it is just a prototype it doesn't work that well.

    After the Mugiwaras were on Sky Island Usopp modified the Clima Tact with the Dials of Sky Pia. So the Clima Tacts are now the Prefect Clima Tacts.

    Hope you understand that ^^

    If you have questions like that re-read the chapters and/or check out wikipedia, it is almost very useful

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