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Thread: Info and Rules for Artist Galleries

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    Info and Rules for Artist Galleries

    Hello, minna-san! Welcome to the Artist Galleries!

    Here you can post and organize your work or just admire and comment on other artists pieces. The main purpose of the galleries is to promote the work of our regular artists and to inspire and encourage others to improve their work. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or a pro, let’s all work together to get the best out of our creativity and learn with each other!

    How can I have my own gallery?

    So, you’re an artist, heh? First, you need to gather some work to create your own thread, a gallery is not made of a single piece, right? We require a minimum of 10 pieces. Then you can create a thread in this section of the forum. Before approving it, the moderators will check if your thread follows the minimum requirements.

    So, do I have to follow some rules?

    Yes, but don’t worry, they are very simple:
    • The gallery can be started with a minimum of 10 pieces. This can include sketches and concepts besides finished works.
    • The thread title must be standard “username’s gallery”.
    • The gallery must be updated in a regular basis, at least once a month. This will also make more people visit your thread.
    • If you have artist status, you should keep your gallery updated, in order to keep said status.
    • Don’t use just links, the actual image must be posted in the thread( Preferably uploaded in our gallery). Let’s keep things simple for those who would like to see your work.

    What is this about an artist status?

    Those who contribute regularly with the community can request the status of Artist. Having a gallery is an essential part of it, but with great power comes great responsibility, so there are some other rules for it:
    • To request the artist status, you must have a minimum of 10 finished pieces of art posted in any of MH art forums. If you’re a writer, each chapter of a long story will count as a piece.
    • You must showcase your work in your own gallery and keep that thread updated with at least 1 finished work every two months. If you’re a writer, you should keep a thread in the Fanfics and Stories section.
    • You should have a regular activity in the art forums. We suggest participation in the Art Contests or , that’s a good way to keep new pieces coming.
    • Although sometimes a break is expected, for a long break with no hint of returning, your status may be removed.

    Where can I request Artist status?

    You should head to the Member Status Change Request Thread and post your requisition there. Remember that we will check if you meet the requirements before changing your status.

    This is a place for people to share experiences, learn and improve together, so don’t be shy, we appreciate having you joining us!
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