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Thread: Question about "大船に乗った気”

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    Question about "大船に乗った気”


    I'm hoping that I'm posting in the right place.
    I came across this expression, can anyone give me a good explanation as to why it is used? Why not simply say "安心して”?

    I get the sense that it means to place confidence in someone, as if on a strong, sturdy ship, but it is just so odd an expression that I have trouble making it fluid in english. (obviously it is an expression and cannot be translated literally). Anyone know the etymology?

    I believe the sentence was,

    web searches reveal very similar expressions.


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    Re: Question about "大船に乗った気”

    It's more of an expression that's similar to something like "Just go along for the ride" in English.

    Just like there are expressions for things like that in English as well, and the same applies for Japanese.

    Hope that explains it. ^^
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