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Thread: Ultimate Gantz team

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    Re: Ultimate Gantz team

    wow this thread has been active since 2007...

    anyways i just marathoned reading Gantz yesterday (ch 043 - 303) and from reading all your team set ups, it seems as though everyone has the same understanding of who is good in Gantz and who is just a waste of time.

    But thats not important. Whats important is what I think and what I can learn from others.

    So MY Ultimate Team (based on who doesnt suck in worst case senario - suit dies/ doesnt have a suit/ has to kill everything by themselves for some reason)

    - Juzo Togo (sniper dude)
    - Oka Hachiro
    - Izumi Shion
    - Kurono Kei
    - Hikawa (The Host Samurai)
    - Daizaemon Kaze
    - Kuwabara Kazuo
    - Muryoa Nobuo (Knob) Osaka Leader

    Now There are some benchwarmers that could form a pretty good team

    - Joichiro Nishi
    - Kato Masaru
    - Sakuraoka Sei
    - Suzuki Yoshikazu
    - Sakurai Hiroto
    - Sakata Kenzo
    - Shimohira Reika
    - Hoi Hoi
    - JJ (Karate Gaijin)
    - Chiaki (Kill Bill)
    - Shimaki George
    - Yamanaka Miho
    - Yamada Sumiko
    - Yamasaki Anzu
    - The Guy from Hiroshima
    - Hanaki Kyou (just come off the drugs first)

    And finally the other characters with potential of becoming useful if theyre not dead already

    - Kurono Akira - Defeated 8(+) Vampires in hand to hand combat (although he's a vamipre as well). I dont know exactly how he died but apparently he was more outstanding than Kei so he might be better
    - Nerdy Virgin Dude (i havent read the part where he becomes Nerdo yet)
    - Rice The Dog - could have been used for tracking and alerting others
    - Kishimoto Kei (She was getting better, you have to admit that jumping in (from about 2 meters away) to protect someone from a thrown substance takes m4d 5ki11z)
    - Yoshioka Kiyoshi - yakuza guy who died shooting the bigger onion alien, (what would have happened if he wore the suit?
    - Hojo Masanobu (Homo): poor leader skills got him killed, proved useful at times though (its hard to tell who was better between him and inaba)
    - Susumura Sadayo (Sadako): Needed better training and was unlucky, but proved useful at times
    - Tetsuo (Anime Ver.): was a biker and has experience fighting to survive. had his death not happened, his actions at the budda temple would prove his usefullness
    - Tomao: killed buddhist statues without use of the suit, Ignorance of 1000 arms power got him killed; i doubt any beginner could have survived that. In fact, none did
    - Konta: killed buddhist statues without use of the suit, Ignorance of 1000 arms power got him killed; i doubt any beginner could have survived that. In fact, none did
    - Inaba Koki - Dude should have trained, gained confidence right before he died
    - American G #1-4 (these guys were just completely overwhelmed in that situation. Since they didnt have the suit on or have any weapons they couldnt hope to fight raptors. When they were leaving, they were shot and killed by the Vampires; Gantz was just too slow. Had they survived, they could have been very useful.)
    - I was going to put down Uranaka Ayaka but the only way she could have had potential cancels out the way she died. If she wasnt raped she could have been somewhat useful
    - Takeshi - he is on the potential list as he is still a baby and cant use a gun (what happens when his suit breaks?)
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