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Thread: Character Battle: Kakashi vs. Itachi!

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    Character Battle: Kakashi vs. Itachi!

    Hello there, everyone.

    Well, this is a fanwork I wrote almost a year ago for NarutoFan's Character Battle... I was looking through some old sent messages and stumbled upon this battle: (Date: 4:02PM, Saturday April 16th, 2005) So exactly ten days from now would have been a year.

    Anyone who knows of Naruto's Character Battle, knows that it has its difficulties. Unfortunately, I sumbitted my works around then, and therefore this was not used. And since I wrote this a YEAR ago, it is extremely out-dated, and couldn't be used today if DaDogin wanted to. Oh well, I thought I'd share it with you guys anyway....


    Itachi vs. Kakashi!

    Battle 17: Kakashi vs. Itachi

    “AAAAAHHH!” yawned Naruto as he entered the fan filled battle arena. “Genma and Granny Tsunade’s assistant Shizune fought too late last night. That announcer guy DaDogin had to reschedule the next battle to this morning,” Naruto managed to mumble out as he rubbed his eyes. It had rained all night and the clouds had just begun to clear up. The sun gradually broke through the scattered clouds until it shined brightly by itself in the clear, blue sky.

    The crowd was is as much disarray as ever. Numerous comments on the upcoming battle could be heard around the arena: “Sharingan vs. Sharingan! The Uchiha Clan Prodigy against the Hidden Leaf’s Copy Ninja!” It appeared to be a promising day.

    “Ah, it seems it rained really hard last night. It has caused the arena fighting grounds to be covered by more than five feet of water,” Kakashi sighed as he prepared to enter the ring. There, already stood his opponent, waiting atop the water of the battlegrounds. “He seems to be ready,” thought Kakashi. “SHUNSHIN NO JUTSU (BODY FLICKER TECHNIQUE).” He suddenly appeared before his adversary, standing on top of the water as well. “The true successor of the Sharingan, Uchiha Itachi,” Kakashi respectfully introduced himself as he lifted his forehead protector. “Hatake Kakashi, the man who copied over one-thousand jutsu. We meet again,” responded Itachi.

    The crowd gleefully counted down the frenzy, “3…2…1… FIGHT!” Kakashi was on the offense immediately. “MAKIBISHI (THROWING NAILS)!” Itachi simply watched the nails approach him. CLING! Each of the nails were deflected. “What?! I didn’t even see him throw the kunai to block the attack!” thought Kakashi to himself. “You also didn’t see this,” Itachi whispered into Kakashi’s ear as he appeared behind him holding a kunai to his neck. “He read my mind?!” Itachi punchered Kakashi’s right lung. “KAWARIMI (BODY SUBSTITUTE)…” “…NO JUTSU (SKILL)!” said Itachi aloud completing Kakashi’s technique for him. In a puff of smoke, a log replaced Kakashi, and he appeared where Itachi was standing at the start of the match. The two had switched positions.

    “This isn’t good. At age thirteen, Itachi was the best shuriken user of the Uchiha Clan. If I continue fighting using only weapons, I will meet an unfavorable outcome,” thought Kakashi. “I’ll have to use mostly genjutsu and ninjutsu from here on out.” Itachi stared blankly at Kakashi, waiting for his next move. Kakashi quickly glanced around his surroundings. “Maybe I can use this water to my advantage…” Kakashi jumped back 20 yards and rapidly began to perform hand seals. “SUITON: SUIRYUUDAN NO JUTSU (WATER TYPE: WATER DRAGIN BLAST TECHNIQUE)!” A dragonhead emerged from the water and launched directly towards Itachi. “There’s no way he can escape that jut…” “KATON: RYUUKA NO JUTSU (FIRE DRAGON TECHNIQUE)!” yelled Itachi interrupting Kakashi’s thoughts. Itachi was enclosed by immense flames, glowing brightly amongst the stadium. Out of Itachi’s mouth came a powerful beam of fire that hit the Suiryuudan head on. Kakashi’s eyes shot open in surprise. “As expected from an Uchiha.”

    “Wasn’t it you who defeated Momochi Zabuza, Kakashi?” asked Itachi. “It seems you have copied a few jutsu from the Hidden Mist Village, but it also seems that you have forgotten who my cohort is. He is none other than the Mukenin (exiled ninja) from that same village… Hoshigaki Kisame. You cannot expect to defeat me using Suiton no Jutsu (water techniques).” Kakashi’s face slowly relaxed to a confident smile. “Oh, is that so?”

    “What?!” Itachi looked down at his feet to see a Kage Bunshin (shadow clone) underneath him the water. “SUITON: SUIROU NO JUTSU (WATER PRISON TECHNIQUE)!” A sphere of water engulfed Itachi and the Kage Bunshin was firmly attached to the prison. “Just because you know of a jutsu doesn’t mean that it still won’t work against you. Once you are inside of this Suirou, the only way out is if I release you,” said Kakashi as he walked toward him. “Itachi, at age seven you graduated from the Hidden Leaf Academy. At age eight, you were already able to use the Sharingan. At ten, you had already become Chunnin rank, and at age thirteen, you became an ANBU Squad Leader. To carry on this match against you is too dangerous. I will finish this now.” With that, Kakashi began to execute a new set of hand seals. “O-ushi (Ox), usagi (hare), saru (monkey), inu (dog). RAIKIRI (LIGHTNING EDGE)!” Chakara surrounded Kakashi and began to concentrate upon his open palm. The sound of one-thousand chirping bird rang throughout the battle arena.

    “I’ll break through that Suirou and through you, too, with my sole original technique, Chidori!” Kakashi shouted as he sprinted towards Itachi. However, Kakashi noticed something was not right as steadily approached his foe. “What’s this feeling? Oh no, this is… BAKURETSU KAGE NO JUTSU (EXPLODING SHADOW CLONE TECHNIQUE)!” Kakashi was already too close. BOOM! The jutsu was released and the explosion sent Kakashi through the air, through the water’s surface, then to the stadium’s grounds. “I just wasted one-fourth of my Chakara using Chidori,” thought Kakashi as he swam to the surface. He stood atop the water once again and asked, “How did you know, Itachi?”

    “The Sharingan is a power in the eyes and released from the pupils,” answered Itachi. “It is a Doujutsu (eye technique) that can read all types of genjutsu, taijutsu, and ninjutsu, and can defeat them. It allows you to read your opponent’s techniques and copy them, but this is not all it can do. The Sharingan is also very tricky. A Sharingan user can combine a great attention for detail with hypnotic ability. By combining these two abilities and doing jutsu, it can in a way give the impression of being able to see into the future. Though you are not of Uchiha Blood and cannot completely use all aspects of the Sharingan, even you should know this, Kakashi,” spat Itachi. “First, as I told you about Kisame, I simply suggested you to perform Kage Bunshin. Next, I proposed you to use Suirou no Jutsu. I allowed you to capture my Bunshin and lured you into my Bakuretsu jutsu.”

    Kakashi could only feel humiliation upon himself as knew that he had lost a lot of Chakara, while Itachi had barely used any of his own. “I am growing tired of this game,” Itachi said as he closed his eyes. “I end this the same way as last time… MANGEKYOU SHARINGAN (SHARINGAN OF 10,000 BLURS)!” Kakashi quickly closed his right eye as Itachi opened both of his. “I’ll tell you that I don’t fall for the same jutsu twice,” avowed Kakashi. “NINPOU… KIRIGAKURE NO JUTSU (HIDDEN MIST TECHNIQUE)!” The water level began to decrease as mist began to condense within the arena, thickening at a rapid pace. “This mist is too thick. I can’t see.” thought Itachi, “Kakashi shouldn’t be able too see anything either, but he may attack, and I’ll be on the defensive. In that case…” Suddenly, “KUCHIYOSE – SUITON – TSUIGA NO JUTSU (SUMMON – WATER ELEMENT – TRACKING FANG SKILL)!” Eight Nin dogs jumped out of the water, bit Itachi, and held him to one spot. “‘If your eyes and ears don’t work, just use your nose. That’s what happens when your have your eyes shut in the mist.’ That’s the same thing I told Zabuza when I used this jutsu against him,” said Kakashi as he nearly came into sight in front of Itachi. “This summoning is made specifically for tracking down an opponent and containing them. Last time I made the fault of mistaking you for your Kage Bunshin, but this time I need to make sure.” Kakashi threw a kunai directly at Itachi’s torso. Blood splat all over Itachi, and even Kakashi.

    “Yep, it’s really you,” said Kakashi as he advanced into clear view of Itachi, avoiding eye contact with the Mangekyou Sharingan. “If that’s the case, my Raikiri will not fail this time.” “Oh, is that so?” coughed out Itachi mocking Kakashi from earlier in the brawl, as blood ran down his mouth. SWOOSH!. In an instant, Kakashi and Itachi had switched positions, and Kakashi was being held by his own jutsu! “What?! He used Kawarimi no Jutsu… with me?” Itachi then began his jutsu, “KATON: GOUKAKYUU NO JUTSU (FIRE ELEMENT: GRAND FIREBALL)!” Kakashi tried to release his own Tsuiga no Jutsu to avoid the attack, “KAI (DISPELL)!” but it was too late. Kakashi was scorched within the fireball, receiving the full impact.

    Itachi relaxed his eyes from the Sharingan. The match was over. “Kakashi, I warned you that if you continued to use Suiton no Jutsu that you would not defeat me.” Kakashi floated on top of what was left of the water until the medic team came and seized him.

    “Winner: ITACHI!”

    by EaBaller10

    Check out now! Kekkaishi is one of the best Shōnen manga out there!!

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    Re: Character Battle: Kakashi vs. Itachi!

    even though i enjoyed the gaara and rocklee more, never the less this was enjoyable.

    two thumbs up eaballer

    do know that your effort was appreciated. thanks is all i wanted to say. if theres more please do let me know about them
    <br /><br /><br />
    Spoiler: LOL show

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    Re: Character Battle: Kakashi vs. Itachi!

    nice fanfic..i enjoyed reading it


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    Re: Character Battle: Kakashi vs. Itachi!

    this is terribly awesome. just wonderful. more!!! more!!! onegai!!

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