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Thread: Discussion on the shortcomings of Bleach's plot and pace

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    Re: Bleach 502 Discussion / 503 Predictions

    Quote Originally Posted by frozen18ice View Post
    i never said i would do a better job in making a manga i know how hard it its to make a popular story for a long time however, kubo had the chance to turn it around many times than other mangaka he has a fan base and support looking at where he is going with bleach if he started with this way a long time ago it would not be on its last arch i like bleach from the start however lack in character development that could have save the manga it is just now that kubo has nothing to loose that he is willing to kill some of the best characters. for a manga that have a lot of sword fights and powerful amazing bankai it seems more like care bears with pillows as weapons if he killed some of the characters along the way it would be better im just saying along with some sub character moving up in level and power could made a difference plus the fact that he did an arch that is almost like a reverse with the history 100 ago he could have done that with some of the vise captains and captain when and if he kill them.he already shown hes capable of creating a great story and tension but his unwillingness to kill or develop some of his pawns got us here where we are bleach last arch and the manga will be ending. its a shame to be fallowing something for so long only to get a half fast story towards the end. byakuya was supposed to be at the same level as ichigo now he's like a fly on the wall
    i can definetly understand your frustration because essentially you sound like me a few years ago word for word lol but you pretty much have to make your peace with Bleach for what it is, an incredibly well drawn manga (its strength) with a decent story (the middleground), that often comes up short on character development (its weakness).

    unfortunately comparing different Mangakas can only bring on more frustration, when a manga starts off and blows up, its usually because the different fans see high level potential in some form that they like about it, however as the story progresses the direction it takes will undoubtedly start cutting off most fan 'expectation' in the end the story is his to tell, we are now at the point where we know its nearing the end and there's no more room for whatever personal expectations each individual fan has set for it and so some fans accept it, while many feel cheated......which brings me back to having to make your peace with it and enjoy the rest for what it is.....

    sad but true we have to the very least Kubo is trying his best to put decent closure on a story that could have been incredible, but got messy and confused in the middle....i'll take decent ending, but so far to be honnest this arc has been great but meh


    p.s.: Byakuya was bever supposed to be at IChigo level no one was supposed to grow at Ichigo's pace because he's got 'super-main-shonen-character' powers so your expectation was too high and impossible for him from the start, Byakuya, Gin and Toshiro were said to be prodigies amongst the G13 shinigami this perhaps allows them to grow at a faster pace than most other shinigami but thats about it.....Ichigo levels are on another scale completely, it also became difficult for them to make huge leaps because Kubo cornered himself in that department, he clearly outlined that it requires many hundreds of years for said potentials to be makes it impossible to go around when you have clear cut examples,

    Yama-ji's level of power = 2000+ years to achieve
    Senior Captains level of power = 500+ years to achieve

    Even Gin someone who was perhaps even more prodigious than even Toshiro or Byakuya (seeing as we saw him being a seated officer at the same age (likely younger) when Byakuya was still training and learning the ways of stubborn, spoiled 'brat-ism' in his family mansion lol) still seemed to have required at least 100 years to get near Senior Captain level

    Even Aizen seems to have taken a few hundred years or at least with ppl like Yama-ji, Aizen, Shunsui, Ukitake as your proof that the timeframes for Shinigami growth are fairly set in stone (no matter how much of a genius you are) how would you rationalize a Byakuya or Toshiro sudden leap....

    so no matter what even if you could cut some years off accounting for 'prodigies' it still wouldnt put you in the time frame of the 2 years this whole Bleach/Ichigo situation came into this brings me back to the fact that ppl have to chill on their expectation on their favourite captains and usually the hardest to convince are always Byakuya and Toshiro fans......these hardcore fans have to understand that Time is the issue here its not simply about hating on that character lol

    unrealistic time frames

    the ppl who expect Renji to surpass Byakuya within the timeframe of an arc are just on some shit to start with be blunt
    ---------------------- to summarize: if you arent Ichigo (the main character) it aint happening for you-------------------

    many characters have already leaped by at least 50 years of what their normal growth should be, simply on their affiliation with Ichigo anyways (or perhaps due to 2 straight wars of sorts, so need), so to ask for more is too much imo
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    Re: Discussion on the shortcomings of Bleach's plot and pace

    I'm not entirely pleased with what I'm seeing from Bleach right now but not for the reasons some might expect.

    Byakuya's Death

    I like it. I really do. I liked his character for the most part but the reality to me was that in order to return dramatic effect to the battles something like this needed to happen (hopefully multiple times) Bleach has a massive surplus of good characters and so I say "use them"! Which is what I think, and hope, was done with Byakuya.

    The only thing that stings about this is how uninteresting a dispensable the enemy who killed him was. Even after recently reading the chapter I barely remember his face, and don't remember his name at all.


    That's indicative of my experience with this whole arc so far. I feel like Kubo is doing all the right things narratively but what he's doing it with is just not very good. These out of nowhere super-quincy's seem like just such garbage characters. Nothing about them interests or impresses me. Which kind-of undercuts Byakuya's death.
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