Alrighty lads and gals. Finally found some time to create my own thread over here. I can't really see purpose it serves other than that to let you post here questions such as "Are you going to translate series X" or "How does it translate into english". Feel free to, thus I've set up this thread. Fear, though, if you'll ever ask questions regarding Aokiji's line. It was a troll, too great urge to do this with that hilarious panel, simple as that.

Few words about me. I'm 19, born and live in Poland. I've been translating manga ever since August 2009, my first manga to translate was Naruto, yet my favourite is One Piece, by far. Other mangas I translate noncomitally the way and time I want to, unless I'm requested, that makes other story. I also am learning Japanese for over 2 years now - been going for lessons to a teacher for some time, but he sucked and I figured I can learn more on a faster pace by self-teaching myself. The only group I do belong to as of now is MangaStream and I am their backup translator. And no, I don't know the guy. >_>

My other hobbies apart from translating and reading manga are watching football (soccer >_<") matches, volleyball and handball matches and a lot of other sports, basically. Not curling, though. My favourite book genre is fantasy, and when it goes for the movies I like mostly all genres, but I especially do love thrillers, hate horrors (people, all of you who don't see the difference, burn!) - basically for its 'not-going-to-happen'-ness.

Now, it's time for you, people. Go ahead, ask.