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Thread: Lancia's Family

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    Lancia's Family

    They mentioned Lancia was the strongest man in Northern Italy. Did they also mention if the Vongola was a Northern or Southern Italian family?

    I know that Sicily in reality has some of the most powerful crime families in Italy.

    4 Questions:

    Q1 - Will we see North vs. South?

    Q2 - Since Primo, the Vongola have become more international. Would Q1 still apply?

    Q3 - Where are the Vindice located?

    Q4 - $1mil question - How powerful is Lancia's sky ring?

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    Re: Lancia's Family

    Very good questions there, but I doubt anyone can answer them, besides Amano-sensei herself ...
    I mean, I'll love to know the answers too ... maybe when the end of the manga comes all of it will be reveled, I wish :P.

    About Lancia's Family and the others famiglias, there was this light novels about minor characters in reborn and there was a chapter about Lancia going to apologize and all that, I haven't read but maybe the're some clues ....

    Q4 ... that's indeed the $ 1 million!!! question, we all know that little thing save tsuna's life, but if it was coincidence or a knew rare element or atributte of the ring we still have to wait and see ourselfs, I hope Amano-sensei to answer everything !!!

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