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Thread: The Bado-Scans Thread

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    The Bado-Scans Thread

    believe it or not we've been around for a while we started somewhere around december of 2006 and just haven't been really releasing much till recently. Our projects include Yamato no Hane and Smash! both of which are badminton mangas.
    The original members include: me, carobin, dummey, ulicquel. most of which are now inactive go figure... but we formed because all of us have been waiting for a long time for someone to scanlate the badminton manga and yet nobody did it. soooo we took it on our own hands to do it ourselves! i started the project on badminton central where i formed our original members from its been a long time and its been hectic but it's been a lot of fun

    Hope you enjoy our releases! and keep supporting us!
    our website:

    Yamato no Hane
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