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Thread: Jin Yong's Jiang Hu

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    Jin Yong's Jiang Hu

    Jin Yong is one of the more famous Chinese writer in the Wuxia genre.. Wuxia is a more fantasy version of martial art genre. The main characters have certain code of honor similar to that of the samurai code, or knight chivalry.

    Though Wuxia are more famous in East Asia. But some of the works of Jin Yong had been translated in both English and French.

    Jiang Hu as the title of this thread indicated is a world of martial artist and beyond the laws and rules of the government. Almost like the underworld of mafia or simply "the street."

    more info about wuxia go here
    more info about Jin Yong (aka Louis Cha)
    for more of his works (and others) in English

    To tell the truth, I haven't read a single one of his books, but many of his works had been adapted to tv series like:

    Here is the list of the one I had already watched or watching:
    -The Legend of the Condor Hero (2003)

    -The Return of the Condor Heroes (2006)

    -The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber (2003)

    -Flying Fox of Snowy Mountain (2007)

    -Demi Gods and Semi Devils (tian long ba bu) (2003)

    -The Smiling, Proud Wanderer (xiao ao jiang hu)
    Laughing in the wind (2001)

    -The Deer and the Cauldron (1998)


    on the older tv version are pretty much trash (in my opinion) and not worth mentioning. Some of the above series are available in English dub also..

    So go ahead and discuss about characters, relationships, groups, weapons, martial arts, etc...

    Feel free to ask questions (even though I may not know the answers)
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