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Thread: The concept of "Genius" in NARUTO

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    Re: The concept of "Genius" in NARUTO

    Quote Originally Posted by SoloGG View Post
    Because she hasn't shown those qualities and hasn't the hype to have them? And I'm saying Tenten because she was the example, but it's not about her, it's a general concept. I don't think I have to explain why if you give the same wonderful sword to a skillful swordsman and to a guy who in comparison doesn't know how to fight, the first will completely outperform the second.
    Hype is something the author creates, so you haven't really made a good argument still. And again, all I wrote still holds true, you've got nothing to make an argument of about her. You either answer to my question or stop spouting nonsense.

    Quote Originally Posted by Schabrak View Post
    How would you know she doesn't have the reflexes or skills, when those powers were never offered to her and she got not enough panels to fill half a chapter during the complete second part?
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