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Thread: [Yuri,Comedy,Family]KoGeMoGe

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    KoGeMoGe [DengekiHime-webcomic]
    as well as comic VOL1

    Quote Quote:
    chison's notethis is one of the "dengeki hime"web comic that i really really like and i would love to introduce others about this comic,is just a shame that not everyone can read japanese...)

    If you are looking
    (and if you can read japanese)

    This is just the one manga for you
    this web-comic release only first six and latest 4 chapter at the website,so,you might found you miss out a lot of chapter and feel lost to read just the end chapters,but don't worry,i have all the chapter from the first volume...i hope you likes kogemoge
    Spoiler: get kogemoge down here? show

    Spoiler: nice warmy wallpaper for you to use show

    Spoiler: message show
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    Re: Post Here If You Have RAWs! :)

    Oh no...i thought you'll be always talking about MXO. Sorry
    Anyway, moving this here instead since the RAW thread is meant for series for RTS (you can check the first post of that for more info.)

    And to promote this series, firstly, we really need to know what's the title. Do you have it? The introduction chapter has a lot of lucky-star lookalike characters, maybe it will appeal more to the moe-loving readers?

    ▲Away till end June. ▲

    Avatar credits to nanopumkin

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    Registered User 下級員 / Kakyuuin / Jr. Member chison's Avatar
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    Re: A new series to recommend

    thank for understanding,what i love is more of "rare" object,

    コゲちゃモゲちゅ ~縁側の姫君~ (電撃コミックス EX 107-1) (コミック)
    判型 : A5判 ページ数 : 130

    the author said to be temporary stop this project at chapter 50
    total of chapter 01-50 + after the chapter story
    currently working at a 東方 project!?

    author:うそねこ usoneko(Liar-cat?)
    author-web :

    free-display of the first five chapter at dengekihime

    Spoiler show

    <hr noshade size="1">
    make a blog for it(tempory use?!)
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