Title: Stray Dog
Genres: Shounen
Author: Arakawa Hiromu
Artist: Akarawa Hiromu
Publication: Shounen GanGan
Start Date: 1999
End Date: One shot
Number of chapters at review: One
Number of chapters read by reviewer: One

General Overview: A wanted criminal, Fultac, comes across a small girl in a cage but she not just any girl, she is a 'military dog'. He takes care of her and reveals the truth about himself.

Category Ratings: (1-10 scale)

Art: 8: Detailed art with many European features in landscape and buildings. Action shots are clear and easy to follow; panels flow nicely.

Plot: 6: Revenge on those that have created the meagre existence and suffering of others. The humour is good and balances well.

Characters: 7: There is not much character development but the characters are well rounded and believable.

Themes: 8: Readers of Full Metal Alchemist may notice similarities in the themes of human experimentation and consequences for action and inactions. Here are heavy themes of true loyalty versus forced loyalty as well as questioning the reason for existence - for both general and created existence.

Originality: 6: It's not new but well done.

Overall: 8: Enjoyable and nicely done.