Title: Kwaidan
Genres: Josei
Author: Jee-Yun
Artist: Jung
Publication: Dark Horse Comics
Start Date: 2004
End Date: Graphic Novel
Number of chapters at review: One
Number of chapters read by reviewer: One

General Overview: [Blurb] In 12th Century Japan, one sister's spiteful jealousy begins a complicated web of revenge and redemption that spans two centuries. The lost spirits of two unlucky lovers may still find freedom in the supernatural birth of a strange girl... and her ability to unravel the secrets of the restless ghosts that haunt her, the Kwaidan.

Category Ratings: (1-10 scale)

Art: 9: The art is very reminiscent of Ukiyo-e in style; highly detailed and consistent in style. A constant gloom gives the story a soft light and magical feel.

Plot: 6: A girl finding love and forgiveness after hardship and over throwing those that have imprisoned her and her destiny.

Characters: 7: The character are realistic with dreams and goals. Development is well paced and believable.

Themes: 8: The overall theme is love and acceptance; acceptance of yourself leading to acceptance by others. Finding the strength to forgive and move on. There is also the theme of getting what you think you want but losing what you had.

Originality: 6: New settings and twists to an old idea but very beautifully done.

Overall: 7: Beautifully drawn and nicely themed but ultimately a romance.