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Thread: Fear the Walking Dead (2015--present)

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    Fear the Walking Dead (2015--present)

    Prequel to the Walking Dead Series.

    Can someone message me an anime that's similar to d grayman or claymore or deathnote?

    Ive seen Deathnote, deadman wonderland, fairytale, shigurui, ao no exorcist, beelzebub, samurai champloo, code geass, devil may cry, Hakuouki, monster, blood plus, gantz. Basically, something with demons and gore.

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    Re: Fear the Walking Dead (2015--present)

    One would presume that if you start a topic about something, you might actually have something to say about it... -_-

    Even if the pilot is set earlier than the TWD-pilot, it is not really a prequel because it tells a different story.

    I liked the slow pacing of the pilot and the performance of Frank Dillane was pretty superb imo.
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