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Thread: 25 or 50 Things About Yourself...

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    MH Senpai 英雄メンバー / Eiyuu Menbaa / Hero Member Raine_Joybringer's Avatar
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    Re: 25 or 50 Things About Yourself...

    Hehe, my turn! ^.^

    1. My name is Alexandra, but I like to just be called Alex (I was named Alexandra before the name craze of it in 1988).
    2. I'm currently 18, 19 in March.
    3. I look a lot younger than I am.
    4. I'm Australian.
    5. I only did half of year 11, then I dropped out.
    6. But I finished my higher education last year at TAFE (Tertiary and Further Education).
    7. I have really thick hair, and I lose a lot of it, much to the *joy* of my dad when he goes vaccuuming.
    8. My hair is pretty much a mess of different blonde colours...
    9. I love to draw, but my shoulder prevents me from doing much work.
    10. My fav J-pop artist is Ayumi Hamasaki.
    11. I am very passionate about how 4kids killed Tokyo Mew Mew.
    12. I've been to 2 anime conventions so far (I'm not counting the comic con where I annoyed the guy who does Goku's voice, and the Pokemon thing that was on back in 2000... I was a pathetic fangirl.)
    13. I have a Tsunade outfit in my wardrobe, and I wear the robe often. I also have a Tokyo Mew Mew waitress uniform.
    14. I have a fursona; a squirrel called RJ, who for some reason, people actually like.
    15. Listening to people rant is one of my favourite past-times.
    16. I wish I had purple hair.
    17. When I go to university this year, I'll be doing a Bachelor of Multimedia.
    18. And when I go to this year's anime convention in Sydney, I'm hoping to a) get an artist's table and sell stuff, and b) cosplay as Sakura, after the timeskip.
    19. I'm not a shonen-ai/shojo-ai fan at all.
    20. I'm part of an anime club at the local university, and I once won a packet of 'roast green peas' from there... o_o
    21. I'm a procrastinator.
    22. I like to write sensible fanfiction.
    23. Math flummoxes me.
    24. I once worked at mcdonalds, but the managers had a habit of making people cry on a daily basis.
    25. And finally, I'm a Naruto fan (but of course I would be to be here!).

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    Translator 中級員 / Chuukyuuin / Member Pazuzu's Avatar
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    Re: 25 or 50 Things About Yourself...

    1. I have the same name as a famous actor, who also comes from my city.
    2. I'm a devout atheist.
    3. I'm gay. In the non-flaming way. I have issues with flaming gays.
    4. I have absolutely zero artistic talent.
    5. I've blondish-brown hair.
    6. I've blue eyes.
    7. I'm 6'1.
    8. I can't stand sports.
    9. I'm hugely into martial arts.
    10. To even get a shot at learning Baguazhang (Hakkeshou) is one of my life goals.
    11. I've been able to properly speak 6 languages during my life. Currently, that's down to 4.
    12. I have some level of comprehension in about 10 languages.
    13. I hate speaking, in any language.
    14. I am a complete video game addict. Well, recently anyway.
    15. I have never played WoW, but my catchphrase is still "FOR THE HORDE".
    16. My favorite anything flavour is vanilla.
    17. I enjoy linguistics. No, really, far too much.
    18. I'm Irish, born and raised.
    19. I'm a nationalist. As in, I don't care what your heritage is, if you were born and raised in America, you're American and I'll laugh at you if you tell me otherwise. And so on.
    20. I believe that The Lion King is the greatest animated production in history, and nothing animated has ever EVER come close to even matching it. Not even Naruto.
    21. My favourite authors are Terry Pratchett and Terry Brooks.
    22. My favourite music is...yes...The Lion King soundtrack.
    23. My favourite music genre is 80s music. I'm on a big Genesis kick at the moment.
    24. I'm, amazingly, not a Japanophile. I watch more TV from America than I do from Japan, and I prefer Irish culture to Japanese culture.
    25. I have never been in a single relationship.
    26. I am the only person I know, online and offline, who likes Japanese dramas. Except for the Japanese guy I have staying here at the moment, but yeah.
    27. I, like Anax, believe in the existence of "ki".
    28. Due to the guy staying with me, I currently think in an obscure dialect of Japanese that probably nobody knows.
    29. As an unofficial linguistics project, I invented a dialect of Japanese that offshoots from Old Japanese, has no influence from modern Japanese and actually developed into its own language with its own grammatical structure.
    30. Yes, I am THAT kind of weirdo.
    31. I forgetted to say, I'm a shodan in karate, hopefully going for my nidan this year.
    32. My actual motto is Hakuna Matata. It fits me really well.
    33. It is ridiculously difficult to think up stuff for this when you have a thread where you answer a ton of questions about yourself.

    More to come!

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    Registered User 下級員 / Kakyuuin / Jr. Member Calibur's Avatar
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    Re: 25 or 50 Things About Yourself...

    1. age : 18
    2. height : 5'7''
    3. weight: 150lbs
    4. ethnic: hmong
    5. hair color : black
    6. eye color : brown
    7. education : currently in college
    8. photoshop user
    9. counter-strike fan
    10. FF series fan
    11. trance/euro/techno fan
    12. hate english
    13. work at mcD *heh*
    14. work a second job during the night *not THAT kind of night job*
    15. layback
    16. easy-going
    17. live each day as it is
    18. dont clubbing
    19. myspace addict
    20. currently in a situation between 2 girls (co-worker and friend at college)
    21. perfer vanilla over chocolate
    22. a moderator for a Counter-Strike server
    23. currently playing Magic : The Gathering Online
    24. favorite color : black
    25. dress style : suits yet casual (example : dress shirt + slacks + dress shoes or black lugz that looks like dress shoes)
    26. obviously like naruto (manga)
    27. have a grudge against the animators who did the Naruto VS Sasuke
    28. like slow smooth songs that ease the heart (example : Endless Love by Jackie Chan & Kim Hee Seon and Fly Me to Polaris by Cecilia Cheung)
    29. like action / adventure / humor movie types
    30. like VGcats
    31. culture belief : Shamanism (i dont find Shamanism as a religion)
    32. like taking naps in the middle of the day espically on cold days
    33. stopped drawing at the age of 13
    34. body type : average (soon to be firm )
    35. hate wannabe thugs
    36. like to think of our existence
    37. like to question one's reason of life
    38. first book read completely : The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe
    39. favorite book : The Giver (reason : questions our society and our beliefs as human)
    40. hate alot of the dub animes / movies
    41. first anime saw : robotech
    42. TV anime i love : Beast Wars (all the seasons of Beast Wars before they went back to Cybertron)
    43. favorite Beast Wars character : Rinox
    44. like the average body of a female
    45. wear contacts
    46. cant live without music
    47. dislike rap
    48. sexuality : straight
    49. relationship status : single
    50. last relationship : can't remember

    hmm... alot of stuff are misplace. but this is at least 50 things about myself

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    MH Senpai MH中毒 / MH Chuudoku / MH Addicted Dragonzair's Avatar
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    Re: 25 or 50 Things About Yourself...

    [1] I may be filipina, yet I am not like one. >__> I'm not girly enough, methinks. But there are a people I know who are like me.....I think it may have been my fault... oh God...
    [2] ^That's because I was born in the UAE, rather than the Philippines and have lived my whole life here.
    [3] I hate racists, and I love the fact that all my friends are from a mixed culture. ^_^
    [4] I'm quite fond of Muslims, and I tend to always defend them in forums, when I see people saying stupid stuff against them.
    [5] I'm...religious in a way. >.> I pray every night, and we go to Church regularly every week.
    [6]I never drank alchohol in my life except whenever I take the Holy Bread at church, which has a few White Wine in it. And...I'm not planning on becoming like my cousins in the Philipines, who drink beer almost every day. No, thank you. They force the drink on me
    [7] I'm not planing on smoking either.
    [8] I'm chubby and proud of it. ^_^ I'm not like those girls who whine for a thin, hot bod. It's just for me. I'm happy with the way I am. Heck, what's the use of trying hard for something when I won't feel happy at all?
    [9] I love food. Hence, the statement above.
    [10] I hate vegetables, except for a few.
    [11] I am an Asuma/Urahara/Logan/Sven/Johnny Depp fan girl and nothing will get in the way between me and them. @___@ Is it obvious...?
    [12] I want to visit a lot of places, like Japan. Well...I meant, I want to visit Japan.
    [13] I always fight with my brother. Literally. REAL FIGHTING.
    [14] My friends say I'm spazzy, funny and weird. Am I?
    [15] I hate high school., I hate MY High School.
    [16] I never study for school, and I usually study for an examination the night before the day itself. As for tests, I study on the day itself. I get passing marks...which means, if I did study, I might've gotten a full mark.
    [17] I don't care about studies. ;; I jsut want to do whatever course I've been wanting to do in College. Fine Arts, Photography and Digital Arts. That's why Idon't bother with msot of my subjects nowadays. Do you know, that schools in the UAE only provide two choices in Grade 9-11? Business or Science. WTF.
    [18] I love the subjects History and English.
    [19] *cough* If it wasn't obvious enough, then, I'm a pairings fan girl.
    [20] I'm in love with the colour Green. 90% of the products I buy *school bag, etc.* are Green. Or black. ^o^
    [21] I play the guitar.
    [22] I love imagining and day dreaming.
    [23] Ken chan knows this but...*cough*
    Spoiler show

    [24] I'm a huge fan of Classical Disney films.
    [25] I really want to meet my close online friends someday. We may not be able to buy an island in the Palms, but I'm willing to meet up with them, one day, and give them a huge glomp.
    [26] I seem to be one of the few people in this country who are really huge fans of animes/mangas. Like everyone else here, I try to pinpoint every detail in each and every one of them Apparently, it's quite rare here, which is why I spend my time online in the forums, jsut to discuss them.
    Apparently, most of the members are even more into the anime/manga that I can't keep up with them.
    [27] I still feel like a kid. I don't want to grow up. I'm not immature or anything, but I tend to play around more than just sit down and talk. I can't stand missing all these once I turn 18. That's why, I dread the day I turn 18. Which is important for filipino girls, since it's their debut. Or rather, the day they become adults. ;_; talking about it is damn depressing me.
    [28] I love music.
    [29] I hate Britney, Paris and Hillary Duff.
    [30] I'm a huge fan of F.R.I.E.N.D.S and X files.
    [31] I'm also a fan of crack pairings. >.>
    [32] I'd watch any movie made by Tim Burton, or which starts Johnny Depp.
    [33] I'm left handed.
    [34] I've been drawing since I was 2 and a half. My first full drawing which I remember was actually a Santa Clause. If I find it, I'll scan it out. Drawn at 3 yrs old.
    [35] I was born on Friday the 13th. ^_^ Year of the Snake, and...well. Born somewhere around 1:30, or in other words, 13:30. I was also born on the thriteenth floor. Rumour has it that my room number had 13 on it, but that's going too far.
    [36] I have a strange obsesssive liking to the number 13 and 3.
    [37] I love exotic animals, and would like to keep a snake. Actually, I love any animal. XD
    [38] I love dragons as well. ORLY?!?!?!
    [39] I never learnt how to draw. I just do. My dad says I got it from him. I believe him. He's an artist designer.
    [40] I'm horrfied and scared with meeting up with other filipinos. I suck at tagalog, and it sound wrong. People tend to giggle at the way I talk in Tagalog. >.> Also...there's something about most filipinos that I am msot definitely not like. Must be my stereotype of them...but most of it is true. XD But I still love them, no matter what.
    [41] I am not girly. NEVER EVER will I wear a gown. Thus, I'm scared at the upcoming Graduation, and when I turn 18, I'm suppose to wear one. *dies*
    [42] I once...punched and made a boy older, and bigger than me, cry.
    [43] I love sports. I love watching Extreme sports as well.
    [44] I have trouble with concentrating on stuides. The other reason why I dont' study anymore is because I can't seem to concentrate on it. Take away everything distracting me, like the Computer, TV, etc, yetmy mind won't ever concentrate on the first line.
    This is because, if I hate, loathe, or even get bored of the subject, my mind suddenly closes up and moves on to some imaginary world. I start making up stuff in my head, and my face just goes blank and stays in that imaginary place.
    [45] Due to my imaginary mind, I I love writing fics. Though I never release them, I still write. I love reading fics as well. XD
    [46] I'm a book worm.
    [47] I have friends from different grades. As in, I tend to be friends with people of different ages. In my previous school, I had friends from Lower Kindergarten till Grade 11, which was the last grade. ^_____^
    [48] My friends are also very different from each other. I'm in different groups, but it's all mixed. No one has one same interest. I like making friends with different people. It's interesting.
    [49] I'm in love with fantasy/action/adventure anything. XD Like, myths, crie and suspense. Whatever. Even horror stuff. It all seems so imaginative, and fun to think up of, and tink about everyday. I tend to do alot of thinknig.
    [50] This is my first modding job on a forum. ^_^
    [51] I'm definitely a typo queen. I'm afraid that more than 50 or even 70% of this psot has loads of typos in it. I fixed up 13% of it, but ioo lazy and there's just too much!

    "Growing older is mandatory, growing up is optional."

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    Re: 25 or 50 Things About Yourself...

    1. 16 Years Old.
    2. Im Male
    3. Fathers a Doctor/Moms a Nurse.
    4. Youngest of 3 Siblings.
    5. I Was About 5 Blocks Away When 9/11 Happened.
    6. I Absolutely Love My Computer, Which is The Reason As To Why I Can Read The Latest Chapters and Sulk Over the Fillers.
    7. I Love Playing Guild Wars, World of Warcraft.
    8. I Live in a Pink Stucco'ed House.
    9. Im Indian.(asia)
    10. Tendency of being *Geeky*.
    11. I Wish To Be a Game Designer.
    12. I Have a Mazda RX8 Waiting for Me as Soon as i Turn 17 This July 29
    13. Naruto is My Favorite Manga. 2nd is Bleach.
    14. I Totally Dispise Inuyasha and Fagome. Sesshomaru is Exceptional..Hes Badass
    15. Favorite Band is Korn
    16. Favorite Song is Counting.
    17. Im 6'1 Weighing in at 190 lbs.Good Build. Not too Muscular.
    18. I Have Long Hair Tied Back. *Imagine Itachi* Yes Yes That Good!!!
    19. I Absolutely Love Middle Eastern Food and Sushi!!
    20. I Got a 90 on My Math A New York State Regents Exam.86 On Living Environment and English On Regents and History a 76.
    21. Currently Learning Japanese Language and Culture.
    22. I LOVE 24.
    23. Junior in High School
    24. I Love DLing Animes/Mangas/Shows off Bit Torrent Then Burning Them To DVDs'
    25. I Love My Life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Sig Here...

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    Puella Magi 伝説メンバー / Densetsu / Legendary Member Galth's Avatar
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    Re: 25 or 50 Things About Yourself...

    1 am male 
    2 am 16 years old 
    3 live in the netherlands 
    4 am kinda addicted to addictions! 
    5 read manga  ( surprise surprise -- Naruto, Bleach, DeathNote, School Of Water Business, D.Gray Man ( only just started )
    6 play warhammer 
    7 am a nintendo fanboy! ( gba sp + ds + gamecube) 
    8 read a lot of fantasy books 
    9 listen to linkin park A LOT ( and fort minor/ snow white tan and other stuff the bandmembers do ) 
    10 love to hang out online doing absolutely NOTHING USEFULL hehe
    11 have brown hair and eyes 
    12 play korfball if anybody knows it, really big sports in the netherlands, never heard of in other countries besides belgium
    13 a really lazy when it comes to school, but still happened to get into the 5th of 6 years of gymnasium ( highest middle school in the netherlands, dunno how schoolsystems work where you come from...)
    14 am active on so-called MOO's ( MUD (Multi-User Domain) Object Oriented), let's call them vitrual non-grafic communities ( chatbox + programming the world around you textbased ) 
    15 favorite character from naruto would be ehmz... Kabuto or Deidara i guess, though i resemble Naruto himself the most ( get that result from ALL character tests ) ... 
    16 am ( or so they say ) kinda childish and annoying at times
    17 Like to watch a lot of movies, all genres but romance...
    18 also ( like Calibur ) like the VGcats -- webcomic
    19 am too boring to write 50 things about!!
    20 at one points in elementary school liked to draw these simple cartoons
    21 like to twiddle with pictures in good ol' MS Paint
    22 like windows still more then linux and stuff
    23 believe to be straight, but destined to be the everlasting single guy ... 
    24 seem to be quite a easy-to-read writer, am 'busy' writing some fantasystory, but as with most people... never gonna finish it! ( at least i have the world and background for characters i use, the name Khaludh for example  )
    25 seem to be using more and more smileys these days 
    26 don't drink that much alcohol either
    27 like easy to make and eat foods ( like pizze, pasta, wraps, other fastfoods and stuff) but don't get to eat all that much of it ( mom looking after my health yeah right  )
    28 am about 183 cm tall ( long live the metric system!! ) which makes me about... 6'1" ?
    29 finally found out what ossu! and wtf?! were...
    30 love to direct people with 3:33 minutes of free time to, though it has nothing to do with naruto... ( goku makes a cameo though... so there's a bit of manga in it... 's a flash movie)
    31 believe yamato to die within this arc... somebody dropped the 'expendable'-stamp right on his forehead...
    32 like to play good ol' boardgames, like risk, monopoly, colonists of catan ( there's like a real non-pc-games revival going in europe right now... )
    33 am following the 5th year of gymnasium right now ( 5/6 ), so at the time of writing, if all goes well, i wil have graduated on the highest type of school in one and a half year, while going lazily trough the classes doing nothing at all...
    34 whatever my username might make you think, i'm not arab, i'm, like, really really dutch...
    35 hate it when Khaludh is misspelled, and that happens an awful lot!! Right, eileenting88 and Hermie?!
    37 don't like the number 36, so i'll just ignore it...
    38 do like the number 38, especially when it means a length in centimetres... ( only dutch people who know the "vliegende panters" will know what i mean, don't even bother to google it up, you won't find it - or be able to read it at least )
    38 like i said, i like the number of 38, so i'm just using it to get back to a normal counting again... oh, and i have been really addicted to pokémon cards at primaire school... i'm so ashamed... NOT!

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    Scientist of Anthropology 有名人 / Yuumeijin / Celebrity Predator's Avatar
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    Re: 25 or 50 Things About Yourself...

    1. I'm Latvian.
    2. I'm a student.
    3. My hair color depend on the season, but it's various shades of light brown.
    4. Don't know Am. system of measurement of feets and inches.
    5. Height 1.81 m.
    6. Belief - Ignosticic.
    7. Like self made pizza the best.
    8. Don't do sports at gym too often.
    9. Don't like public transport.
    10. Don't have a car.
    11. Considering previous, move around city by feet, doing sports that way.
    12. My active hobby is crossbowing (real not the medieval one).
    13. Have a nice talent called Autodidactics.
    14. I simply loove good humor.
    15. Very moderate consumption of alcohol.
    16. Have no pets.
    17. Never have had pets.
    18. Favourite clothing - T-shirts and jeans.
    19. Dislike winter.
    20. Favourite season is spring (aka end of winter).
    21. Like to outsmart others.
    22. I don't hold grudge is someone outrsmarts me.
    23. Admited flaw - Lazy.
    24. Have no favourite band.
    25. Currently my main activity is getting good in Japanese by myself.
    26. I think loyalty is one of the most important characteristics.
    27. I have sharp senses and high endurance level of pain. Strange combination, but very convenient.
    28. Haven't been ill since I was 12.
    29. Love strategic games the most.
    30. I study the sciences of leadership and will specialize in international relations.
    31. I don't become addicted, so I use this advantage to study addiction (got 9 on my high school graduation research).
    32. Like number 9.
    33. Someone really has to be persistent to piss me off.

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    Registered User 上級員 / Jyoukuuin / Sr. Member
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    Re: 25 or 50 Things About Yourself...

    Well i'm bored
    1.I'm an anti-social guy
    2.I admit to being a game addict
    3.I'm a chinese
    4.Friends wonder if i am a chinese
    5.i think of anything to earn fast cash
    6.I play WoW (not a chinese gold farmer mind u)
    7.I suck at my mother tounge
    8.I have a dream of traveling
    9.I have no religon
    10.My hobby is to make friends life miserable
    11.I'm a hypocrite
    12.I have a negatve world view
    13.I'm a student
    14.I'm lazy to the bone
    15.I hope to learn spainish one day(no idea why)
    16.My hair is extremely messy
    17.My loyalty is to be questioned(really)
    18.favourite food is pasta
    19.I play badminton sometimes.
    20.I hardly read anything unless its really good
    21.I'm in born eight months
    22.My Bday is 30th of december
    23.youngest of 3 siblings
    24.My mom's after me for being negative
    25.Dad's after me too
    26.In fact my whole familys after me
    27.I draw naruto characters to waste time
    28.hate racist class has an irritating hitler fan.
    30.Hates being dragged out for shopping
    31.Hardly studies and aces subjects
    32.loves rap
    Yes this post is negatve but it's true

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    Intl Translator 上級員 / Jyoukuuin / Sr. Member
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    Re: 25 or 50 Things About Yourself...

    1. Real name is Marc
    2. I'm a male (however in the weekends I tend to be female j/k)
    3. I'm 18 years old
    4. My girlfriend is very beautiful and cute and adorable (and so on and so on)
    5. I'm a dreamer
    6. Passion for writing
    7. I like to party and go out with my m8s.
    8. Following the course International Business Administration on the Vrije Universiteit of Amsterdam (completely in english )
    9. gonna be the boss of a multinational, with retail in the whole world
    10. Like pizza and Italian food
    11. Dislike fish
    12. Battlefield 2 and Final Fantasy VIII  4ever!!
    13. Dress to impress
    14. Loves his girlfriend very much (L)
    15. has two younger sisters who are twins (so it is always two against one )
    16. Want it to become spring
    17. very dark brown hair
    18. Brown eyes
    19. Belief - myself
    20. totally forgotten: I AM DUTCH
    21. Disrespects people who use drugs (although I'm dutch)
    22. Dislikes Alcohol, but tries to like it (and trust me, it is working )
    23. Wants to sleep now
    24. Has a boring job on Saturday
    25. Like to take pictures with my digital camera

    changed braun to brown... twice - K

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    MH Senpai 英雄メンバー / Eiyuu Menbaa / Hero Member xallisto's Avatar
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    Re: 25 or 50 Things About Yourself...

    Wow my turn :P

    1: im from England - yes the island that nobody likes :P
    2: I work in a pub/bar
    3. im a Barman
    4. im 20 years old
    5. im a bloke/man/guy
    6. i love football/soccer
    7. i love photoshop
    8. i love manga
    9. i love music 70's Rock
    10. my fav song is Child in time by Deep Purple
    11. i want to learn japanese
    12. i like Philosophy
    13. i never been in a fight
    14. id love to be chased by the police in a fast car (Adrenaline rush oh yeah!!)
    15. i love drinking (comes with my job lol)
    16. somtimes i drink to much and run around naked ROFL
    17. i cant cook
    18. Final Fantasy 7!!!!!!
    19. Unreal 2 XMP is the greatest Shoot em up ever made
    20. i love live music
    21. im going to reading festival this year
    22. im traveling the world for a whole year somewhere between 2007 - 2008
    23. im about 6ft
    24. im Single and loving it had enough of relationships for the moment
    25. im a very laid back guy
    And Progress is a debt we all must pay
    its convenience we all cherish its pollution we disdain.

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    Registered User 中級員 / Chuukyuuin / Member No OnE's Avatar
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    Re: 25 or 50 Things About Yourself...

    Meh, here goes nothing... (Updated 9/25)

    1. I'm a man
    2. The man is 18 years old
    3. I'm an admin at (and its forums)
    4. I enjoy making stuff in Flash Pro
    5. That avatar, it's the man himself, Gunther.
    6. I'm probably the best drummer that you'll ever know (I'm not joking)
    7. I don't like Yoroi (the reefer glasses guy who sucks chakra during the chuunin exam and current filler)
    8. Senior in high school
    9. Brown hair
    10. Damn sexy if I can say so myself
    11. Got a full-ride scholarship to college
    12. Got a 34 on the math portion of the ACT exam (basically the USA's college entrance exam, highest possible score = 36)
    13. ^number 11 and 12 prove that I'm a genius
    14. Live in the USA
    15. Computer freak
    16. I used to hate Sai, now I forgot about him since he disappeared.
    17. I speak English, and I forgot all the spanish I learned
    18. I wish I knew Japanese, but there's no Japanese classes at my school
    19. 6 feet 2 inches tall
    20. I used to work at a pizza store, I delivered pizzas and I was very proficient at it
    21. I almost never pay for music or software (surprise surprise)
    22. Metallica & Tool = best bands
    23. I'm a semester ahead of everyone in my college year.
    24. Chick magnet (I'm not joking)
    25. Bday = June 9

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    Re: 25 or 50 Things About Yourself...

    I'll do it as well.

    1. I'm a girl.
    2. I'm seventeen, turning eighteen this year.
    3. I'm a small person only 1,57m
    4. I'm German.
    5. I have a 13-year-old brother.
    6. I do Ninjutsu.
    7. My hobbies are photography and reading.
    8. I listen to Rock, Metal and Punk music.
    9. I drink absolutely no alcohol, but I have no problem with other people doing it as long as I don't have to carry them home afterwards.
    10. Martial arts movies are the best.
    11. I'm in love with Australia.
    12. I wear glasses, because I'm short-sighted.
    13. I'm currently studying three languages: English, French and Japanese
    14. I can't stand most of my female classmates.
    15. I have a phobia of crowds.
    16. I love soccer. Dortmund pwns Schalke!!!
    17. I think my Ninjutsu trainer is the world's sexiest man alive.
    18. Spiders scare the hell out of me.
    19. I hate Maths, because I suck at it.
    20. I have a stuffed dog in my bed, that I take with me on holidays as well. (The dog, not the bed)
    21. My favourite actor is Alan Rickman. You just got to love his creepy voice.
    22. I keep everything organized except for my room.
    23. I can spend an hour looking extremely busy, but actually doing nothing.
    24. I hate being late and therefor I'm usually early.
    25. I hate humourless people.

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    Re: 25 or 50 Things About Yourself...

    about the little old me...

    1. i'm a girl
    2. i prefer not to tell much about my personal life
    3. i'm proud to be a filipina..
    4. but i was interviewed for naturalization few weeks ago..
    5. so i'm gonna be a US citizen soon (not sure if i'm thrilled about it)
    6. i'd rather be with a guy with a quiet confidence in him, someone who will do something sugoi w/out bragging about it.
    7. i'm crazy about football
    8. but i don't play, i just prefer watching it..
    9. instead of getting hit and for me to fly away 3 feet the opposite direction..
    10. coz i'm tiny (less than 100 lbs)
    11. i have a very light skin with a long black straight hair (thinking of cutting it).
    12. i'm also crazy about potter, booksnmovies..loved the last book coz the cover is purple.
    13. i love chocolate..any kind, in a bar, flavor of ice cream or'll be gone in a blink of an eye.
    14. i have a special pillow since i could remember..still can't sleep w/out it. (wierd huh)
    15. i love chem and bio..but physics? nah
    14. i hate math (failed once in my calc class) and see i don't know how to count!!!
    17. i was introduced to naruto and bleach at the same time
    18. i'm still not done watching all the naruto episodes
    19. i liked bleach first
    20. but after 130+ episodes of naruto..i don't know which i prefer anymore, naruto or bleach
    21. i hate fillers..and i try not to watch them. its more like seeing that long dragon chase scene in GOF that doesn't have to do with the book.
    22. because of that,i turned to manga to know what will happen next.
    23. i started coloring during the winter vacation..and i was lucky enough to join zarosaki.
    24. when it comes to music. i have a mix taste. atm i love listening to john mayer and gwen/no doubt.
    25. my real name sounds simple but it has a wierd spelling.that was my biggest problem in the first grade, how to fit my name, 2nd name, middle inital, last name, grade and section name in one paper...the name is Kahreen btw.

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    Re: 25 or 50 Things About Yourself...

    1. I am a guy.
    2. I am 18 years, 5 months, 5 days, 1 hour and 31 minutes old at the time of this post. [As per Indian Standard Time]
    3. I am an Indian [From India. Its a fairly decent sized country in south asia, the bottom half pokes out of the continent like a peninsula, above sri lanka, (look it up in a map if the location still makes no sense ) and it does NOT have elephants roaming all over the place. Also, 95% of the people do NOT wear turbans.]
    4. <insert random comment here>
    5. I enjoy reading manga and watching anime [fairly obvious as I visit on this website]
    6. I like the lord of the rings, however I have never gotten around to reading the whole book. I saw all the movies though. that said, I did read all of the hobbit and I liked it.
    7. I am ambidextrous.
    8. <insert more random comments here>
    9. I used to sing.
    10. I have a very bad memory for names and faces. I however have a very good memory for random facts and figures.
    11. I used to play football [soccer] when I was in school. I stopped playing it long ago as I basically sucked.
    12. I have studied Shotokan Karate two times in my life. Both times the dojo I was studying at closed down a few months after I got in it. Both instances happened nearly a decade ago.
    13. I hate summer. [You'd hate it too if it went to 35 degrees C with a near 100 percent humidity]
    14. I am running out of things to add to this list.
    15. I am 175 cm tall and I weigh 63 to 64 kilogrammes.
    16. I cannot drive, nor do I own a car.
    17. I hear a lot of people complain that they cannot download anime on dialup. However I downloaded the first 60 episodes of naruto on dial up. It was extremely tedious, but I did it. an episode in around a week [these were compressed episodes in rmbv format, around 60 MB each].
    18. I work out more than I ought to and this leads to often muscle cramps and general injuries.

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    Re: 25 or 50 Things About Yourself...

    32 been training now for about 8yrs
    31 i like cheeeeeeese, no seriously
    33 psychotic martial artist dbz nuzzi
    34 olympic coach
    35 elder scrolls ; oblivion fan boy 3/21/06- the wait is killing me..agony, agoniiie
    36 fighting monk
    37- 39 going to see the shaolin monks up close and personally learn crap from them when i go back to china baby)
    40 just came back from 8 days touring china woo,..wooo.beijing in the house
    41 i train, i breath, i eat
    42 i spend day and night trying to figure out how to be stronger
    1 hey i am chin sai
    2 performance enhancement specialist
    3 corrective exercise specialist
    4 sports nutrition specialist
    5 certified jeet kune do instructor/specialist
    6 taijutsu specialist
    7 ultimate fighter
    8 dbz psycho
    9 fight geek
    10 physiology geek
    11 anatomy geek
    12 human motion geek
    13 physical therapy geek
    14 athletic training geek
    15 bruce lee wannabe
    16 motion analyst
    17 gymnastics practicioner/trainer
    18 combat tactics specialist
    19 all 'round goofball
    20 exercise fanatic
    21 training fanatic
    22 over energetic
    23 total badboy
    24 absolute dude
    25 sometimes quiet
    26 most times rude
    27 same to lude
    28 i do exude arrogance
    29 i appreciate it in others
    30 ok i appreciate confidence even over confidence
    43 i love when people have faith in themselves it makes me feel good
    44 like when i get a client past a certain perception of themselves, and they push past thier "barriers"
    45 i like it when it doesn't hurt when i move as fast as i can while fighting
    46 when i can throw up 375 lbs and not die catching it( really proud of that actually)
    47 i laugh when my opponents can't keep up,..yeah i know that's bad but i can't help it
    48 luuv naruto, for the last couple years it's been my crack addiction, EVERY THURSDAY NIGHT FORMERLY AT NARUTO FAN luuv manga helpers
    49 i even have a personal training phase i call 9 tails
    50 i live to perfect my ability
    51 i live for that place where i stop thinking and it's just pure motion
    52 i geek out on physical academics, to surpass my current physical limit
    53 oooh, i got this hot ass tai chi sword from shanghai...nice, next is damascus steel baby
    54 am partial to hennessey and alize
    55 my motion tracking abilities r'zock, y'zo
    56 am happiest when training, my wife hates that
    57 have orgasmic sparring sessions
    58 dream about fighting, y'know like the tetris dream where the blocks are falling, hahahahahah and you can't stop them
    60 prefferred the animation they used for oro and sasuke's fight in the forrest of death, rocked baby ROOCKEDD!!!
    61 just started an incredible career as a travel agent, ( how i got to china dude)
    beneath the courageous, there is nothing

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