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Thread: 25 or 50 Things About Yourself...

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    Translator 中級員 / Chuukyuuin / Member squirrellord's Avatar
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    Re: 25 or 50 Things About Yourself...

    01.) I'm a dude (shocker!... not)
    02.) My favorite anime/manga is the When They Cry series (Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni, Umineko no Naku Koro Ni)
    03.) I started learning Japanese out of boredom, after high school graduation
    04.) I'm a technology major
    05.) But I hate computers, so I take all the English major classes, but haven't switched to English yet
    06.) Hopefully next semester I'll get into a film or video game program at another college
    07.) I'm a fan of paintball (to play) and Boxing (to watch)
    08.) There was one rather unfortunate incident where the town believed I committed murder
    09.) I lived in Portland Oregon for about half a year
    10.) Otherwise, I've lived in Ohio my whole life
    11.) I wrote a full length horror novel, but I'm too lazy to refine it and submit it to a publisher
    12.) My biggest pet peeve is repeating (hence why I never did the above)
    13.) I actually BUY manga. In Japanese.
    14.) Except for Excel Saga, which is funnier in English
    15.) I once beat up someone with a wooden sword, after he broke into my house
    16.) I've sprained my neck... by stretching after waking up ._.
    17.) I have a rather personal medical anomaly, which my doctor has never seen before... and he tried to experiment on me to get in the medical books.
    18.) My favorite author is Stephen King, but only his earlier work (when he was stoned)
    19.) I've never done drugs, smoked, nor drank
    20.) But I got high once on one unfortunate Halloween, when I wore a mask that glues onto the face, and it wasn't ventilated well enough, causing me to sniff fumes all night, ultimately resulting in getting chest-wall syndrome
    21.) I'm known as "Pumpkin-Head" in town, because every Halloween for the past 5 years I've put a plastic jack-o-lantern on my head with a flashlight in it, and played tag with the kids in the park
    22.) I've cracked my sternum, in a place my doctor called "The Chinese Death Strike zone."
    23.) I don't have a cellphone
    24.) I have 4 pets, a pom named Menchi (named from Excel Saga), a Rat Terrier/Pom mix named Ticky-T, a cat named Kon (not from Bleach), and a cat named Meep
    25.) 実は妾は黄金の魔女だ。栗鼠王なんてじゃない。
    -Sorry, I'm not available for group projects

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    Registered User 初心者/ Shoshinsha / Beginner
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    Re: 25 or 50 Things About Yourself...

    Hi all, I'm Kina

    A little about my self -- I like to chat with others from another country/culture

    I'm from the state of Nevada, United State [12 years]
    I am learning to speak and read Japanese but only 2% I know >.< It's sad
    Anyway, I love to travel too ^-^

    I love Italian, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Filipino, Mexican and Hawaiian food - also; Thai and French
    Baking is my specialty, so I'm not much of a cook

    Manga and anime are my favorite past time --- I also love reading literature books ^0^

    Currently, I'm playing Perfect World and Ragnarok Online

    Anyway, that's pretty much it what I can talk about here, thanks for reading!

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    Translator 中級員 / Chuukyuuin / Member Dark-san's Avatar
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    Re: 25 or 50 Things About Yourself...

    1) Dark- san is a guy. (A given!)
    2) Dark- san comes from Singapore.
    3) Dark- san stands at 1.75 metres.
    4) Dark- san weighs around 70Kg
    5) Dark- san's hair is black, haven't dye it once.
    6) Dark- san's lifestyle consists of abstaining from alcohols, cigarettes and drugs.
    7) Dark- san is pretty online most of the time these days spending around close to 14 hours a day on IRC.
    8) Dark- san lurks around #chibisuke-scans and #kono-basho in irchighway at most times.
    9) Dark- san is pretty contactable at MSN, AIM, Skype and IRC (No doubt).
    10) Dark- san is NOT a leecher.
    11) Dark- san is a Mandarin to English translator.
    12) Dark- san has worked on at least 6 series (Take a good look at his profile)
    13) Dark- san has only been in the scanlation scenes for a little around 2 months.
    14) Dark- san doesn't have friends yet in Mangahelpers (It would be great if someone approaches him! *hint hint*)
    15) Dark- san hasn't debut yet. Not likely unless the editors starts working. ~.~;
    16) Dark- san loves to travel overseas as much as his current finances allows it.
    17) Dark- san has been to Japan once and stayed 3 weeks there doing nothing but shopping, eating and playing.
    18) Dark- san is a family oriented. In short, family issues > friends. Like they say blood is thicker than water.
    19) Dark- san is a loyalist. Will not likely to be sway by temptations until certain elements within his groups doesn't work out.
    20) Dark- san frequents other boards besides Mangahelpers, the one most notably is Pokemasters.
    21) Dark- san is an anime/ manga fan but frequently labeled as an otaku although he thinks he is not.
    22) Dark- san doesn't get along well with retards.
    23) Dark- san's patience is short lived.
    24) Dark- san is larger than life!
    25) 你看够了没有?

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    Registered User 初心者/ Shoshinsha / Beginner hustle rose's Avatar
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    Re: 25 or 50 Things About Yourself...

    1- I'm a -chick-adee
    2- I wish I was as hep as my friends
    3- I'm horribly shy in front of most people
    4- Because of that I can't look majority in the eye
    5- I'm pretty lame
    6- Love D. Gray Man pretty hardcore
    7- Can't go a day without listening to ONE Metric song
    8- No longer have patience for people
    9- My family is really dysfunctional
    10- I wish I lived with my sister
    11- I am horrible at intermediate algebra
    13- My favorite book is Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov
    14- I'm a fangirl of few
    15- I can't seem to find many manga/anime that keep my interest anymore
    16- I've gotten into one car accident
    17- I can't find a job
    18- This is how old I am
    19- Yellow is my favorite color
    20- I wish I knew what I wanted to be
    21- I never finish video games
    22- I just love to bake
    23- Same with shopping
    24- I'm running out of ideas
    25- A spider bit my left foot and now it's all bruised. T:

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    Registered User 下級員 / Kakyuuin / Jr. Member AmyRiddle's Avatar
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    Re: 25 or 50 Things About Yourself...

    1. I'm shy
    2. I hate work
    3. I love cooking
    4. I'm addicted to Naruto
    5. ... and chocolate
    6. ... and yaoi
    7. I need a diet
    8. I like Harry Potter
    9. I love reading Stephen King
    10. I HATE Twilight
    11. I play too much Sims 2
    12. I can't live without my laptop
    13. ... or my XBox 360
    14. ... or my Wii
    15. I love The Legend of Zelda
    16. I like reading books loud when i'm alone
    17. I'm anti-social
    18. I can't stand people who think they are better than other people
    19. I hate stupid TV-Shows like Big Brother
    20. I love my family
    21. I wish i had spend more time with my mother before she died
    22. I'm vegeterien, because i just don't like meat, it's not tasty
    23. I have too much time
    24. I love cats, but i'm allergic against animal hair
    25. I need to clean my room, but i'm too lazy
    Last edited by AmyRiddle; May 03, 2009 at 11:21 AM.

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    Registered User 下級員 / Kakyuuin / Jr. Member kamina's Avatar
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    Re: 25 or 50 Things About Yourself...

    1. I'm female
    2. 170 cm tall
    3. One Piece and Gintama addicted~
    4. Soon to be majoring in Japanese in college~
    5. Lazy and elitist
    6. Mildly autistic, so it can happen that I come across in ways I did not intend to... I'm also more comfortable with lurking most of the time
    7. Dutch with a very little bit of german mixed in...
    8. I can't live without my 'Tales of' fix every day~
    9. I hate reality shows and live-action series. I just want to burn them with a flamethrower.
    10. I'm 18, going to be 19 in August~
    11. I have a very short attention span
    12. Therefore, it's really hard for me to get even slightly into any series or specific genre I come across. My favorite series are all over the place...
    13. Very, very anti-social. See point 6.
    14. I have this creepy habit of constantly talking to myself when I think I'm alone and out of earshot...
    15. Procrastinator. I have waaay too much time on my hands these days.
    16. Naruto, Bleach and especially Inuyasha are the three things I won't touch with a ten-foot pole... Ever.
    17. I'm a huge sucker for cute stuffed animals...
    18. I have blond hair and blue/greyish eyes
    19. I hate dogs. Was almost bitten by a very, very agressive dog at age 4.
    20. I'm always listening to my Ipod shuffle, with classes at school being the only exception.
    21. I can never seem to find a job
    22. My favorite color is blue
    23. I hate sports, especially baseball.
    24. I do love cycling, though....
    25. I... guess I love drawing and writing, too...

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    Registered User 下級員 / Kakyuuin / Jr. Member Ascension's Avatar
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    Re: 25 or 50 Things About Yourself...

    1.) I love money

    2.) I'm obsessed with wake boarding and kite surfing

    3.) I only play FPS games on PC, the way God intended it to be

    4.) Favorite fighting game of all time is Marvel VS. Capcom 2

    5.) Different foods on my plate are not allowed to touch

    6.) I play guitar

    7.) I suck at guitar

    8.) I kick ass in guitar hero

    9.) My dream job would be an Information Security Analyst for the Pentagon

    10.) I am certified in RHCT, RHCE, CCNA, and MCSE

    11.) I despise programming, but have a lot of respect for people who are able to sit there days on end doing it

    12.) All my friends (old and new) have always called me by my last name

    13.) I changed my major three times in college, and I am what's referred to as a "super senior"

    14.) My favorite book is American Psycho, second is "The Hot Zone"

    15.) Love to play sports, but hate to watch them.


    17.) I'm a huge fan of 80's music

    18.) However, I think Rick Astley is the worst musician in the world

    19.) I want to see GWAR live before I die

    20.) I have a weird accent. Almost like southern mixed with British

    21.) I have slept through a hurricane

    22.) I want to go to Amsterdam at least twice before I die

    23.) I have done unnecessary things with Dawn soap....

    24.) If you have ever been to college, I encourage people to join a fraternity/sorority

    25.) Throughout my life, I have owned a series of different pets: "1 quaker parrot, 2 cockatiels, 7 dogs, a hedgehog, 5 hampsters, a 6 foot iguana, 3 red-bellied paranha's, 6 emperor scorpions, 1 boa, 2 poisonous dart frogs, 1 monitor lizard (vicious prick he was), and 1 stinky ferret.

    26.) I have no sense of direction (being a male, it hurts to say that)

    27.) I suck at chemistry for some reason

    28.) I excel in biological sciences

    29.) I was tricked into watching the movie "Sex and the City"....

    30.) I work as a network analyst for Eastman Kodak

    31.) I once flooded an entire department with 3 inches of water at a pharmaceutical company.

    32.) Never broken a bone

    33.) Almost fell off a cruise boat

    34.) Favorite magazine: Popular Science/Mechanics

    35.) Once in my life, someone actually put a gun to my head and threatened to kill me for parking in their girlfriend's parking spot in Rocky Mount, NC

    36.) I have had a pimp actually come to my door when I lived it the ghetto in college, and actually try to solicit prostitutes to myself and roommates.

    37.) I have stayed up for 72 hours straight without any kind of stimulant

    38.) The person I hit harder than anyone in my life was myself.... long story

    39.) I am a mutt - Swedish/German/Irish/Scottish/Dutch

    40.) I sprayed my first college roommate in the face with mace on accident. He was pissed

    41.) I chickened out of a Prince Albert last minute

    42.) I don't like tattoos, but I don't judge people for having them

    43.) I got nut-checked so hard one time I actually threw up

    44.) I had the most amazing childhood anyone could ever ask for

    45.) My longest relationship was nearly 5 years

    46.) My picture is posted in that other forum where members post their pic. (as of now I went back to the shaved head look)

    47.) I can pop my hips in and out of socket

    48.) I can't think of a funnier sound than when someone knocks the wind out of themselves

    49.) If I could play guitar like one of two people it would be Zack Wylde or Jimmy Page

    50.) I think that Publius Enigma thing concerning Pink Floyd is a hoax
    Last edited by Ascension; April 30, 2009 at 10:46 PM.
    "Build a man a fire, keep him warm for the night. Set a man on fire, keep him warm the rest of his life."

    Special thanks to e-nat

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    Registered User 初心者/ Shoshinsha / Beginner bonta's Avatar
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    Re: 25 or 50 Things About Yourself...

    50 , its just too much for me to think and its night right now so impossible and i wouldn't be able do 50 at day anyway , too lazy
    2.I live in Lithuania
    3.177cm at least it was the last time i checked
    4. i like to help people , whenever its internet or real life basketball
    6.i play basketball with my friends
    7.hates watching sports , unless it's really amazing
    8.favorite animals: dogs and cats
    9.i'm 16
    10.i love BECK
    11.i can be annoying
    12.i hate school , since my classmates and teachers r total retards
    13.don't really like to chat in real life with people unless my good friends since my country is kinda retarded and i'm serious
    14.i have long hair , its kinda getting annoying so im planning on getting rid of it at summer
    15.brown hair
    16.i hate things like this
    17.i hate being disturbed
    18. but i love to disturb other people , until they get mad , then it can become bad xD
    19.its really hard for me if it comes to decisions since im bad with them
    20.i hate mmorpg's , liked them ages ago , but got bored of the grinding , i still try to find a nice a mmorpg , but mostly it happens like this :1.i download it , 2. i install it , 3.i update it and launch it , 4.i play it , 5.after 5-15mins i quit and delete it
    21.lets say i dont have any favorite anime and manga since it would take lots of time to remember them and post them here and its hard for me to compare them
    22.favorite colors: blue , gray , black
    23.i love spicy food
    24.i hate making myself something to eat , so i try not to eat anything lol , but if i have i make myself spaghetti or some cereal which
    25.spaghetti would be my special food i guess if u could say that xD

    i might update this once i think of something good , but for now this is it

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    Registered User 初心者/ Shoshinsha / Beginner Cozend.Indigo's Avatar
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    Re: 25 or 50 Things About Yourself...

    1: I have light brown hair
    2: Blue eyes
    3: I dream/sleep talk in Russian
    4: I sleep walk
    5: I don't know any Russian when awake
    6: I believe in ghosts!
    7: I own a new car
    8: I can't drive XD
    9: I'm a trekkie lol
    10: I'm often mistaken for a 14 year old
    11: I believe in past lives (probably where the russian came from)
    12: I can only see in 2D
    13: I don't like bananas
    14: My bedding is red and black
    15: My fav music is electronic and techno
    16: I was an only child for 7 years
    17: My hair is cut like Shinji Hirako's lol
    18: My sister calls me Kakipii
    19: Indigo had a little lamb who's fleece was white as snow
    20: I have won over 5 art contests.
    Edit point
    21: I was a mod on another vBulletin site
    22: Like Fran, 666 is a number that is on a lot of my stuff including my California ID number and my car's shipping number.
    23: I'm agnostic
    24: I sing in the shower lol
    25: I cut off my finger when I was 7, it was reattached.
    26: I love the band Owl City
    27: I can cook almost anything, most of what I cook is traditional Mexican
    28: I have been home schooled most my life
    29: I'm the oldest of three kids
    30: I'm sane, I promise
    Last edited by Cozend.Indigo; May 15, 2009 at 12:14 AM.

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    Registered User 英雄メンバー / Eiyuu Menbaa / Hero Member Grizz's Avatar
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    Re: 25 or 50 Things About Yourself...

    1. Am straight
    2. Lazy
    3. Love eating
    4. Love sleeping
    5. Love playing football
    6. hates fish
    7. i sing in the shower
    8. i love cooking
    9. i love to draw, even though am not that good at it
    10. i love custard
    11. don't like liars
    12. enjoy browsing
    13. i can cry out of nothing
    14. am a twin
    15. am single
    16. i can do over 500 kick ups in 5 minutes
    17. i often pretend to sleep, so my parents do send me out to the store
    18. i spend most weekends watching tv series on my ipod classic
    19. i hate being disturbed..especially when am sleeping
    20. i hate doing things like this
    21. i have really sexy eye brows
    22. my friends call me jojo
    23. am 6ft
    24. i got blown away by the wind when i was 6 yrs old
    25. i don't hate anyone

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    Registered User 初心者/ Shoshinsha / Beginner Halane's Avatar
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    Re: 25 or 50 Things About Yourself...

    Oh, this seems funny ^O^
    1. I'm new in the forum
    2. I hate fish too XD
    3. I have a little brother who loves classic Nintendo games such as Mario or Pokemon and Dragon Ball... He's kind of a classic-freak, I think, despite being only 10 years old XD
    4. I love writing, and what really started me with the whole manga-anime thing was the fanfiction world. I've been writing FFs for... Let me think... About 6 years now OoO
    5. I LOVE cosplaying, though I'm not really that good.
    6. I'm also often mistaken for a 14 year old... Though this year most people tend to think I'm 16... BTW, I'm 18 actually.
    7. I have big round brown eyes
    8. I'm VERY VERY loud
    9. I just hate silence most of the time
    10. I don't like walking in dark places
    11. I don't take showers... I take bathes instead
    12. Yes, I sing (badly) while taking bathes xD And read too =3
    13. Actually, I'm always reading... It's rare to see me at home without a book in my hand
    14. My fav games are the Phoenix Wrights (though the 4th one was not that good TOT)
    15. I'm aquaphobic
    16. I love dresses and skirts =)
    17. And ribbons and bells too
    18. I usually wear a red riboon with a bell
    19. ...and get called "kitten" for that ¬¬
    20. I'm always changing my hair-style
    21. I dyed my hair pink for my graduation party xD
    22. Now, my hair is cut as Sasuke Uchiha's
    23. I don't like Naruto.
    24. I LOVE cinema
    25. And Johnny Depp
    26. And Tim Burton, of course (very typical xD)
    27. My fav movies are "Charlie and the chocolate factory" and "Benny and Joon". Not the best ones, but I enjoy them.
    28. My fav writers are Jane Austen, Roald Dahl and Agatha Christie.
    29. And my fav book is The Little Prince
    30. I wear glasses
    31. Actually, I had always wanted to wear them, I love glasses xD
    32. I have a hands fetish (and some others...)
    33. I study Translation and Interpreting
    34. I really like echi mangas!
    35. And of course my favourite one is Ai Kora/ Love&Collage
    36. I'm usually thought to be bisexual xD
    37. BTW, I am not, I'm straight
    38. My dream is to open a Maid Bookshop-Café in Barcelona
    39. I'd love to visit India
    40. I consider chocolate something worthy to die for XD
    41. I like cars
    42. My fav one is the Pagani Zonda
    43. My fav piece of merchandising is a Chobits figure. It's a Chii (22 cm long, I think xD) wearing a lolita dress and in a praying pose. Lovely and sexy!
    44. I have a final exam this Monday xD
    45. Believe it or not, I'm a good student! (though I don't study much really...)
    46. I'm a mess: I always forget everything I must do, birthdays, and keep losing things all the time TOT
    47. I'm a little clumsy too XD
    48. People say it is hard to classify me in one group or another xD
    49. I don't really like music...
    50. But I'm addicted to Queen ^O^

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    Re: 25 or 50 Things About Yourself...

    1.Im Male
    2.I Have Brown Hair
    3.Im Around 5ft 7
    4.Today I Just Left Secondary School To Go On To Collegue
    5.Im 15
    6.My Name Has Been Passed On From Grandfather to Father to Son
    7.Im Athsmatic
    8.I Have Love For The Mangas Naruto And Bleach
    9.I Think Aizen Is Beast
    10.I Have Love For Obama
    11.My Faviourite J-Rock Song Is Nico Touches Wall-Broken Youth
    12.I Live In London
    13.I Have An Annoying Twin Who Is My Kage Bunshin
    14. I Love Junk Food Which Is Bad (Im Not Obese)
    15.I Like Formula 1
    16.I Hate Formula 1 Being Broadcasted On BBC1
    17.Every 10 Seconds I Refresh To See If Some1 Comments
    18.I Am A Chocaholic
    19.Im A Shopaholic
    20.Ive Been Considered As Clumsy
    21.I Have Tonnes Of Exams
    22.I Like Going On Xbox
    23.My Faviourite Person On Youtube Is The Angry Video Game Nerd
    24.I LOVE MangaHelpers
    25.I Love This Thread

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    Registered User 初心者/ Shoshinsha / Beginner illusionsfool's Avatar
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    Re: 25 or 50 Things About Yourself...

    1. I probably don't belong here for a lot of reasons.
    2. I'm only 151.6cm/4'11".
    3. I'm studying Japanese and Chinese but my first language was German.
    4. The only video games I play are Harvest Moon games.
    5. I came to mangahelpers to read the original Yu-Gi-Oh! series in Japanese to practice my reading skills over summer vacation. I watched the series in English as a kid and recently finished watching the original Japanese series.
    6. I'm going to Japan in a year or two (when I get my Bachelor's) to start working on my Master's in Teaching English as a Second Language in Osaka.
    7. I'm a total girly-girl.
    8. I love baking, but cooking not so much.
    9. I love shopping.
    10. I love animals, especially dogs.
    11. I'm half American, half German. (My mom was a full-blooded German and my dad's family has been here since the 1500s, how much more "American" can you get?)
    12. I like pink. Too much. =noticed?=
    13. I don't watch anime.
    14. I paint, draw, sketch, digitally edit, etc, etc.
    15. Sailor Moon was my hero when I was a little girl. =haha=
    16. I like Hello Kitty, but I love Charmmy Kitty.
    17. I'm into fashion, especially Asian fashion.
    18. I'm running out of stuff to say.
    19. As far as music goes, I listen to some Japanese artists, some Chinese artists and some American artists.
    20. I don't like yuri or yaoi pairings, but I don't have a problem with shounen ai or shoujo ai. Does that make sense ?
    21. I've never had a boyfriend.
    22. I'm quite the loner and a bit of a hard .... butt.
    23. I'm into Astrology.
    24. I read a lot about a lot of different things and love buying books. =when it comes down to it, half of it is probably just loving to spend money, let's be honest here.=
    25. I used to be really into website making but my websites never really went anywhere so I just stopped.
    the end
    once i am unleashed into the world, no one will be able to escape from pink

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    Registered User 初心者/ Shoshinsha / Beginner verdika's Avatar
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    Re: 25 or 50 Things About Yourself...

    01. I am always bored.
    02. I have stalker tendencies. D:
    03. I am drinking a cup of milo right now.
    04. Milo seems to be my current favourite drink.
    05. I also like Green Tea.
    06. I am asexual.
    07. Also very random.
    08. I love slash fiction.
    09. I like earth tones and the colour gray.
    10. Insomniac :\
    11. Should really be sleeping now, actually.
    12. Cat-person.
    13. I love graphic design and wish to learn more/improve on it.
    14. Don't know my Mother Tongue.
    15. I wish to get better at it as well as learn its dialect.
    16. I'm not so bored now...
    17. I just finished my drink.
    18. I love moles. (.-:
    19. Dancing; I am very interested in the art but have no time nor money to improve on it.
    20. Freeter-cum-hermit person.
    21. I am not from Hong Kong (but around there, hah)
    22. I'm trying to be a nicer person this year .___.
    23. My name sounds like 'old man' in my Mother Tongue.
    24. It's been mispronounced many times too.
    25. And I'm going to sleep now.
    - avatar from ebil_trio

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    Registered User 初心者/ Shoshinsha / Beginner
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    Re: 25 or 50 Things About Yourself...

    1. Is a procrastinator
    2. sucks with deadlines
    3. Loves heavy metal
    4. is addicted to caffeine
    5. collects Neo*Geo games
    6. is a hopeless romantic
    7. loves to cook
    8. hates crowds, but hates isolation
    9. loves peaceful solitude (contradictory, no??)
    10. loves books
    11. wants to travel the world a bit
    12. wants to be a full-time artist
    13. hates working
    14. likes the cold
    15. loves teas of all sorts
    16. enjoys a good walk
    17. is afraid of heights
    18. used to do graffiti
    19. is a eternal daydreamer
    20. loves drifting (s30's can dance, too;p)
    21. would rather sleep in
    22. has a bad habit of breaking random things on accident
    23. loves tech toys
    24. thinks that Contra isn't just a game, but a way of life
    25. would love to relive college (memories...)

    Good thing there's a edit button. I think.... I may +25 later^^;;
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