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Thread: 25 or 50 Things About Yourself...

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    MH Senpai 有名人 / Yuumeijin / Celebrity yukihime03's Avatar
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    Re: 25 or 50 Things About Yourself...

    Don't you?

    Indonesian, of course. Dayak tribe, to be exact. (Yeah, that kind of tribe that lives in remote area.) I can't really say I'm half because the blood is mixed since the time of my great grandfathers.

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    Registered User 初心者/ Shoshinsha / Beginner
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    Re: 25 or 50 Things About Yourself...

    1. I have red hair.
    2. I have blue eyes.
    3. I'm the tallest one in my family.
    4. I have been told I look like Gaara, from Naruto.
    5. I agree with this.
    6. I have costumes for cosplaying as Gaara, and Axel, from kingdom hearts.
    7. I wish I knew japenese.
    8. I never really got the point of shipping.
    9. However, I don't hate shipping.
    10. I also don't hate shippers. Sometimes, they write good stories.

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    Repenting Smut Peddler MH中毒 / MH Chuudoku / MH Addicted Doraku's Avatar
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    Re: 25 or 50 Things About Yourself...

    This seems fun. Okay, I'm doing it.

    1. I have a scar in my left cheek. (Fortunately, 2-3 cm only, not big enough to be seen from far range)
    2. I have a dream to be able fluently speak in 6-7 languages (currently I speak 4-5 languages)
    3. I read my first Seinen manga when I was 13 years old. I had sleepless night for 3-4 days after reading it.
    4. I'm an introvert, even though I'm cheerful.
    5. I read a lot, probably 2-3 books per week, depends on the page. Easiest way to fight boredom.
    6. Sometimes I'm thinking too much before taking any action, that's why you can't say I'm a risk taker.
    7. Currently majoring in Law.
    8. Most of the time, I don't believe in superstition.
    9. I had terrible experience during my childhood. Being bullied because I'm fat. In my older days, I realize what I need is only a good sense of humor.
    10. Have Insomnia
    11. Loves soccer
    12. I don't like Manga which have pointless use of fanservice
    13. I have two part time jobs since high school
    14. I don't like cucumber.
    15. Interested to learn how to play flute
    16. Been to Japan three times. Sadly, only for 3-4 days or so.
    17. I'm writing a diary. My sister told me it will be helpful for my writing skill.
    18. I was a huge gamer, but I don't play much these days.
    19. I hate walking in the rain
    20. I hate the internet connection in my campus.

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    Registered User 中級員 / Chuukyuuin / Member there76's Avatar
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    Re: 25 or 50 Things About Yourself...

    Sorry that it's not a list or that it is 25. :P

    I was born in the hospital where scrubs was filmed(North Hollywood). It's torn down after the show ended. My dad use to make props for movies.

    Made the Rockets on the penguins in that one batman movie.

    Made guns for various movies, but the only specific one I remember is Last Action Hero. That gun was my fathers creation. :P

    He did other stuff I can't remember.

    Then we moved to New York with my parent's doctor friends. The same area where Al Pacino lived. My parent told me that they once say Robert De Niro pass by in a car as well. Also, my great grandmother once went skiing with Hitler.

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    Registered User 初心者/ Shoshinsha / Beginner Califa's Avatar
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    Re: 25 or 50 Things About Yourself...

    1. I'm Pervert.
    2. I'm Virgin.
    3. I'm Male.
    4. I love beer.
    5. I love smokin.
    6. I like Animes Manga.
    7. I like Woman.
    8. I dislike man.
    9. I often lying.
    10. I love sleep.
    11. I'm one damn lazy bastard.
    12. I love coke some soda drinks.Carbon Drinks.
    13. I can speak Korean,Mongolian,Japanese,English.(pretty smart :-P)
    14. My IQ is 176 (i was one of genius in my high school and language institute .)
    15. I want live in Japan. Cause some good drama and anime manga.
    16. I love Japanese people .
    17. I spend 20 hours in internet . 4 hours sleep.
    18. I have no job.

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    MH Senpai 伝説メンバー / Densetsu / Legendary Member Farfalla's Avatar
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    Re: 25 or 50 Things About Yourself...

    Finally posting here XD Dunno if I got the spirit of it o.o

    1- My favorite animals are elephants and cows. I dunno exactly why, but I think they are the cutest @.@ I believe I had a cow friend once, she used to follow me like a dog, lol.

    2- I was always in love with biology, but the main reason why I decided to study Forest Engineering was that I wanted to avoid people the most I could (and my present is an irony xD).

    3- My first boyfriend sent me a huge bouquet and a large roll of letter with all our history written on it when he decided to break up with me. He had teary eyes when I finished reading it, and the whole moment turned the event into a sweet memory^^.

    4- I hate my fingers and nails, they are too short and weird (like Megan Fox's). The first nickname I used in the internet was about my fingers, to try to make me get used to them. Also hate the bags under my eyes and my big forehead.

    5- My favorite birthday gift so far was a Laura Pausini CD I got from my dad when I turned 19. I never thought he would pay attention to my stuff, and know what I like XD

    6- I practiced the piano from the age of 7 to the age of 14 O: I asked my teacher to show me some Disney songs 'cause I got tired of Mozart XD (and Mozart made me quit the classes Ç.Ç after an embarrassing presentation XD).

    7- I've picked the name of my first child girl around 5 years ago, when I finally found out that the cute girl that was carrying the baby me in some old pics was a cousin that died in a car accident. My uncle was taking my mom home from a party 'cause my dad drank too much and a truck hit his car in the girl's side. The girl's name was Renata, and it means "reborn" in Latin^^

    8- The first boy I liked punched me in the face when I said I wouldn't leave the goal mark if they wouldn't let me play soccer with them XD

    9- My little sister needed stiches three times. All of those times were 'caused by me, when we failed at playing safely ç.ç

    10- My older sister got married twice. I missed the two weddings for silly reasons =(

    11- I had over 40 parakeets, 2 quails, 3 turtles, 3 guinea pigs, 1 pidgeon and 2 doves (they had broken wings ._.), tons of fishes, even adopted ants and flies 'cause my parents wouldn't let me have a dog XD

    12- I gotta visit Iceland and Costa Rica 'cause I told Greenpeace I would o.ov

    13- My dad got me some classes at the city's planetary when I was 10 to learn how to identify some constelations in the sky o/ Great hobby XD

    14- I don't believe in ghosts and alieans, but I'm scared to death of things I can't explain.

    15- Farfalla means butterfly in italian and I got this nickname 'cause of Psyche and Eros mithology (I read that Psyche can mean soul or butterfly).

    16- I can't stand worms, and that includes butterflies XD (they're winged worms Ç.Ç I do think they're beautiful though).

    17- My favorite dish is a chicken pie only my granny knows how to prepare (I got her recipe and tried to do it, but I failed hard D: my aunts also can't make it XD).

    18- I left home when I was 19 to go to college in another state. I told my parents that that college was way better for me and I'd have better job opportunities (what's not a lie), but I just couldn't stand living with them anymore. I miss this time with them now =/

    19- I'm allergic to alcohol. I get some weird rashed when I have too much.

    20- I had orange hair once. I failed at dying it red after I didn't like the blonde tone I got before that.

    21- The first great friend I got on MH was Jin (Bugzee). We used to talk a lot about ourselves through PMs and we sometimes still do that (through Skype nowadays, though). I think he's the person I've known for the longest time here (among the ones that stayed in touch).

    22- My family calls me Nana and they call my little sister Tata. Because of that, my older sister taught my niece to call us aunt Banana and aunt Batata (batata means potato) D:

    23- I have an 8 years old godson and I haven't seen him since he was 3 or something ._. My bestie married some trash and he got them to go live in a dangerous place, we started to lose contact =/ I know her since I was 3 T.T

    24- My dog will be 14 in october and I'm scared to death to lose him @.@ When he turned 12 I used to cry a lot for missing years with him XD

    25- My favorite color is blue :3 I'm good at biology, math and portuguese, average at geography and I totally suck at chemistry, physics and history. I love soccer and I don't care much about other sports. I like MPB a lot and I think the ones who doesn't know what's that should google it! My favorites mangas are Nana and Rurouni Kenshin. I love drama and thriller movies. Lilies are my favorite flowers so far. I love cajá juice but many people here dunno what fruit is this so it's hard to find it T.T And finally... I love RPG and Metal is the law, bitch.

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    Re: 25 or 50 Things About Yourself...

    *le bump* Because I apparently do not have anything better to do with my time.

    1: Most of the time, my favourite colours are Green and Orange. Other times, I have a fondness for Blue.

    2: I'm a Graphic Designer and I have worked with the designer for The British Museum, as well as designed/artworked pieces for some large companies/charities. My proudest moment so far is having an advert printed in The Guardian.

    3: My dream is to work for as a Graphic Designer for Debenhams, House of Fraiser or John Lewis.

    4: I'm intolerant to Wheat, Milk and Egg.

    5: I've never smoked.

    6: If I were characterised by a TV trope, I'd probably be Deadpan Snarker.

    7: I play Piano.

    8: I can also play a few songs on the Flute, but your ears will probably bleed from my lack of talent.

    9: About 90% of characters I like in any form of media end up dying, incapacitated or demoted to extra.

    10: The other 10% they end up being the big bad or absolutely nothing of importance happen with the character.

    11: I own a lot of Apple products, but still think they're nothing special and won't preach about the brand.

    12: I'm geographically retarded. Mostly due to lack of interest.

    13: I'm directionally challenged. An awesome story from my childhood concerning my lack of direction, was sent to the shop to buy some things for my mother. So my friend and I set out on our journey, it was one road we needed to walk up, a 10-15 minute walk at most. Four hours later, after several attempts of finding the shops, we find some other shop, bought what we needed and headed home. If we had been any longer, my mother probably would have called the police. Even during my driving lesson, my instructor says I have a lovely habit of mapping out my own route.

    14: I was one of those annoying kids in school who either did not turn up for lesson or slept during class and still got high grades. For the most part, Maths was my strongest subject, but in my final exams, Literature was my highest grade (despite not reading the book).

    15: I don't have a preference on brands of clothes, I'm pretty happy just throwing on whatever I pull out first.

    16: I own over 700 volumes of manga. I can't say for certain which is my favourite series I own, but I know the series I dislike the most from my shelf is Detroit Metal City. A close second may possibly be Bleach.

    17: As for art styles, I am intrigued by Natsume Ono's work. I especially love House of Five Leaves and I plan on buying the rest of Gente (which I currently own the first volume).

    18: I don't have a preference on manga genre. Sometimes I want to read Shounen, others days Shoujo, every now and then I find a good Seinen, and when I really feel like it, a good Josei.

    19: My favourite animes include Evangelion, Durarara and Baccano. I also watch Fairy Tail and One Piece, but mostly out of nothing else I would rather watch.

    20: I've dropped Naruto more times than I can count on two hands, but I always end up picking it up again.

    21: When I first got into Fairy Tail, One Piece was the last resemblance on my mind. Even before I realised who drew the manga, I thought it was pretty similar to Groove Adventure Rave. I mention this because many people compare the two - I however didn't see any resemblance, even the time-skip mirrored more of Rave than it did of One Piece.

    22: It's very rare for me to dislike the main character of a series, while they won't necessarily be my favourite character, I don't usually outright dislike them. Allen Walker from D.Gray-Man is one of these rare examples where I can't stand the main character. The anime version of Natsu irks me a little as well, but that's most due Kakihara portrayal (though in general, I like him as a voice actor, just not as Natsu)

    23: Kenichi Suzumura is probably my favourite Japanese voice actor. And the little fangirl inside of me squealed when his marriage with Maaya Sakamoto was announced. (100% satisfaction for my ZackxAeris ship)

    24: I don't generally ship characters unless it's cannon. However, I do have preferences.

    25: I don't understand non-cannon yaoi/yuri ship. I also don't understand het shippings where one character is gender-bent to make a yaoi/yuri pairing. However, crack shipping amuses me to no end.

    26: I have a slight fascination for Troy Baker's voice.

    27: In a Sub vs Dub argument. I can't chose a side, while I mostly watched subbed material, I don't have anything against watching dub - and would happily do so. The only thing that irks me about dubs are minor translation changes/errors, though these aren't usually a big thing or enough to make me stop watching a dub.

    28: However, sometimes I do question the choice on voice actors for characters. This relates to both dub and original versions, though more so on dub, since it's very rare for an anime to come out for a manga I've read and the ones that do already had an anime, in most cases I would have viewed a clip/episode before reading the series. Hitman Reborn being on of those rare few I read before the anime - I remember not being overly happy with many of the voice choices, though over time you get used to it and learn to except it.

    29: In RPG games, I generally always prefer the Monk Class. Reasons unknown.

    30: I wish I didn't play the Kingdom Hearts series. I feel like I'm handing Squeenix my life's wages on the game series, but I really want to find out how the game is going to end and I won't be satisfied by reading summaries and watching videos online. Every day I silently curse Square-Enix and in utter denial that the game also fall under the Disney category.

    31: Out of all genre of games, I prefer Rhythm games, as I feel it more self achieving when you improve. Hell I was ecstatic when I first passed Max 300 expert. My least favourite appear to be FPS, as I think they're too much of a muchness (however I did enjoy Call of Duty 1 and 2 and the early Medal of Honour games). Fighting and racing games come in a close second for the same reason.

    32: For a fan service game, I actually enjoyed Final Fantasy XIII-2, more so than Final Fantasy XIII.

    33: I feel guilty for liking Final Fantasy XIII, Chapter 8 really made it for me. I've replayed the game several times just for Chapter 8.

    34: If I were to live in any fictional world. If I were in the small percentage that could use magic, I would like to live in the Fairy Tail universe. Pokemon coming in a close second.

    35: My favourite meal is probably Grilled Salmon, with mixed vegetables and rice. My favourite fruit is Mango. And my favourite beverage is Green Tea.

    36: Aside from the food I can't physically eat without being sick or ending up in hospital, I would more less eat anything edible or at least be willing to try. However the thought of eating Whelks makes me want to gag. Also I'm not fond of Chicken, but will eat it if there isn't another option available.

    37: My favourite dessert item is probably palitaw, which is a Filipino rice cake with coconut and sesame seed (very similar to mochi). However, my preferred choice of dessert has to be fruit, that is if there is enough room for dessert after eating.

    38: I generally don't like people touching me. No particular reason other than I find it unnecessary, however I don't mind the hug/kiss/handshake hello/goodbye.

    39: Minute things pisses me off. Simple things like not saying hello on the phone or not saying hello when someone arrives (I will give leeway for large venues and parties, but when someone comes home and doesn't say hello, it pisses me off).

    40: Unlike the majority of my friends, I rather not act pretentious and rather keep a low-key presence. I'll pretend to not know anything to avoid people from asking me how to do things, because I know I don't have the patience to teach someone something.

    41: I lack understanding on how others think - there is a part of my brain that can not comprehend why other people can not understand something. Like when people say, "oh I don't know how to play an instrument, I wish I can learn…" to me, I can't help but think, 'why can't you learn?' I don't think I have that mental block to stop me from doing something.

    42: My favourite fonts are Baskerville, Futura, Swiss and Sketch Rockwell. I hate scripted fonts.

    43: My most used design application is InDesign, with Illustrator in second and lastly Photoshop. I also use Quark, but avoid it when I can.

    44: While I can't speak another language other than English, I can understand Bisaya and Cebuano, which are Filipino Dialects. And despite being the main dialect, Tagalog sounds completely foreign to me.

    45: Somehow, I understand Pigeon-English, which had a few of the foreign students back in university asking me to explain briefs.

    46: 'Come to my hou, wouldyu like some lipatik?' - by some awesome Vietnamese person.

    47: I generally have a good memory, however I'm shit at memorising quotes. Also I'm pretty bad with names - it's ok, I'll remember everything about you, your date of birth, where you were born, how many siblings you have, your favourite food, that very menial thing you did that you can't quite recall, anything you basically tell me but I'll forget your name.

    48: I don't need Facebook to remember my friends birth dates. However, I also chose not to always greet them on their birthday. Why? No particular reason.

    49: I can't believe I wasted my time doing this.

    50: I can't you wasted your time reading this.

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    Re: 25 or 50 Things About Yourself...

    Quote Originally Posted by LeoMarco View Post
    37: My favourite dessert item is probably palitaw, which is a Filipino rice cake with coconut and sesame seed (very similar to mochi). However, my preferred choice of dessert has to be fruit, that is if there is enough room for dessert after eating.
    It's nice to see someone likes Palitaw.

    25 Things About Me

    1. I'm A Filipino

    2. I'm currently studying Fine Arts major in Advertising

    3. My Favorite Color is Blue

    4. I'm learning to play Tennis and it's also my favorite sport

    5. My current favorite Manga is 20th Century Boys, My Favorite Manga of all time is Hunter x Hunter

    6. My Surname means "JEWEL" in Spanish

    7. I love Motorcycling

    8. Until now I still don't have a girlfriend

    9. I like High School more than College

    10. I'm allergic to alcohol like Farfalla

    11. I don't smoke

    12. Recently, some Japanese Students visited our Foreign Language Class and we need to present a presentation/show for them. I sang Slam Dunk opening "Kimi Ga suki da to sakebitai" for them

    13. My Favorites Food/s are Hamburger, French Fries, Shawarma, Takoyaki and Bibingka (it's also a Filipino Rice Cake like "Palitaw" but it's much bigger and tastier) you can consult Google for the information

    14. My Celebrity Crushes:
    Sabine Lisicki (German Tennis Player)
    Shiori Kutsuna (Japanese Actress)
    Son Ye Jin (Korean Actress)
    Kaley Cuoco(American Comedian, Penny of Big BangTheory)
    Yuriko Yoshitaka (Japanese Actress, She portrayed Kojima Tae in the Gantz Live Action Movies)

    15. Yu Yu Hakusho is my favorite anime when I was young

    16. Wall-E, The Classic(Korean), A Moment to Remember, The Social Network, Lord of the Rings are my favorite Movies

    17. My favorite tv series are: High Kick(Korean Sit Com), The Big Bang Theory, Emily Owens M.D.

    18. I'm writing manga/comic manuscripts

    19. My favorite music artists are Blink-182, Taylor Swift, Nirvana, Lady Antebellum, Green Day, Girls' Generation(SNSD), Orange Range and Foo Fighters

    20. I dream of becoming a physician, a film director someday (My decision is still pending)

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    Re: 25 or 50 Things About Yourself...

    1. my name came from a combination of my father's and mother's name plus my birth month
    2. female
    3. i started to like anime since i was a kid
    4. i look old (i'm 20 though)
    5. i am an aspiring industrial engineer (IE student, 5th year)
    6. people tell me i'm fat (it's true though-i get fat at an amazing speed if i don't exercise enough)
    7. i'm in my last year of being a student
    8. i still want to study (med school, or something that aligns with my interests)
    9. i like anime guys (they're cute, hot, handsome, emo, passionate...etc!)
    10. i appreciate pretty women, but i admire pretty, talented, and intelligent ones (i'm a straight female - enough with the weird looks guys i'm not interested in females!)
    11. i was once a mass communication student (but i had enough, i wanted to be a geek, a nerd, and a weirdo so i switched to being an engineering student)
    12. i like people whom i can be comfortable with
    13. sometimes i believe in magic, most of the time i believe in karma
    14. i want to be rich (who doesn't?)
    15. i like to watch anime all day long
    16. i like to read novels, manga, or anything that interests me
    17. i'm a thinker
    18. i'm also a blogger (but i don't post much)
    19. i like to be productive (a term we use in IE; it means to get busy all the time haha just joking)
    20. i have a female fighting fish named fishnet
    21. i love pets - especially big dogs
    22. i like old songs as wells as new ones, but i still prefer classic music like that of Beethoven and Chopin (i have an eclectic taste for music)
    23. i'm currently considering studying Spanish as my 3rd language
    24. i'd like to be friends with you (yes, YOU!)
    25. i like watching movies
    26. i miss sleeping so much
    27. i have a brother who's 18 years younger than me
    28. i like to be alone
    29. every time i keep a diary (journal) my mom, grandma, or my aunt keep finding and reading it (waaaah!!)
    30 i'd like to learn to play the piano
    31. and also violin
    32. i had guitar lessons when i was in high school with my cousins as teachers (stopped the lessons since we're no longer in good terms)
    33. i want to be wise (or at least smart) that's why i read a lot
    34. i love Japan! (and Japanese anime)
    35. i'm attracted to smart boys
    36. i get anxious during calculation-based exams
    37 i'm a shy person, i don't like speaking in a crowd, though my expected career requires me doing so
    38 i like running, jogging, and swimming
    39. i used to be a university drummer when i was younger (i hold the bass drum)
    40. i would like to understand complicated things in life, but my brain capacity limits me
    41 am i a pessimist? i think so too. but i pretend i'm not
    Last edited by purpleRei; February 12, 2013 at 12:57 AM.

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    Re: 25 or 50 Things About Yourself...

    I don't even know if I can think of 25 things about myself...

    1. I'm an Aries (star sign)
    2. My blood type is O.
    3. I have green eyes.
    4. I'm slightly deaf in my left ear.
    5. I love the drink Fanta.
    6. I used to be a Photoshop master.
    7. I love the game Soul Calibur IV.
    8. My favourite colour is blue.
    9. My hometown is Newcastle.
    10. I love Japanese food.
    11. I used to date a Japanese guy.
    12. I really cannot do math, or anything with numbers.
    13. My mum is half south american.
    14. I love Game of Thrones.
    15. I've left England twice in my whole life time. (Once to America, the other to Turkey)
    16. I find it hard to get on with girls.
    17. I used to work as a waitress.
    18. I have low self-esteem.
    19. I collect Japanese novels.
    20. If my current plans fail, I want to learn Japanese to a level where I can write novels in Japanese.
    21. I have a boyfriend.
    22. I love MMOs (and cannot wait for Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn!)
    23. I like AKB48.
    24. I like to wear black.
    25. I'm pretty ordinary.

    OK so maybe I can think of 25 things about myself...

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    Re: 25 or 50 Things About Yourself...

    1 I'm female
    2 I'm 20 years old
    3 I'm of Irish Traveller and aristocratic Gallowglass descent which means I'm of Gaelic and Norwegian descent (but with some English)
    4 I live in England though I hate the fuckin' place
    5 My boyfriend is a Zazaki Kurd (of Zazaki and Dutch descent)
    6 I have a thing for younger boys
    7 I love being surrounded by nature especially the coast, woodlands and forests, and natural running water
    8 I like baking bread and cakes
    9 Everyone appreciates my cooking!
    10 I like to cook with Italian and Japanese flavours
    11 I abstain from meat and alcohol
    12 I don't smoke fags or do pot either
    13 I own an XBox 360 and I like 2D games
    14 I'm a Conservative Revolutionary
    15 I have an interest in psychology
    16 I was diagnosed as a kid with substandard autism (PDD-NOS)
    17 When I was 14 this was changed to a Conduct Disorder with a suspected underlying Dissocial Personality Disorder
    18 I have an interest in most branches of anthropology
    19 I'm of Mediterranean racial type though leaning towards more robust Irish populations
    20 My taste in music is neofolk and related genres such as martial industrial
    21 I love abandoned and derelict places
    22 I absolutely love animals and kids
    23 I'm co-admin of a web forum
    24 I like camping and I own five tents
    25 I'm a photographer and I use a Canon PowerShot SX210 IS

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    Re: 25 or 50 Things About Yourself...

    This so weird for me.. even though I've read this thread before.. I've never tried to come up with anything...
    1. I think I am overly sensitive at times and I am an emotional person.
    2. I do not like to hurt other peoples feelings intentionally, sometimes I hold back just so I don't hurt them. I noticed it doesn't change anything..the truth will always hurt.
    3.I act cold on the outside, so people often do not understand me. Especially those close to me.
    4. I treat my close friends and family harshly because I don't like to show affections toward others.
    5. I rather tease them, or make jokes instead of saying "you're beautiful." I'll say the opposite. This is how I show my affection.
    6. I've never been in love or told anyone, I love them..Only when I was joking around..It takes a lot say it with emotion and I have a hard time expressing my feelings anyway.
    7. It is easy to know when I am angry(quick tempered). Except, that is the only emotion I really express.
    8. When I am sad, I hold everything in and cry alone or bury my feelings. I don't like asking for help with my problems. I rather handle it myself.
    9.I am a pretender.. always look strong, never show weakness.
    10. I am very neglected and unorganized.
    11. Lazy is my nick name..
    12. I am always listening to music, I can't live without music
    12. I like messing around and teasing people, just to piss them off ..It is easiest thing to do when I am bored.
    13. I don't like attracting attention to myself the wrong. Matter fact, sometimes, I won't say or do anything just so I don't look stupid.
    14. I easily forgive others.
    15.I am very talkative.
    16. I like to argue sometimes, just to prove I am right. I hate being wrong.
    17. I love meeting new people. especially people from other countries.
    18. observing others is hobby,getting to know people or just learning from them.
    19. I don't care what most people say about me people when it comes to appearance. Personality is different.
    20. I want to tour around the world;live in some places, eat different kinds of food. Study their language and culture.
    21. You should know by now, I love psychology..
    22. I am a random person, very loud..there is nothing quiet about me.
    23. I hate fake people..
    24. I lack self confidence and conviction at times.
    25. I was a one of the class clowns in school.
    26. I hate studying.
    27. I am perverted
    28. I hang around guys more than females. I find most females annoying.
    29. I try my best to be honest, so I hate when people lie to me.
    30. I think I give up too easily.
    31. I LOVE art
    32. Pranks, sign me up if you have any you want to recommend.
    33. I have an excellent memory.
    34. I don't particular love anything, exception: family, friends,art, music,anime, and people..I don't like most things actually.
    35. Most people close to me, will say I am a hater..
    36. I am a hater, it takes a lot to satisfied me, if it's not good enough. I don't care to like it.
    37. I guess I am picky,except when it comes to food, lol
    38. I do enjoy reading. Although, lately, it doesn't seem to interest me.
    39. I think I been spending too much time on the internet.
    40. I can't wait to fall in love!-OOPs, not interested right now.
    41. I am the youngest child out of eight children.(so, I am spoiled at times)
    42. I DO NOT like violence but when someones tries to run over me.
    43. I do not tolerate bullying to me or to anyone..
    44. trust is not something I hand over, I only have about 2 friends.. Everybody are classified as acquaintances.
    45. my favorite deserts are ice cream, chocolate chip cookies, Oreo cookies and fruits.
    46. I am clumsy, I've trip myself a few times,lol
    47. favorite colors; blue, red and black
    48. prefer do most things a lone.
    49. I like to eat and watch TV at the same time.
    50. I find nature more beautiful than humans.
    51..*exclusive-* the safest relationship for me is Friends with benefits. for now..okay..

    OMG! I think I went overboard, but it was fun..
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    "Nigga, we gon' be alright
    Nigga, we gon' be alright
    We gon' be alright
    Do you hear me, do you feel me? We gon' be alright"-K.L

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    Re: 25 or 50 Things About Yourself...

    Get ready folks...
    1. I just turned 16
    2. Currently failing both physics and functions in grade 11
    3. getting 89 in bio though
    4. I used to despise anime until I saw death note
    5. I used to lie to a group of emo/scene girls at my school that I liked kingdom hearts, they were the first female friends I ever had
    6. I live in Vaughan, mid sized town north of Toronto
    7. My parents are from the Dominican but past 3 generations they are from Spain and other surrounding European countries
    8. I am more interested in Norse culture than my own culture
    9. I am 5'11 and a half, 1 cm from 6 ft god dammit
    10. I live in an Italian area, so I get to enjoy being taller than most but around 15% are my height or taller
    11. I'm virgin
    12. I find white girls most attractive because I've spent the most time with them my whole life
    13. I'm not fluent in Spanish
    14. I'm light skinned as opposed to my siblings which got me the nickname "vanilla" early on
    15. Up until 7 years old, my hair was silky and long and wavy, now it is more poofy but not an Afro, like imagine Harry style hair but with no hair products
    16. Never smoked
    17. I have 4 chin hairs!
    18. Never kissed a girl until now, one was by accident doesn't count though
    19. I smacked my violin teacher on the bum. Because of that I know no instruments
    20. I like to draw
    21. I like to skateboard
    22. I am good at getting things while doing half the work
    23. I get tutored
    24. I like astronomy
    25. I'm lefty
    BONUS: I like big bum

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    Re: 25 or 50 Things About Yourself...

    1- I am of Italian Heritage.
    2 - Yet I was born in Berlin.
    3 - But moved to Ireland then came back to Germany about 3 years ago.
    4 - I never had a girl nor boyfriend.
    5 - Over my right eye is a scar, I nearly lost my left leg as a child so I sometimes have issues to walk and I got a weak heart.
    6 - I am a Day dreamer
    7 - "There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story."
    8 - I have a major case of Hydrophobia.
    9 - I love to write and read.
    10 - I HATE SPIDERS!
    11 - According to my family, I was able to read at the age of 3.
    12 - I taught myself english by watching Cartoon Network.
    13 - I'm a Minxling
    14 - I'm a major fan of Detective Mysteries.
    15 - I don't smoke
    16 - I don't drink
    17 - I don't do drugs
    18 - I'm a terribly shy person.
    19 - I hate bullying,mobbing or anything like that.
    20 - I am very protective of my family and friends
    21 - I play the flute
    22 - I am said to be a great cook.
    23 - If I had more confidence, I could have become an Teacher.
    24 - My dream job would be a Police Officer.
    25 - I am the Golden Witch.
    "Sleep peacefully, my most beloved witch, Beatrice."

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    Re: 25 or 50 Things About Yourself...

    1. I'm Bisexual
    2. I'm a Saggitarius
    3. I'm a bit of a Dork
    4. I have Brown Hair
    5. Brown-Hazel Eyes
    6. I live in Toronto
    7. I'm French, Brazilian, English and Cherokee
    8. I have 4 phobias
    9. Yaoi is my guilty pleasure
    10. I've been drawing since I was 8
    11. I consider the number "9" a lucky number
    12. My inner color is "lilac" when I'm Happy
    13. My outer color is "Midnight Blue" when I isolate my self and mind
    14. I consider myself very unual, not normal
    15. I know 3 languages
    16. I'm a Internet Attic
    17. Anime is the #2 greatest thing in the world next to sex
    18. I have a tattoo of a ribbon below my neck
    19. I wear glasses sometimes
    20. My favorite show is.... I hate TV
    21. I like Punk Rock anything
    22. I don't like to listen, but I'm not a bitch
    23. I can count to 10!
    24. I hate mint chocolate chip
    25. I wish I was dead c:
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    "Burnin' bridges one by one, descending closer to the sun"

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