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Thread: Noticing inferior quality in each generation's new Claymores

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    Re: Noticing inferior quality in each generation's new Claymores

    What I'm confused is if they replace warriors immediately after they die or after a major era passes.
    We notice that number 7 Eva dies, number something Elena dies, but we never meet their replacements.
    Plus a region/district of the island is thus left unoccupied. So I assume the Organization will replace them eventually, but perhaps not through ends of eras. (Since the Teresa era seemed to be a very long time, as well as the Casssandra).

    There was also the idea that only Claymores could improve and get stronger. So far, arguably, the most powerful we've seen is Teresa. She started out as a single digit who couldn't beat Hysteria (only able to critically strike her within the party, but then again, who knows? she was smiling as if it was a joke).
    Eventually she beat Rosemary and took rank 1.
    From this theory, it's implied that Awakened Beings cannot get much stronger.
    So from this, it's assumed that Isley should be the strongest, since he's pretty much the oldest AB/AO.
    However, he doesn't seem to have improved, unless he was a lot weaker as a Claymore or as an AB when he first awakened.

    But I believe that a Claymore does not simply get stronger, not in terms of Yoki.
    It seems like it also requires a lot of training and effort to get stronger.
    Take for instance, Rafaella, who survived three generations.
    Is she any stronger? Perhaps, but not noticeably.
    However, Alicia and Beth who were rather new, kept training and became an Anti-Abyssal One.

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    Re: Noticing inferior quality in each generation's new Claymores

    On this point, I've taken that some claymores gain all their latent power internally and have to potential to either willingly or unwillingly have the potential to meltdown into a semi-deity. Priscilla is the most famous example but not imo the best example. A more classic example is Raphaela. Then if ridiculous riful-duff 's origins is going to true that riful/duff formed a combination of love/hate that had critical mass with other things and they created a "black hole" too.

    That's why I'm still waiting to see what Galatea is going to eventually do

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    Re: Noticing inferior quality in each generation's new Claymores

    Quote Originally Posted by Whirlzap View Post
    Have any of you also noticed the level of power, or rather uniqueness/speciality dropping from each newer generation?

    It seems that Teresa's generation held the apex of Claymore power, whereas Clare's generation was a bit lacking in power, and the newer generation was certainly inferior.
    Even the Organization admits to "being short-handed in warriors and power" but haven't they said that multiple times ever since the Luciela incident?

    I can recall them saying this when Rubel talks to Rafaella, during the Pieta invasion, and especially a shortage 24/7 during Clarice's generation.

    Generally the 10-47s don't really change much from generation to generation, with the exception of possibly the Male generation.

    So let's look at the top 3-10s.
    From Teresa's generation, we have
    -Rank 2/3 Irene->Flashsword Irene
    She's considered to be one of the most powerful and experienced Claymores within the whole series.
    Irene was able to decapitate Yoma easily, along with Ranks 3 and 4 without releasing a hint of Youma energy, as well as faring okay against Priscilla.
    Comparing this to rank 3 Galatea, who is mostly noted for her Yoki tactics, it's quite some difference.
    If Irene were put against Dauf, she would immediately run away instead of ego-shining and getting trapped into a fight.
    Similarly, Irene had much more power in offensive battle, although she was an offensive Claymore unlike the defensive Galatea.

    If we look at the next number 3 of the newer generation, Audrey also seems to have struggled against some average/perhaps higher-tier awakened beings.
    Judging from the likes of Irene, these should have posed no problem for the Quicksword.
    Audrey is even worse than Galatea, apparently.

    Looking at Rank number 3/4 and 4/5; we have Stormwind Noel and Muscular Sophia.
    Both are also noted to be able to take care of entire villages of Yoma without releasing any Yoma.
    Noel is noted for his extreme speed, and Sophia noted for her extreme strength.
    Yet we have Rippling Ophelia and incorrectly-ranked Rafaella.
    (Rafaella should be further ranked up.)

    Seems like Ophelia is really lacking in special qualities like Noel and Sophia.
    During the fight with Pris, Noel actually manages to salvage an arm before getting completely desolated.

    With the newer generation, incorrectly-ranked Miata, and Rachel.
    Rachel sucks. Miata is the only exception who can go against the likes or Noel or Sophia, but then again, she is capable of number 1 calibur.
    Then we have Renee as the next candidate if we exclude Miata.
    Renee may be good at Yoki sensing, but she seems pretty horrible in combat/defense again.
    (Takes forever to reattach legs.)

    With that said, within the numbers of 5-10, we have Phantom Miria, Windcutter Flora, and Drill Sword Jean.
    Versus the likes of Shadow Hunter Nina, Tracker Dietrich, Raftela, Hair Anastasia etc etc
    Certainly lack of power here as well.

    Now we can look at numbers 1-2.
    From previous eras, we have Luciela and Rafaela, both "equal" in power and certainly of AO criteria. We have from Teresa's era, Teresa and Priscilla, basically the strongest produced in the whole manga.
    From Clare's era, we have Alicia and Beth, still deserving of Rank 1 and 2, and again AO quality, yet not as good as prior generations (they both easily get destroyed by Pris).

    Although my argument is not very solid in specific areas, it's a general observation.
    My argument's generally centered around numbers 3-10, who have declined throughout the eras.

    Does anyone else feel the same way?
    i just read up on this. i think there are a few holes are in your theory.

    firstly, the first couple generations of warriors had time to develop their potential. where as the generations after experienced multiple emergencies before they could obtain their skills.
    secondly, each of the 1- 10 were created as a product example. meaning they each had a given purpose. 10's are anti warrior units based on taking care of other claymores that needed to be rid of within the organisation. the galactia's are the "eye" of the group made for scouting yoma energy over long distances. the twins and sisters raf and luciena were made to bounce their souls between each other so one could fully awaken and return to being ones self. this was their first real a temp at getting a solider to return from awakened status. with this in mind each generation was being fine tuned for their specified roles in the main land.

    with this in mind i dont see them as being any less talented. for example. irene's quick sword needed the arm to awaken to be used. where as the wind cutter did not. there for you can say that irenes skill was by origin less effective. now with irene having time to master it, it was beyond the par of the wind cutter. however, the windcutter did not have time to evolve.

    now lets take another skill. the phantom speed compared to the elegant sword skill.
    mirria was not on par with it in the least bit. however she had to use yoki to increase her power just to compete. this being said mirria still has not developed the skill in the way she had envisioned it. thus her technique is still inferior. however, mirria unlike irene is from a newer generation. meaning she still needs time to become equal to. her previous counter part. however with that being said. you can also acount for the facter that she can use yoki with her skill already. meaning, her skill on a base level if it were ever mastered would eclipse the elegant swords move.

    so as far as i am concerned the newer models just had a bad hand dealt to them. their skills however, are more stream lined once they are mastered of course. so the newer products just didnt have time to mature yet.

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