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Not by tsukuyomi just regular sharingan genjutsu IIRC
... Well, it's debatable whether it was some generic illusionary technique or Sasuke's own weaker version of Tsukuyomi.

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I don't know why people keep citing this as some type of prowess on Sasuke's part. It was a feint, pure and simple. Against Itachi, I guess it was (as always) to elevate Great Itachi above every other character. Even then, Bee being caught by Itachi's genjutsu seemed more like a typical dumb-character-blunder on Bee's part than any sort of special talent of Itachi's.
Not sure how it was a feint, Sasuke was pretty straightforward with it. And the whole subtle illusion trick may not have been unique to Itachi, but it was still an impressive trick. Plus, while Kirabi may be an idiot, the Hachibi isn't but was also caught off guard by it.