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Thread: Top 5 Reasons to hate Naruto

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    Re: Top 5 Reasons to hate Naruto

    Quote Originally Posted by flow like View Post
    1. why decent? only because manga calling naruto not sasuke? 2. wow. this sound like pure butthurt from saucefan. 3. grou up of characters+love vs hatred+bromance between sasunaru= main plot of this manga.imo
    Fix your general grammar. It is actually ensuing a pre-mature eye-bleed.

    1 and 2 - These are your pointers? I hope to god you are joking or is it just the second grade grasp at English? 3 - And that is clearly an Aristotelian tragedy vibe right there.
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    Re: Top 5 Reasons to hate Naruto

    Wait, is it why I hate Naruto as in the character or Naruto as in the manga?


    I hate Naruto because of him being an obnoxious fusspot. Every single negative quality about a fictional character you can think of, Naruto is the top contender for it. Inept, stupid, boring, childish, lunatic, incompetent, hungry, poor, byproduct of shitty excuses, plotarmor 24/7...Just think about it. He has consistently shown these traits, and is so full of himself, that he continues spreading and enforcing his unrealistic bullshit on everyone.

    I hate Naruto the manga for being inconsistent and downright stupid at times. Don't misunderstand though, it's not just a small portion of it, more like almost everything. That, and Kishimoto loves his crack. Injects that crap and then shits out a barrage of God awful chapters, which pretty much go like this...

    1. Useless flashbacks
    2. Annoying conversations
    3. Half-assed fight scenes
    4. More blabbering
    5. "Cliffhanger", and I use this term very loosely...
    (Optional 5b) "No Naruto next week/on break!"
    6. Done

    Do you want concrete proof? See: Naruto War Arc.

    Sigh...I don't know about you guys, but Kishimoto makes his chapters so boring and atrocious as of late, that it takes me a total of around two fucking minutes to breeze through it.

    also, female fail cheerleaders cardboard cutouts instead of proper characters
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