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A powerful nen user probably cant stop a powerful military force. However, the powerful military force cant also cant stop that nen user to kill all the military/government high rankers.
The guy that was working with the Ants lives in an underground bunker that can easily withstood any assault by a few individuals (which is why they had to send Palm instead). If there's a reason to believe an attack is imminent it's quite clear all the important military/political figures have similar buildings they can access. There's nothing any of the human characters appeared thus far can do about a fortified blast door and they'd all just die in any similar structure similar to the undergruond bunker (long tunnel with only one way out). You might be able to nail a few guys at first but once it's clear that there's some kind of attempt to kill them it would no longer work. Even in the case of Diego, there's probably enough time for him to evacuate to his underground bunker even when Meryem was at his palace (he was informed of the intruders and ignored it), and sure a blast door will not stop Meryem (or Pufu), but it will definitely stop anyone else.