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Thread: Flying Thunder God expended

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    Flying Thunder God expended

    After Minato showed level two and seeing how little we know of him, it got me thinking what other levels he might have. It seem to me if Kishi wanted to he could make it the most deadly jutsu ever. Here are my flying thunder god jutsu expended.

    1.flying thunder god
    2.level two- intercepting thunder god (what we saw with tobi)
    3.level three- reverse thunder god (so instead of minato going to a seal a seal and whatever it's connected to comes to minato)
    4.level four- thunder god switch (minato switches place with a seal and whatever its attached to, so ninja a has seal on him fires a jutsu at minato, minato switches last second ninja a get owned by his own jutsu)
    5.level five- flying thunder god prison (everything that leaves the barrier appears on the opposite side of the barrier, so if your in it and you stick your hand pass the barrier the hand will be behind you) maybe that's what he was gonna use against kyuubi
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