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Thread: Psychological Battle Manga

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    Psychological Battle Manga

    Guys, what do you think of my story? It’s a bit rushed though. I want to create an epic psychological manga story. This is the chapter one, feel free to criticize

    Genre : Drama, Mystery, Psychological, Shounen

    “Aah.. another boring day. What should I do now?”
    “I think I should update my page again.”

    My name is Sawada Sora. Recently, I joined odd news competition in a site called Pal-poll.
    Yesterday, I placed at 19th because of my “Ancient Spirit”. It needs a lot of works though.
    Still, I dissatisfied with that. So I decided to search some fresh news.

    For now I just login to my account first.

    <Username : Soradiation>
    <Password : *******>



    <Welcome Soradiation. Redirecting to the page…>

    “Oh, my rank is climbing to the top. Umm.. let see..”

    “…18th, oh great.. rating 4.7 but only 18th??”

    <Click> <Click>

    “Wait, this guy has become hot news since last week. What’s his news might be..”

    Prankster of Pranksters
    Recently a gang called by name Red Coin made his debut in entire world. This gang rumored made his first debut since 1999. No one has ever been notices their action until they find a red coin in their target. They always stole things and made a prank in some places. They also made some people injured or killed. Their target always held a red coin after they’re doomed, in their pocket or hand. But, recently they were caught by a secret organization that was tracking them since the past. Their favorite word was “Target doomed and butchered”. After the organization caught them, the news about the red coin was gone. Here, some photos about their faces and the locations where the red coin was founded.


    “Great, now I don’t have any motivation to search for some fresh news.”
    <Close tab>

    “Sigh, I have a class today.. Gotta go now.”

    “Sigh, what a boring day. I wish I can find some manga to be read. Or maybe some food.”
    “Or maybe a girl, or maybe…”

    “What’s that?” some people look talking and seeing something.
    “Hey bro, what’s happen?” I asked somebody in front of me
    “There is a red coin there. I don’t know who put it there.”
    “Red coin organization? Are they captured already?”
    “Yeah, but I dunno if it just prank or not.”
    “Well, glad to hear that.” I walked away from the crowd.
    “Haha.. TDAB.” Said someone to his friend.
    “What the heck is TDAB?” I said to myself
    “T.. D.. Doom.. D.. wait..” I looked at him again, he seemed ran away after smiling at me.
    “Hey wait! Damn.. He is the culprit.”
    “ Wait, maybe I can catch him and write a spectacular news in pal-poll. Buaha” I chased him, but I didn’t find any sight of him after I chased him at the corridor.

    “Oh great.. I lost him.”
    “Ugh, and now my stomach get hurt. Guess I must go to toilet”

    “…the target today?” I heard peoples were talking.
    “Hiroshi class 2B, this is the scenario.” Said the other people.
    “Then we..”


    “Who’s that” The first people yelled.
    “Crap.. I broke something. I have nowhere to hide now”
    “Show yourself brat” The first people grabbed a bat in his hand.

    “Shit.. This room is too small to hide. There is only one locker to hide. Three toilet, but I can’t go there, I’ll get caught easily. Only one door in east, and now I’m in south. Two ventilations, two brooms, a tissue, and there is a mirror near the toilet. How should I escape from this room?”

    <to be continued>
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