Game Otaku Brawlers - A Hero Within 2013 release

A collaboration between Tiny Otaku and Indestructible Cannon

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Synopsis Otaku Bralwers - A Hero Within
The story centers around Mike, the clueless Otaku hero, who goes through an amazing adventure to rescue his most precious love, Alison and yes even Otaku's can have girlfriends!!

Game Scenery
30+ Uniquely hand drawn scenes that mimic the area's around Boston MA

In Game Shots - Developed using Unity 3D
Since my dev team is loaded with Street Fighter fans, this is what happens when you ask for a picture. To the left we have Kenneth, the Uber SF fan in his Ryu/Ken outfit. To the right we have Kazu, who wields two mini katanas... Mini katanas!!!!!

Introducing Bruce LeeRoy Jenkins. He just happens to be a big fan of The Last Dragon and is known for his big Argo radius and to many suicide runs in his favorite MMO, World Of Otaku... :-)

Our One Piece inspired shop owners :-)

Animation Test Videos
Kennith Animation Test - Kenneth is the Boss of the Curb Bralwers and an Uber Street Fighter fan. He spent years training/playing Street Fighter 2 and suprisingly can kick some A@#!!

No. 2 Animation Test - The No. 2 Character represents a seasoned fighter with exceptional skill, although his ability ranks him high enough to challenge for a gang leader position he likes to be the cool guy behind the scene. More of an Old School James Dean.

Chavez Animation Test - Chavez, the Orphans Boss , they are a small time gang of misfits who have earned a reputation for violence, left alone for most of their lives they developed an Urban Paramilitary style of combat. Chavez, his background is unknown but his scars tell his story... one tough M%$$#*&^^%$%#!!!

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