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Thread: Where to get a cheap art table?

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    Registered User 初心者/ Shoshinsha / Beginner fgopl's Avatar
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    Where to get a cheap art table?

    Well, I'm planning on starting my own manga series. All the characters and storyline are planned out, but there's one thing I'm missing - an art table. In Scott McCloud's "Making Comics!," I learned that an art table's slant is perfect for preventing distortion in pictures and helps to make everything straight. So I've looked online, and every art table is 100+ USD. My question is, does anybody know where to get a cheap art table? And if you can't think of a place, do you know of any good alternatives to an art table that would provide the effect I desire?
    Ew, I really hate Romaji.

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    Registered User 上級員 / Jyoukuuin / Sr. Member DoctorApollo's Avatar
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    Re: Where to get a cheap art table?

    I'm going to go ahead and say that an art table is a very small problem as far as making comics goes. If you're THAT bothered about it and can't afford it, you could create a slope with any household object that can act as a board. I mean, slanted surfaces are really not that hard to create.

    I say you should forget about an art table because it's silly to have this insignificant thing stopping you. You can obviously get one if you want it and I don't seny that t helps, I just don't think you should be concerned about your lack of it. At least not for now. Your only concern now should be drawing, a LOT.

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