I want to quote a post of mine from a different section, I am thinking that maybe this was the proper place to put it and i messed up.

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I would like to have at the bare minimum the Japanese logo replaced with the English logo, seen here and here among other examples. I would also like the Japanese Part/chapter title replaced with the english one. You would of course get full credit should you chose to accept it, and if you are willing to become the full time editor for this project instead of doing just these few pages I would appreciate it even more, but given that i have ZERO confidence in my redrawing capabilities, and these are the pages that would need redrawing, these are the ones i am asking for help on. You can find the ENITRE RAW Part here and the Translation here. I appreciate any help i can get.
The reason I want to scan late this is because I have always wanted to read it it the original right to left format. For another i am knid of a weeaboo about including honorifcs and proper name order.