Just like many of you i used to love it and only continue reading out of habit and because the manga still reminds me of the old story from time to tiime.

I had high hopes for the manga in many aspects, as it did things very different from the usual shounen.
for example:

-The Main Character:
an untalanted nobody Ninja, who slowly reached his goals through hard work and a clever fighting style. He used to have no special advantage (Okay QB turned into an advantage step by step, but it used to be a double-edged sword) of any kind of fame.
Sadly later in the story the hole message of this character was reduced to some lame "friends, freinds yay!"-bull****. Suddendly Naruto had an unbeliveable talant for senjutsu (sage mode, superior to Jirraya), was called the child of destiny.., was one of the last suvivors of a clan with an incredible life-force (Uzumaki), son of the fourth hokage, turned Qb into an ally all of a sudden (seriously wtf? what happened to yamtos heartwarming speach abot relying on your own power?) and now even seems to be closely related to the sage of the six path (this has not been stated anywhere but just look at his QB-mode, he's the spiting image of the sage). Not to mention that this character has been devolved rather then evolved, his lines seem to get more stupid with each passing chapter.

I must admit that i'm one of the few people here who loved tobito as a villain. I think it was a very brave thing to set up an antagonist, who doesn't just want to rule the world or destroy a random party or whatever, but somebody, who hates reality as a whole, who has no particular hatered towards anybody but deems everything worthless, who simply doesn't value live. I think this is a character who has much more to do with our problems today than any standart evil-guy. However i would have liked it, if this person had been madara, a very old ninja who has seen much more than anybody else and grew tired watching humanity wasting it's potential. Obito could have worked for me aswell in this scenario, but his background was portaied in an unsatisfying way.

-The individuals:
In my opinion the manga was much better, when everybody was just doing his own thing. When each characters decisions were his own responsiblilitys. Now everythig is destiny or genetetics, an ancient curse, some stupid genetic inability to deal with loss and what not.....

To me the story of the manga has been changed entirely to rais popularity, everything it stood for has been neglected, and not it's just your standart no-brainer battle manga.