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Thread: Fairy Tail: Characters Ratings Poll (First Edition)

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    Fairy Tail: Characters Ratings Poll (First Edition)

    Hello everyone ^^

    Welcome to the Fairy Tail Character Ratings survey.

    Participation in this survey is voluntary, however, if you do wish to participate, please do try to take the time to vote as thoughtfully and honestly as you can. Your opinion is completely valid and there is absolutely no right or wrong answer here. However, spam-answering (giving the same score for all characters) shall be strictly dealt with and your vote will be annulled/discarded.

    Finally, remember that opinions of all members should be respected regardless of what their opinion is (once again there is a difference between a respectful opinion and bashing). DO NOT bash any characters or the author of the series.

    Having said that, here are the details:

    Character Attributes:

    Each character will be evaluated on the chosen Character Attributes. The attributes (so far) with a brief explanation are as follows:

    Personality: The very essence of the character. How do they carry themselves, their attitude, actions, reactions, feelings, emotions, movements, thoughts, mannerisms, etc.

    Design: Defines the overall image & feel of the character, as well as features, clothing, costumes, and style. Also, factors such as: uniqueness, original design, is the character easily memorable and identifiable?, etc. should be taken into consideration. Last but not least, how well does the overall design fit with the character's personality, history, background, etc.

    Magic/Powers: Pertains to the characters magic type (caster, holder, ancient/lost), element, overall aesthetics, somewhat subjective.

    Growth: A character's change and growth from the story's point of view, on an emotional and personal level. Is said character flat (no change in personality), complex, dynamic enough, etc?

    Role: A character's effectiveness given their particular role within the story, how well do they fulfill it. Example: is Character X a good protagonist? etc. Keep in mind that not all characters will get the same amount of screen time (major characters vs. minor roles), however, factors such as: value added to the story in terms of enjoyment, excitement, and thrill that said character brings to the audience should be taken into thought. Think quality rather than quantity.

    Overall Appeal: Purely subjective. How attractive or interesting is said character to you personally.


    A 10 point rating system will be used to rate each of the Character Attributes. The rating scale will be from 0.5 to 5 with increments of 0.5. The higher the score, the better. Example:


    An overall score for each character will be calculated using the following scheme:

    Tentative Overall = 10%(Personality) + 10%(Design) + 10%(Magic) + 10%(Growth) + 10%(Role) + 50%(Overall Appeal)

    Results & Validation/Disclosure

    All results will be provided in aggregate after 12-15 days from start of the voting. A moderator is fully welcomed to participate in validating the data for disclosure purposes if need be.


    Upon voting, you'll be directed to a free online survey/poll hosted by SURVEYANALYTICS.COM and will be presented with a voting rubric as follows for multiple characters:

    Cast in your vote by scoring each attribute for every character and proceed to submit your vote once done.

    ★ ☆ Vote Here ☆ ★

    Vote for Lucy, Natsu, Erza, Gray, & Happy Here -- CLOSED

    Vote for Gajeel, Levy, Juvia, Wendy, & Carla Here -- CLOSED

    Vote for Makarov, Gildarts, Laxus, Jellal, & Mavis Here -- CLOSED

    Vote for Mirajane, Cana, Lisanna, Elfman, & Pantherlily Here -- CLOSED

    Vote for Ultear, Meredy, Minerva, Kagura, & Yukino Here -- CLOSED

    Vote for Jura, Lyon, Chelia, Hades, & Azuma Here -- CLOSED

    Vote for Ichiya, Hibiki, Eve, Ren, Jenny, & Nichiya Here -- CLOSED

    Vote for Arcadios, Sting, Rogue, Rufus, & Orga Here -- CLOSED

    Vote for Freed, Evergreen, Bickslow, Jet, & Droy Here -- CLOSED

    Vote for Loke/Leo, Aquarius, Taurus, Virgo, & Plue Here -- CLOSED

    Vote for Erza KnightWalker, Mystogan, Lucy Ashley, Gray Surge, & Zeref Here -- CLOSED

    Vote for Bisca, Alzack, Midnight, Cobra, Angel, & Racer Here -- CLOSED


    This 'Character Ratings' survey/poll is neither official nor a scientific study and it is in no way affiliated with the manga producers or the staff/owners of this site, but rather a simple reflection of FT community's opinion that frequents this website. Remember, having fun is the top priority here ^^

    Current Progress

    Awaiting Mod Approval & Sticky
    Voting Is Underway
    Tallying up votes.. Category Winners to be Announced Soon

    Voting Deadline

    March 22, 2013 ✓ Passed.
    Last edited by longguilol1; March 22, 2013 at 08:08 AM.
    Vote for your favorite Fairy Tail character's Ratings HERE

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    Registered User 下級員 / Kakyuuin / Jr. Member longguilol1's Avatar
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    Jun 2012
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    Re: Fairy Tail: Characters Ratings Poll (First Edition)

    Sometimes I feel like nobody gets me, you know?
    Vote for your favorite Fairy Tail character's Ratings HERE

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